NBA Betting Odds

The best Pennsylvania online sportsbooks post more nightly NBA lines, odds, props and futures bets than ever before. With real-time access to dozens of bets at your fingertips through NBA betting apps in Pennsylvania, you can now place as many NBA bets as your bankroll can handle.

If you’re betting on basketball for the first time, read on for our rundown of the basics, including moneylines, point spreads and in-game betting. We’ve also got live NBA odds direct from Pennsylvania online sportsbooks you can access right here.

Tonight’s NBA odds at Pennsylvania online sportsbooks

Check our feed below for today’s NBA game odds at Pennsylvania online sportsbooks. On the first tab, you’ll see today’s NBA point spreads, moneylines, and totals (over/unders). In the second tab, you’ll see all current NBA futures odds, including odds to win the NBA championship, division or conference titles, and individual player awards (MVP, DPOY, etc).

Click on any odds to claim your bonus and go directly to the sportsbook to set up your account, claim your bonus, and lock in your bet.

How to bet on NBA games

There are plenty of options for betting on the NBA. Much like other sports, those include the moneylinepoint spreadover/underparlays, futures, and prop bets.

Here is a closer look at basic NBA bets.

NBA moneylines

The moneyline wager is the simplest of the NBA betting options. Essentially, all you are doing with this bet is picking which team you think will win outright.

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Here is a look at what an NBA moneyline may look like:

  • Boston Celtics +160
  • Philadelphia 76ers -200

In this example, the 76ers are the favorite to win at home at -200 odds. So, this means that you would need to bet $200 to win $100 betting on Philadelphia to win outright.

The Celtics are listed at +160 odds, which essentially means that you would need to risk $100 to win an extra $160 betting on Boston to win outright.

NBA point spreads

Betting an NBA point spread requires betting on a team to cover a specified total as listed by the sportsbooks. To make each matchup even, the sportsbooks will assign each team a spread that it needs to cover.

Here is a look at what the NBA point spread may look like for betting on the example we use in the previous section:

  • Boston Celtics +3.5 (-110)
  • Philadelphia 76ers -3.5 (-110)

The 76ers are the favorite at -3.5. This means that if you bet on Philadelphia, they will need to win by four points or more to cover the point spread and win the bet. 

The 76ers are listed at -110 odds on the point spread, so you would need to risk $110 to win $100 betting on them.

Meanwhile, Boston is listed as a 3.5-point underdog, which means that if you bet the Celtics to win outright or lose by three points or fewer, then you win the bet. As is the case with the 76ers, you would need to risk $110 to win $100 betting on Boston to cover.

NBA over/unders (totals)

The over/under refers to the total number of points the teams will score combined in a game.  Here is an example of what the over/under would look like for that hypothetical Celtics-76ers matchup:

  • Boston Celtics at Philadelphia 76ers
  • Total: 189.5

In this example, the total has been listed at 189.5. So, this means that if you think Boston and Philadelphia will combine to score 190 points or more, then you would take the Over. If you think the teams will combine to score 189 points or fewer, then you would take the Under.

In most situations, both sides of the over/under are listed at -110 odds, which means you would need to bet $110 to win $100.

Check today’s Sixers odds at online sportsbooks.

NBA parlays

An NBA parlay is any instance in which you combine two or more NBA wagers on the same betting ticket.  For example, if you take the Celtics to cover the point spread and the Over in their hypothetical matchup with Philadelphia on the same ticket, then it would be a parlay.

The point of the parlay bet is to combine two or more wagers on the same ticket to increase the potential cash payout prize. Here is a look at what an NBA parlay may look like:

  • Pick 1: Boston Celtics (+3.5) at Philadelphia 76ers
  • Pick 2: Boston Celtics at Philadelphia 76ers – Over 189.5

Parlays are a popular way to try to cash in big time with multiple picks on the same ticket, especially if you are feeling confident that your picks will hit. 

Keep in mind, though, that every pick that you put on a parlay ticket must be accurate for the ticket to be a winner. If you play an eight-game parlay, all eight games have to win. If there is even one loss on the parlay, then the entire ticket is a loser.

NBA live betting

In addition to getting bets down on NBA games before they start, basketball bettors now can bet on games already in progress. As you watch a live NBA game, you can make new bets with changing odds as the game progresses. 

Wagers include betting live moneylines, point spreads and totals for quarters and halves, plus individual player and team prop bets. An obvious benefit here is that you don’t have to make all your betting decisions pregame. You can watch part of the game, see some trends or patterns, and then make your bet with a bit more information.

