Shuffle Up and Deal: Poker Room at Live! Casino Philadelphia Ready for Action

Written By Katie Kohler on February 4, 2021
Live! Philadelphia Poker Room Now Open

A new poker room has arrived in Pennsylvania.

Live! Casino Philadelphia and its 29-table poker room completed its preview days and is now open to the public. The $700 million casino in South Philadelphia is the first full-size casino in PA built in over a decade.

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on casinos, shuttering them for about a third of the year in 2020. Poker rooms didn’t reopen immediately, the Harrah’s Philadelphia WSOP poker room closed permanently, and a number of them still remain dark.

The addition of Live! Casino Philadelphia’s poker room is certainly a welcome one for poker players in Pennsylvania.

Information about Live! Casino Philadelphia poker

Details about the Live! Casino Philadelphia poker room:

  • Location: 900 Packer Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
  • Number of tables: 29
  • Hours: A rep for Live! said the poker room will be open 24/7
  • Twitter page for Live! Casino Philadelphia poker room: @LivePoker_PHL

Rules and promos

It’s still very early in the action at the poker room at Live! Casino Philadelphia. There is no information about promotions or a calendar of events yet.

However, here’s a look at the February promotions at Live! Casino Maryland. Perhaps they hint at what’s to come in Philadelphia.

Rules for Live! Casino Poker

(As listed on website for Live! Casino Maryland.)

“In order to ensure the integrity of all games in the Live! Poker Room, no language in any form other than verbalized English may be used while gaming in the Live! Poker Room. Management reserves the right to exclude anyone, whether a player or an observer, from the Poker Room for violating this requirement.”

  • Players are responsible to check in and out at the Brush Stand if their player’s card or the table is malfunctioning. Tracking must be completed the same day as the play.
  • Players must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Limit games will have a maximum of 4 raises unless heads-up. No Limit has no maximum to the number of raises.
  • A player may not use any electronic devices while they are in a hand.
  • All seating and seat changes must go through a supervisor or the brush stand.
  • Management will decide the limit of games and when to start or close a game.
  • Cash is not permitted on the tables. All cash must be converted into chips prior to the start of a hand.
  • One player per hand.
  • Players are responsible to protect their own hand. Any irregularities must be brought to management’s attention before the next player has acted. Once the next player has acted, there will be no recourse to any monies in the pot. Special circumstances may occur if there is an uncalled raise.
  • Playing over is allowed and is a privilege. Permission from an absent player is not required

More rules:

  • All games are table stakes. If a player returns to the same game within one hour of cashing out, their buy-in must be equal to the amount removed when leaving the game.
  • There are no short buy-ins allowed.
  • Once substantial action has taken place, a player with too many cards has a dead hand. A player with too few cards may have the option to continue play.
  • Four card flops will be turned face down and scrambled, with one of the cards becoming the burn card and the other three cards the flop.
  • Chopping blinds are allowed in button games.
  • No flop, No drop.
  • Buying the button is allowed.
  • Straddles may be allowed and are double the big blind or rounded up to the nearest $5 increment.
  • A player may not bring chips into the betting area and check.
  • Cards speak when face up at showdown.
  • Discussion regarding the hand in progress is not allowed.
  • The house has the right to prohibit any two players from playing at the same table.
  • Rabbit hunting is not permitted.
  • Players are expected to pay attention and not hold up play.
  • Language, dress, hygiene and behavior should be befitting of ladies and gentlemen.
  • Abusive language towards players or the staff will not be tolerated.
  • Decision of Management is final.
  • Use of Tablets are not permitted while actively gaming.

Live! Casino rewards for poker

Live! has an award-winning customer loyalty program. Live! Rewards will also match your current tier status of any casino in the Philadelphia region through May 31.

Live! Rewards has the following tiers:

  • Classic: 0-24,999 points
  • Gold: 25,000-99,999 points or 100 poker hours
  • Platinum: 100,000-499,999 points or 500 poker hours
  • Black: 500,000 – 999,999 points or 5,000 poker hours
  • Jade: 1,000,000-1,999,999 points
  • Chairman’s Club: 2,000,000 points

One hour of poker played equals 100 points. For more information on tier levels and rewards visit Live! Casino Philadelphia’s website.

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