Fresh off its successful sportsbook opening at the Meadowlands Racing in New Jersey, FanDuel will bring its technology and know-how across the river into Pennsylvania. The company worked together with Valley Forge Casino on FanDuel Sportsbook at Valley Forge Casino, which opened up on March 13.

Once FanDuel Sportsbook at Valley Forge Casino launches an online betting app, it will undoubtedly share all the features of the best in the industry NJ betting app.

FanDuel 2019 new bonus offers & details

Valley Forge was the sixth Pennsylvania casino to file for a PA sportsbook license.

In a competitive market with an even playing field, new player bonuses and offers can be enough to tip the scales in favor of one operator over another.

It’s unclear what kind of sign-up bonuses Valley Forge and FanDuel will offer. In New Jersey, FanDuel offers a risk-free first bet of up to $500. So, if a player loses his or her very first bet, the site credits back the full bet amount up to $500.

FanDuel sportsbook promo code PA

Online SportsbookFanduel Sportsbook
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Last verified: March 11, 2019

This promotion is not the same as a cash bonus. Players are not eligible to withdraw the credit until they wager a second time. However, regardless of what happens on the very first wager with FanDuel, a player’s balance will not go down.

Payback bonuses are returned to a player’s account within 72 hours and, depending on the amount, may be subject to tax withholdings.

There are no active offers for the PA sportsbook yet. Nonetheless, we expect something of similar value will be available to its new customers.

How to sign up for FanDuel

As required by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB), a retail sportsbook must be open and operational before a corresponding online betting app can go live. Valley Forge reps told PGCB they think they can open a retail book by March.

When the mobile app launches later in 2019, registration should be a breeze.

All that is likely to be required to register may include:

  • A player’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Physical address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number

Players will also likely need to create a username and password and answer two authentication questions to secure their account further.

A player will not need to present a photo ID, which many online sportsbooks and casinos require. However, any provided information must be correct and current because a new registrant’s identity will need to be confirmed.

If FanDuel suspects any suspicious activity, it may trigger a security review. In that case, the account holder will likely need to present a photo ID and provide proof of address and ownership of any credit cards or bank accounts linked to the player’s account.

However, such security reviews are not likely to happen often. If they do, the process should be straightforward.

Player loyalty offerings

Both FanDuel and Valley Forge Casino currently offer player loyalty programs.

FanDuel’s Players’ Club features automatic enrollment. It is a points-based program that results in bonus wagers. Points roll over from year to year as long as there were plays on the account in the preceding 12 months.

Valley Forge Casino features what it calls the Valley Club. It is also a points-based program that rewards a free $25 slot play upon registering.

Perks of the club include:

  • Promotions on food and drink
  • Special birthday offers
  • Airline mileage bonuses
  • Access to discounted rooms and room upgrades at the casino and hotel

PGCB insists that the Valley Forge name be the predominant business name used by the new sportsbook.

The expectation is that the loyalty program will lean toward the Valley Club, at least in its naming. As for exactly what the benefits will look like, it will likely combine the most popular aspects of both.

FanDuel mobile gaming

As mentioned, players can look forward to a Valley Forge/FanDuel online betting app after the brick-and-mortar sportsbook is open and operational. 

Available for both Android or iOS, the FanDuel NJ app closely resembles the online sportsbook. The homepage comes with easy-to-use shortcuts that take the user to the sport of their choice.

There are also three tabs linked to different types of contests: “popular,” “live” and “upcoming.” A user can easily bet with the crowd, see what else is currently happening, or place a wager on a future event.

Sportsbook players should also be able to completely manage their accounts within the app.

Other FanDuel promotions

FanDuel’s history tells us it likes to offer promotions and its customers like the promotions it offers.

Players can opt for NBA Overtime Heartbreak insurance. This offer pays back up to $25 on wagers that lose in overtime.

For NFL wagers, players can get halftime insurance. This pays back up to $25 on wagers that were winning at halftime but ultimately lost.

FanDuel also offers parlay insurance for both football and basketball. The insurance is for parlays of four or more legs. If all of a player’s parlay legs hit but one, they receive $25 back.

They also offer posted daily odds boosts. These are special wagers that change from day to day and enhance the odds for a half-dozen or more bets on any specific day.

We expect similar offerings when the FanDuel Sportsbook at Valley Forge opens its doors and releases its app.

Account deposits and withdrawals

When depositing into the sportsbook account, online bill pay seems to be the most straightforward and direct way to transfer funds. All that is required is an online banking ID and password. This allows users to move the funds without providing a bank account number.

Players can also use credit cards, although FanDuel warns customers that some credit card companies treat deposits to gaming companies like a cash advance, which means they may attach additional fees.

Users can also opt for other means of depositing funds:

  • Direct bank transfers
  • E-checks
  • PayPal
  • Personal checks
  • PayNearMe locations in Pennsylvania

Valley Forge Casino currently offers its customers casino credit by an application. The approval gives the player access to a credit line that must be redeemed immediately in the case of wins or within 15-30 days in the case of losses. It’s possible that something similar will be offered to sportsbook customers.

All a player needs to do to withdraw funds is to reverse the process for PayPal, credit card payments or bank deposits.

If a different deposit method was used, Valley Forge should send a check in the mail, requiring additional processing days.

Sports betting options

The FanDuel experience is set up to appeal to the veteran sports gambler as well as the novice.

The company’s website features an entire page dedicated to sports betting training. It takes a new player through the various bets FanDuel offers and explains how they work.

It also tells the new player everything they need to know about point spreads and moneylines. Here are some of the bets they cover:

  • Straight bets
  • Props
  • Teasers
  • Parlays
  • Round-robins
  • Futures bets 

More experienced gamblers can skip right past that and go straight to filling out a betting slip. Available sports range from Australian rules football to darts, from basketball to MMA.

In-play wagering at FanDuel

In-play wagering, or bets on an event after it has started, are also something you can expect to see in Pennsylvania.

This highly popular betting method gives players the opportunity to play numerous games within a single game through multiple halftime totals and second-chance multipliers. Gamblers also have several options to pay their way out of bets – and make new bets – within the same game.