Let’s say you’re watching an NBA game, and the underdog is dominating midway through the second quarter. The favorite, which was at -4.5 before the game, is trailing by 7. The in-game betting point spread now has the 4.5-point favorite listed at -1.5 for the game, much lower than the original number.

If you think the favorite has just started slow and will bounce back, you can wager on them them at a better price than the pregame number. On the other hand, if you think the underdog can hold on, you can jump on the line during the game and back them.

NBA futures

NBA futures refer to any bet that you can’t settle until a later date.  For example, if you bet on the 76ers to win the NBA Finals before the season begins, that’s a futures bet.

You can also bet on conference and division winners and individual awards like MVP and Rookie of the Year. Another popular futures bet is on the total number of wins a particular team will have at the end of the regular season. You can bet on either the Over or the Under for a team’s projected win total that is set by the sportsbook.

Since you are placing the bet before the season starts, or along the way, you can get some good value by placing this type of wager. The payout is generally quite generous.

Check the futures listed above or at FanDuel online sportsbook PA for some of the current NBA futures you can bet.

NBA props

NBA props are any bets that focus on individual or team performances irrespective of the final score. For example, if you bet on Joel Embiid to score more than 29 points in a game, or whether or not the 76ers will have at least 10 3-pointers made in the game.

Player props also include a variety of performance-based achievements. Examples include the number of points players score, the number of assists a player finishes with, or the combined number of points plus rebounds a player will register in a game.

Team prop bets include betting on everything from the total number of rebounds a team will record in a game to the number of assists.

Props are an excellent way to bet on the game if you’re not exactly sure who’ll win or who’ll cover the spread, but you have a bead on how different players or teams might perform.

How to sign up for an NBA betting account

To get started, click one of the links above to register for an account and claim your bonus.  It’s a streamlined process. You’ll provide some necessary information, verify that you’re of legal age, and create your username and password.

Once your account is set up, you’ll need to fund it for real-money betting, which you can do in several ways.  Banking methods include:

  • Major credit cards (e.g. Visa, Mastercard)
  • Online bank transfers
  • E-wallets (e.g. Neteller, Skrill)
  • Cash at the cage (at each sportsbook’s live casino partner)
  • PayNearMe (cash payments at 7-Eleven and CVS stores)

It doesn’t cost you anything to have an account at multiple sportsbooks, so it can be a good idea to do so. If you plan on making NBA bets throughout the season, multiple accounts will help you do a little line shopping to find the best odds.

For example, the 76ers might be -5 favorites against the Nets at one sportsbook, -5.5 at another, and -6 at a third. If you’re going to bet the Sixers, you might as well get the best spread. If you’re betting the other side, you want the same.

The same applies to NBA futures. If you want to bet on the 76ers to make the playoffs or NBA finals, you’ll find slight variations on the odds at each sportsbook. Getting +700 versus +600 can make a nice difference to your payout if it comes through.

Best apps for NBA betting lines

Online betting apps all offer Pennsylvania bettors NBA odds and lines, and some PA sportsbooks even run specials and promos specifically for 76ers games.

Here are a couple of our favorite NBA betting apps:

  • DraftKings PA — A major player in both sports betting and DFS, DraftKings’ partnership with Meadows Casino is a gamechanger, Amazing app, too.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook PA — One of the best sportsbooks for live in-game betting, futures and props.

Each of these sportsbooks offers generous welcome bonuses. If you’re planning to sign up and play, make sure you take advantage. Click the links above to directly claim your bonus.

How to bet on the NBA in Pennsylvania

Sports betting is legal in Pennsylvania, both online and in person.  That means you can bet on basketball point spreads, moneylines, totals, and team and player futures at any licensed sportsbook inside a Pennsylvania casino, online or by using a Pennsylvania sports betting app.

To bet on basketball legally, you must be at least 21 years or older and be physically located in the state of Pennsylvania. To bet online, you’ll need to create a sportsbook account and deposit money into it to start wagering.

Bet on NBA Christmas Day games

The NBA always puts on a star-studded lineup of Christmas Day games worth watching and betting on. It’s the one day on the sports calendar where the NBA holds the entire floor (no other major leagues play that day) so it’s literally the only game(s) in town.

