Manco & Manco Pizza vs. Chickie’s and Pete’s: Battle For The Best Food at Citizens Bank Park

Written By Corey Sharp on June 15, 2022 - Last Updated on September 20, 2023
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The Diamondbacks vs. Phillies series capped off one of the best weekends of promotions the Philadelphia Phillies have had in a while. The Phillies handed out Bryce Harper bobbleheads to all fans on Friday night. Saturday afternoon featured a postgame concert on the field after the game and Sunday, all men 15 and older received a Father’s Day bucket hat. The Phillies have plenty more promotions and even added another Dollar Dog Night.

The Phillies do a great job with their promotions and also provide fans with great food options at the ballpark to make for a fun experience with family and friends.

Citizens Bank Park has had its staples over the years with certain vendors, but there has been a lot of hype over new addition Manco & Manco Pizza located in Ashburn Alley.

Manco & Manco Pizza is most famous for their three locations in Ocean City, New Jersey and one in Somers Point.

We heard it’s become one of the most popular vendors at Citizens Bank Park. So we had to see for ourselves.

Manco & Manco Pizza at Citizens Bank Park

I went on Saturday, June 11 and the Phillies were in the midst of a nine-game winning streak. The vibes at Citizens Bank Park could not be higher for a late-Saturday afternoon.

The line was long at first-pitch and I thought I might have to wait around 15 to 20 minutes before I got the pizza. But talking to people before I got in line, they said it moved quickly…and they were right. Employees moved quickly and efficiently, making the wait quicker than expected.

I only waited nine minutes and 18 seconds until I had the pizza in my hand and paid $13.99 for my cheese pizza.

Manco & Manco Pizza vs. Chickie’s & Pete’s Crabfries

One of the staples at CBP and all over the Delaware Valley is Chickie’s & Pete’s which is also located in Ashburn Alley. Think of Manco & Manco Pizza as a rookie and Chickie’s & Pete’s as the 10-year veteran.

Right after I finished my pizza, I went over to Chickie’s & Pete’s in the second inning to compare the lines. In my opinion, the veteran is still an All-Star.

I waited 14 minutes and 53 seconds in the Chickie’s & Pete’s line before I reached the register.

Throughout the entire game, Chickie’s & Pete’s line was consistently longer than Manco & Manco Pizza.

Manco & Manco pizza review

After I got my pizza, I took it right over to the bullpen in Ashburn Alley. Before I dug in, I asked some fans what their thoughts were on the pizza.

Mark Edmunson from Philadelphia is a frequent shore goer and quite fond of Manco & Manco pizza.

“In Ocean City, it’s like an institution down there. I remember when it was Mac & Mancos and now it’s Manco & Manco but it’s still the same quality. I would 1000% recommend it to anybody.”

Edmunson said now that Manco & Manco Pizza is at the ballpark, it’s one of his favorite concessions.

Kelly from Reading shared a lot of the same sentiments as Mark. She vacations in Ocean City frequently during the summer.

“It’s 95% the same quality of pizza. The pizza here at the ballpark is actually a little thinner.”

Then I spoke with Charlie and Ian Goodwillie from Mullica Hill, New Jersey. Neither Charlie or Ian had Manco & Manco Pizza before and offered a modest review.

“The pizza wasn’t as good as it looked. The crust was thin, but not a ton of flavor.”

I would have to agree with Charlie and Ian. Even though I never had Manco & Manco Pizza before Saturday, the quality was not great. I’ve had better.

If the Phillies were going for the boardwalk feel, because Ashburn Alley does resemble a boardwalk with people coming and going, then Manco & Manco Pizza passed that standard.

If the Phillies were going for quality pizza, in my opinion, there are far better options out there. I’m a born and raised Philly guy who knows a little something about pizza. I’ve been to Angelos Pizzeria in South Philly and it’s worth the hype. I can also rattle off a few places in Northeast Philly, where I’m from, that I’d prefer over Manco & Manco Pizza.

In my opinion, Chickie’s & Pete’s even has higher quality pizza. Having said that, my rating for Manco & Manco Pizza: 6.5.

Concessions prices at Citizens Bank Park

Prices everywhere, including the ballpark, are rising, but with Manco & Manco pizza, you actually might not be getting completely ripped off. The pizza is served in a box, personal style, and is probably the equivalent to three regular size slices. Cheese pizza costs $13.99 and pepperoni and sausage pizza costs $15.49. At the shore, a whole cheese pizza costs $24.15.

From everyone I spoke to at the ballpark, the price was reasonable.

Chickie’s & Pete’s Crabfries on the other hand? I think it’s safe to say you’re getting ripped off at the ballpark. A bucket of (not that many) fries with cheese costs $12.99. Crabfries are considerably cheaper in all 16 locations on Chickie’s & Pete’s website. The location on Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philly sells a generous basket of Crabfries with two sides of cheese for $6.49.

Prices of some other popular items:

  • Hot dog: $4.63
  • Regular Soda: $4.63 / Souvenir Soda: $8.99
  • Fries: $7
  • Tony Luke’s Cheesesteak: $12.99
  • Regular Beer: $9.99

Philadelphia Phillies current playoff odds

In addition to the food, the Phillies are playing incredible baseball in the month of June. They are 10-2 since firing manager Joe Girardi on June 3.

Winning the division appears to be a longshot since the Phillies are 9.5 games behind the Mets. However, winning a Wild Card spot is in reach. They trail the Braves by 4.5 games.

Phillies odds to make the playoffs movement

(Odds via DraftKings)

  • Opening Day: Yes (+125) / No (-150)
  • June 3: Yes (+235) / No (-295)
  • Today: Yes (+190) / No (-180)

Philadelphia Phillies NL East odds

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