Parx Casino To Show Off New Poker Room During Upcoming Big Stax Series

Written By Katie Callahan on February 13, 2018 - Last Updated on October 17, 2022
Parx Casino in Philadelphia

Poker players around Pennsylvania will once again flock to Philadelphia in March for another popular poker tournament series from Parx Casino.

The latest Parx Casino Big Stax XXIV opens with a $2,500 High Roller and events hosted in the new poker room in the main casino building. The new room was part of a $75 million expansion project for the casino, which debuted last month.

The tourney will feature its usual $300, $500, and $1,500 Main Events. The Big Stax $300 and $500 kick off at 10 a.m.

The Day 1 flights and Day 2 will play out at Parx East, the old poker room. The final day’s events and most side events will take place in the new poker room in the main casino building, according to the Parx Big Stax blog.

Here’s the full schedule:

2/28/1810 a.m.$340Big Stax 300: Day 1aParx East
3/14/20183 p.m.$340Pot Limit Omaha/NL Hold'em MixParx
3/2/201810 a.m.$340Big Stax 300: Day 1cParx East
3/3/201810 a.m.$340Big Stax 300: Day 1dParx East
3/4/201811 a.m. $340Big Stax 300: Day 2Parx East
3/5/201812 p.m.$340Big Stax 300: Final DayParx
3/5/20185 p.m.$430NL Hold'em: Double Black Chip BountyParx
3/7/201812 p.m.$560NL Hold'em: Survivor ($5,000 winners)Parx
3/8/201810 a.m.$550Big Stax 500: Day 1aParx East
3/9/201810 a.m.$550Big Stax 500: Day 1bParx East
3/10/201810 a.m.$550Big Stax 500: Day 1cParx East
3/11/201811 a.m.$550Big Stax 500: Day 2Parx East
3/12/201812 p.m.$550Big Stax 500: Final DayParx
3/21/20182 p.m.$2,500Big Stax 2500: Final DayParx
3/15/210811 a.m.$225Super Satellite to Big Stax 1500 w/ Green Chip BountyParx
3/15/20187 p.m.$350Super Satellite to Big Stax 1500 w/ Black Chip BountyParx
3/16/201811 a.m.$1,600Big Stax 1500: Day 1aParx East
3/16/20185 p.m.$375Super Satellite to Big Stax 2500Parx East
3/17/201811 a.m.$1,600Big Stax 1500: Day 1bParx
3/17/20185 p.m.$300Super Satellite to Big Stax 2500Parx East
3/18/201812 p.m.$1,600Big Stax 1500: Day 2Parx
3/18/20185 p.m.$340Super Satellite to Big Stax 2500Parx
3/19/20181 p.m.$1,600Big Stax 1500: Final DayParx
3/19/201812 p.m.$2,500Big Stax 2500: Day 1Parx
3/20/20181 p.m.$2,500Big Stax 2500: Day 2Parx
3/21/201812:15 p.m.$80Wednesday Deep Stack Turbo NL Hold'emParx
3/1/201810 a.m.$340Big Stax 300: Day 1bParx East

Big Stax Standalone

In December, Big Stax enabled players to get in on a standalone event, the Big Stax 200, with a lower buy-in. The 2,100 entries created a prize pool of about $375,000.

The final three players worked out an ICM deal:

  • Vitaly Kovyazin:~18.4M chip count, $31,430
  • Matt Sullivan: ~12.2M, $28,045
  • Zhenjie Hou: ~4.5M, $21,127

Remembering Big Stax XXIII

The last Big Stax, which ran last October, ended in multiple chops and a total prize pool of almost $580,000. The largest event was the $1,100 + 100 No Limit Hold’em Bix Stax 1100.

The top three:

1st: Mark Perry ($100,680)
2nd: William Corvino ($89,78)
3rd: Joseph Liberta ($79,180)

The other events to bring bigger payouts include:

  • Big Stax XXIII 300 – Dan Ciancio and Rich First agreed to an ICM chop. Ciancio ended with 33.4 million chips; First held 22.725 million. The final payouts were $75,948 and $69,947, respectively.
  • The Big Stax XXIII 500 – Greg Nerenberg took the title for the second time (only the second time in Big Stax history that went back-to-back) in an even three-way chop. The players negotiated the payouts of $61,395 for first, $61,394 for second, and $61,393 for third.

Side events galore in XXIII to continue

As shown in the schedule, the other events to return this year are:

  • Double Black Chip Bounty
  • NL Hold’em Survivor
  • Pot-Limit Omaha/NL Hold’em Mix
  • Wednesday Deep Stack Turbo NL Hold’em

Super satellites are also on the schedule with five opportunities to get into the bigger events:

  • Super Satellite to Big Stax 1500 with Green Chip Bounty on 3/15 at 11 a.m.
  • Super Satellite to Big Stax 1500 with Black Chip Bounty on 3/15 at 7 p.m.
  • Super Satellite to Big Stax 2500 (x2) on 3/16, 3/17, and 3/18 at 5 p.m.

Notable wins from Big Stax past

In the Big Stax XXII, the winners were:

  • Joseph Palma (Big Stax 300, $120,000)
  • Kevin Grabel (Double Black Chip Bounty, $9,500)
  • Kent Wuethrich (Seniors [50+], $6,252)
  • Greg Nerenberg (Big Stax 500, $94,467)
  • Gary Kosakowski (Pot Limit Omaha/No Limit Hold’em Mix, $6,023)
  • Tyreem Williams (No Limit Hold’em Survivor, $2,887)
  • Maxwell Young (Big Stax 1500, $120,930)
  • Orville Arthurs (Purple Chip Bounty, $10,002)
  • Eli Englard (No Limit Hold’em Survivor, $4,729)
  • Reed Orem (Deep Stack Turbo, $1,994 for 2nd)

In the Big Stax XXI, a familiar face in the poker world, Joe McKeehen took the top event for $106,126, his then third six-figure score in two months. He also took third at the Borgata Spring Poker Open Championship and won the $2,200 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown side event.

The former World Series of Poker Main Event champ secured the win at the Parx Big Stax XXI 1100 when his luck continued four-handed. He defeated Travis Greenwalt durig heads-up play.

Photo by Lisa Lake / Stringer

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