Barstool Advisors NFL Week 2: All Mortal Locks Lose in Rough Week For Portnoy and Co.

Written By Staff on September 17, 2021 - Last Updated on September 20, 2021
Barstool Advisors NFL Week 2 picks

It was a tough Week 2 for the Barstool Advisors. Dave Portnoy, Stu Feiner and Dan “Big Cat” Katz all had sub .500 records.

When he make his picks, during Barstool Advisors Week 2 episode, Big Cat said:

“I’m going to guarantee 4-2 or better. If it not, all my picks the rest of the year are free.

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins (+3.5)

Dave Portnoy

The pick: Dolphins +3.5

“I think the AFC East is the best division in football minus the Jets. Tough game, I think the Dolphins are for real. This is an impossible, thread the needle pick. I think the Bills win, but the Dolphins cover. It’s coming down to a late field. I’m seeing the board so f-ing clearly. “


The pick: Dolphins +3.5

“I said last week the Bills are overrated. They go 0-2 and Dolphins win outright. I love the Dolphins.”

Big Cat

The pick: Dolphins +3.5, Under 48

Final score: Bills 35, Dolphins 0

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (-5.5)


The pick: Steelers -5.5 (after Stu’s pick, Dave flipped to the the Raiders +5.5)

“I was not impressed by the Raiders. I don’t believe you can throw to the same guy (Waller) all the time. It’s a square play but I think the Steelers win by 14.”

“It’s a bad pick +5.5 Raiders. The Steelers are the no-brainer pick.”


The pick: Steelers -5.5

“Raiders are going to get killed. It’s Big Ben, Mike Tomlin. Bet the Steelers. “

Big Cat

The pick: Steelers -5.5

“I love the Steelers -5.5.

Final score: Raiders 26, Steelers 17

Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers (-3)


The pick: OVER 55

“I don’t do this often and it seems like the no-brainer pick again. I agree with Stu that the Cowboys are going to be a huge over team.  I’m going to go over (55) in a very high scoring game


The pick: Chargers -3

“The Chargers were my pick to win the Super Bowl and Justin Herbert was my pick to win the MVP. Dallas Cowboys, phenomenal offense but no defense. Herbert will shred them. The Chargers will rout the the Cowboys.”

Big Cat

The pick: Chargers -3

Final score: Cowboys 20, Chargers 17

Tennessee Titans vs. Seattle Seahawks (-5.5)


The pick: Titans +5.5

“A hungry dog runs faster and this is the perfect example of it. Seattle is coming off a win, the Titans off an embarrassing loss. The Titans will be 1-1.”


The pick: Titans +5.5

“I think Tennessee is one of the best teams in the NFL and they are coming off a humiliating loss. Titans will destroy Seattle in this game. Seattle is just mirrors and Russel Wilson. Titans win big.:

Big Cat

The pick: Seahawks -5.5, OVER 53.5

“I think everyone has forgotten about the Seahawks.”

Final score: Titans 33, Seahawks 30

Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5)


The pick: Chiefs -3.5

“I just don’t think the Ravens are very good. Their defense didn’t look very good and I think the Chiefs are one of the best teams in the NFL. Chiefs are far superior.”


The pick: no pick

Big Cat

The pick: Chiefs -3.5, KC Over 29.5

Final score: Ravens 36, Chiefs 35

Barstool sports advisors Week 2 “mortal locks”


The pick: Cardinals -4.5

“The Cardinals look great. The quarterback looks like a video game. The team looked like a Super Bowl contender. They could get 12-13 wins.”

Final score: Cardinals 34, Vikings 33


The pick: New York Jets +5.5

“0-2 Patriots. Hey, Bill Belichick, come to my house smoke a blunt, we eat Ruffles potato chips, drink Cristal and talk about how great you used to be because you suck d— now.”

Final score: Patriots 25, Jets 6

Big Cat

The pick: Jaguars +6

“I am doing a pick that makes me feel so dirty and so gross, that i can’t believe I’m doing it,” said Big Cat who then wrote an “Urban Meyer Fake Heart Attack Contract.”

Final score: Broncos 23, Jaguars 13

Barstool Advisors Week 2 record

  • Portnoy: 2-4
  • Feiner: 1-4
  • Big Cat: 3- 7

Barstool Advisors 2021 NFL picks overall record

(Sunday picks only included in overall record)

  • Portnoy: 6-5
  • Stu Feiner: 6-4
  • Big Cat: 4-12

Barstool Advisors NFL Mortal Locks 2021 record

  • Portnoy Mortal Locks: 1-1
  • Stu Mortal Locks: 1-1
  • Big Cat Mortal Locks: 0-2

Big Cat’s Can’t Lose Parlay Week 2

Barstool PA sportsbook offers a variety of bet boosts.

Browns, Steelers and Buccaneers all to win. Eagles +8.5; OVER 47.5 total points in Chiefs vs. Baltimore boosted from +250 to +350

  • The “can’t lose parlay” lost when the Raiders beat the Steelers.

Big Cat’s Can’t Lose Parlay Record NFL 2021: 1-1

Eagles Specials

DeVonta Smith and Miles Sanders each to score a touchdown boosted from +600 to +700

Result: Neither Smith or Sanders scored

Steelers Specials

Chase Claypool and Najee Harris each to score a touchdown boosted from +410 to +475

Result: No touchdown for Claypool or Harris

Number of times the Barstool Sportsbook Eagles specials cashed: Once out of two weeks.

Number of times the Barstool Sportsbook Steelers specials cashed: Zero out of one week.

2021 NFL Week 3 lines

Updated NFL Week 3 lines at PA sports betting apps below:

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