Now that PA online sports betting is ready to go, SugarHouse Casino became the first PA casino to open an online sportsbook. Many people who are already familiar with SugarHouse, which also operates casinos around the country and an online sportsbook in New Jersey, already have a trusting relationship with the brand.

However, if you’re new to sports betting or new to this particular sportsbook, we did a detailed and thorough review of it. Here’s everything you need to know about depositing and playing at SugarHouse PA Sportsbook.

You’ll find the information on bonuses and incentives below based on the successful PlaySugarHouse NJ sportsbook. While the PA version has not launched yet, it should largely follow the successful format of the NJ site. Any differences across the two platforms will be highlighted upon launch.

Sugarhouse PA online sportsbook deposit bonus 2019

Get $250 free at SugarHouse Sportsbook on your initial deposit by using the bonus code 250MATCH.

If you’re a new customer, the Pennsylvania SugarHouse Sportsbook will hook you up with a sweet sports betting bonus to get you started. All you need to do is open an account and deposit funds, and they’ll give you a bonus of up to $250.

How it works is when you sign up, simply put in the promo code 250MATCH. Then, SugarHouse PA Sportsbook will credit your account with $250 in bonus credits. Since it’s a 100% deposit bonus, the book will match your deposit of up to $250.

It can take up to 48 hours, but you can keep an eye on your “Bonus SugarHouse Bank” as that’s where you’ll find it.

You have to use the bonus money within 30 days, but that shouldn’t be much of a challenge. You can use it at the online sportsbook or play PA online casino games, so there’s plenty of flexibility.

SugarHouse Sportsbook Promo Code PA

Online SportsbookSugarHouse Sportsbook
Promo CodeTo be determined
Deposit BonusTo be determined
Last verified: May 1, 2019

What you’ll notice is after you’ve played with the bonus money once, it’ll move into your main cash balance. At that point, you’re free to withdraw it if you like.

In comparison to other sportsbooks, PA SugarHouse offers a relatively generous initial deposit bonus. The beauty is that there are no strings attached, and no arduous terms and conditions before you see your money.

Deposit as little as $10 or as much as $250 to maximize your bonus. Of course, you’re welcome to deposit more, but the bonus has a cap of $250.

SugarHouse PA Sportsbook loyalty program: iRush Rewards

It’s always nice when an online sportsbook has a loyalty program so you can get rewards for playing. While it seems to be a fading commodity, SugarHouse Online Sportsbook takes care of its Pennsylvania customers with a generous program.

How it works is you’ll collect iRush rewards while you play. As you bet on sports or play in the casino, you’ll receive points, which you can use later on different types of bonuses.

Each time you place a single bet, you’ll earn 1 point for every $10 you bet. However, if you start placing parlay bets and take on higher risks, you’ll receive much more.

At the top end, you’ll earn 1 point for every dollar, which is when you bet parlays with 10 to 12 combinations. Of course, in the range in between, you’ll earn something in the middle.

The bottom line is that most sportsbooks don’t offer rewards, so the fact that SugarHouse even provides a loyalty program is a win for its customers.

How iRush Rewards works

The progress bar

As you play on SugarHouse Sportsbook, you’ll see a progress bar that indicates your loyalty level. It’ll also show you the number of points you’ve earned in the last 60 days. The progress bar will also note how close you are to moving up a level.

The bonus bank

As you collect your points, they’ll pile up in your “Bonus Bank.” From there, you have some options. You can redeem them immediately for smaller bonuses at SugarHouse, like on sports bets or bets in the casino, or you can hold out, collect more and redeem more significant rewards later on. At any rate, each bonus only comes with a 1x rollover, which is fantastic.

The bonus meter

Once you’ve activated a bonus, you’re able to track your wager through the bonus meter. This tool will indicate how much of the bonus you have left, what you’ve used, and so on.

This loyalty program is reasonably easy to figure out. As you place your bets, visit the “My Account” section of the website under “My Bonuses” when you’re logged in. You can find all the details of your progress there.

Ongoing rewards and promos at PlaySugarHouse Sportsbook

We’re still waiting on the official launch of SugarHouse Sportsbook in Pennsylvania, but if we can glean anything from its New Jersey sportsbook, we can expect to see plenty of promotions. That includes the 100% bonus of up to $250 as well as the iRush Rewards that we’ve detailed.

We’ll probably see plenty of bonuses beyond sports betting. SugarHouse typically offers promotions for casino gaming, bingo action, and run promos on social media tied to different events, e.g., Super Bowl, March Madness, and so on.

Keep an eye on SugarHouse’s “Promotions” section once it is officially ready to go. Follow the sportsbook on social media to stay up to date on all the juicy bonuses.

Advantages of betting on sports at SugarHouse PA Sportsbook

It’s an excellent time to be a sports bettor in Pennsylvania. There are so many options where residents of the state can bet online. In this section, we’re going to talk about why SugarHouse Online Sportsbook is one of your best options.

Here are the main reasons.