Odds and props for those games will be added by most sportsbooks closer to tip-off; check our full guide to NBA Christmas Day betting and claim your new player bonus right here:

NBA Betting Tips

1. Information is key to success

Information is everything when betting on the NBA. The more you know about a team, the better your chances of winning when betting on them. You’ll need to study things like a team’s history versus an opponent, injuries, betting trends, rest situations, and general momentum. Get it dialed in, and you’ll know when and where to pick your sports.

2. Know where to research

You’ll want to start your research with a basic game preview at a mainstream website like ESPN. Read the game preview and get a general overview of what to expect. From there, you can read local newspapers to get a different angle from the reporters who closely cover the team.

After that, check trusted websites for updates on injuries and trend websites to figure out how teams perform in different situations (e.g. off a win, as a favorite, on the road, and against winning or losing teams).

3. Work within a budget

It’s essential to come up with a budget because, if not, your betting bankroll can get cleaned out quickly.

A good benchmark is to bet no more than 1%-5% of your betting budget on a single game. If you’re taking a flier, you might bet $10 on a game. If you’ve handicapped the game and you think one side has a clear-cut edge, then you might bet $50 as one of your best bets.

You need to have an overall budget and a staking method to determine how much you’re going to bet on a nightly basis. If you’re flying by the seat of your pants, you’re more likely to lose.

4. Only bet at licensed online sportsbooks

It’s important to note that you’ve likely seen ads or bonuses at what are called “offshore” sportsbooks. These are sportsbooks typically based in Europe or the Caribbean.

These are not legal for residents of Pennsylvania. There’s also no legal recourse should you find your bets not honored or your account frozen, for example.

With legal, licensed and regulated sportsbooks that are open in Pennsylvania, there’s no incentive to risk any of your money betting on an offshore site. Stick with the legal and licensed options in Philadelphia. There are plenty of great choices, and they all offer generous welcome bonuses for new customers.

Bet on the WNBA

Pennsylvania doesn’t have a WNBA team yet, but the New York LibertyConnecticut Sun, and Washington Mystics are local enough that they have loyal fans in Pennsylvania. And, of course, the arrival of Caitlin Clark to the WNBA has sparked interest around the country. 

If you’re into basketball betting, you might want to consider betting on WNBA odds.

Advantages of betting the WNBA

Unlike the NBA, where the sportsbooks are paying attention to every single roster move, game result, injury, and betting play before adjusting their lines, there aren’t nearly as many eyes on the WNBA.

The less active the sportsbooks are in adjusting lines, the better the opportunity to capitalize if you are on top of them. Keep this in mind if you are thinking about betting on the WNBA.

Stars matter

As is the case in the NBA, the WNBA is all about star power. The best players in the league are consistently able to dominate, which makes it easier to capitalize on finding the edge in different matchups.

Where you can find WNBA lines

The majority of sportsbooks in Pennsylvania provide lines for all WNBA games. That includes spreads, totals, and moneylines. Some sportsbooks even offer live, in-game betting for WNBA contests.

NBA Betting FAQ

The NBA regular season typically ends around April 10 with the Play-In Tournament happening shortly thereafter. That means the NBA Playoffs proper typically begin around April 15 each year.

The NBA season is scheduled for 82 games. The new In-Season Tournament the NBA introduced in 2023-24 doesn’t add extra games for most teams — only the two who make the final of that tourney play an 83rd game (which doesn’t count in the regular season standings).

With a two-game play-in tournament and four playoff series that could each extend to seven games, an extra 30 games could be added on to a team’s schedule.

The sportsbooks establish point spread lines for each matchup to try to draw relatively equal betting action on each team.

The spread is the number of points that the favorite needs to win by to cover. So, this means if you bet on the 76ers at -3.5, the Sixers have to win by 4 points or more to cover the spread. When you place your bet, you are picking which team will cover the point spread listed by the sportsbook, not which team will win.

It’s not the only factor by any means, but home-court advantage is certainly one of the most important. Home teams in the NBA win around 60% of the time. That number increases even more in the playoffs. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean they’re covering the spread in all those games.

The 76ers have made the playoffs more than 50 times over their storied history. Following the 2023-24 season, Philadelphia’s all-time playoff record is 251-238.

The best approach to betting the over/under in basketball is to look at the pace of play. If it’s two offensive teams, it’ll likely be a run-and-gun, high-scoring affair.

If it’s a back-to-back situation for one of the teams, they could be tired and struggle to score. Or if one of the teams is strong defensively and has the advantage of being at home, they may dictate the pace and keep the game low-scoring.

Try to examine what you think the game flow will look like, which will help you predict either an over or an under.

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