Tiny bonus rollover

Forget the days of a 5x or a 10x rollovers, SugarHouse Sportsbook only holds you to a 1x rollover for its bonuses. You won’t find anything better than that in Pennsylvania.

Loyalty program

Many sportsbooks don’t even bother with loyalty programs these days, so it’s nice that SugarHouse has one. They make it simple for you to collect points as you bet, which can be used for freebies later on.

Excellent selection of betting lines

SugarHouse Sportsbook has a vast array of betting lines. That ranges from all of the major sports, live betting, futures and much more. With so much action, you’ll never get bored.

Live betting

Speaking of in-game betting, SugarHouse has a great live product. It’s fast so that you can jump in and out of the lines in between plays. Whether you’re looking to get in on the game or hedge a pre-game bet, their live betting engine is smooth.

Single wallet

At SugarHouse, you’ll have one wallet that you use for all of your betting. That means you can jump from the sportsbook to the casino all while using the same balance. It’s a neat and tidy setup.

SugarHouse PA Sportsbook features

SugarHouse Online Sportsbook presents a modern website for bettors. A lot of sports betting sites are dull and drab, but this one is sleek.

When you first hit the main sportsbook page, you’ll find a list of the sports to bet on the left-hand side. The lines are displayed in the middle and on the right-hand side is a social newsfeed. The newsfeed is interesting to monitor as it shows you what people are betting on in real time. It also shows what bettors are winning on, whether it’s sports, slots or anything else.

In the top left-hand corner, you’ll see a yellow button with “Live Right Now,” which indicates what action is happening right now. That’s a useful tool in case you want to get into the action right away and bet on what’s happening right now. Once you click that, the center of the page will reveal the games that are going on right now across all of the sports. From there, you can unfold each game to see what lines are available.

Right underneath the “Live” button, you’ll find your bet history. That’s handy for tracking purposes; it’s always important to see how you’re doing. One thing available in New Jersey we hope to see in Pennsylvania can be found right under your bet history is the “Jackpot Parlay” button, which opens up a parlay bet that the book put together. All it takes is $1 to get in on the action, but if it hits, you’ll hit a huge payout.

Continuing down the left-hand site, you’ll find a list of the sports that SugarHouse carries. Of course, that includes all of the major North American sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

SugarHouse PA Sportsbook has every type of sport you’d want to bet. If you still can’t find something, use the search bar in the middle of the page to track down the game, league or team you desire.

As you click around on the left-hand side and pick a sport, the lines reveal in the middle of the page. The lines typically break up into three sections, which include “Live and Upcoming,” “Futures,” and “All.”

For example, with NFL, the first category would show you the spreads and totals of games that are on the board for that week whereas futures would show the odds to win the divisions, Super Bowl, and so forth.

When you find something that you like, just click on it to bet. For example, if you like the Philadelphia Eagles on the spread, you click on it. Then a bet slip pops up. From there, you choose the amount you’d like to bet as well as whether you want this to be a single bet or parlay.

SugarHouse cash out betting

PlaySugarHouse Sportsbook in New Jersey offers a fun feature called a cashout bet. We hope Pennsylvania offers it as well, but we won’t know for certain it will be available until after the PA online book launches.

The way it works is, if you already have a bet going, you can click on “Buy Out Now” to cash out. That allows you to get a payout even before the game ends. Of course, your payout will depend on whether your team is winning or not, and what position they are in.

For example, let’s say you bet $100 on the New England Patriots to win outright and they’re up 40-10 at the start of the fourth quarter. You can cash out and get roughly 90% to 95% of your payout, so you secure your win and avoid that small risk of a comeback.

At the same time, let’s say the Patriots are losing 27-20 at the start of the fourth quarter. Your bet might look like a loser, but you can still cash out and get some of your money back instead of risking losing it all.

Everything in relation to online sports betting at SugarHouse PA is a very smooth, intuitive process. SugarHouse did a good job creating a clean and organized book, so it’s easy to peruse the lines quickly, make some decisions and place a bet.

SugarHouse sports betting app review

As easy as the website is to use, the app is just as effortless, too. If you’re an Apple user, you’ll find it in the app store. If you’re an Android user, you will have to download the app from to enable “unknown sources” before you download it. Either way, the SugarHouse Sportsbook app download is safe and straightforward to do.

Since we’re dealing with a legal online sportsbook, the SugarHouse Sportsbook app is going to check your GPS to make sure that you are within Pennsylvania. It may ask you to turn on your GPS and connect to WiFi if possible. If you’re close to the PA border, it may require some additional information to verify you.

Once you’re in, you’re going to have a great time betting on sports on the SugarHouse Sportsbook app. Whether you need to deposit funds, or are looking to place some futures bets or want to get into the in-game action, it only takes a few taps on the screen to get going. It’s well done.

Reviewing the live betting options at SugarHouse PA Sportsbook

Live betting is all the rage these days. It allows you to bet on the games while they are happening. This concept is not brand new, but it’s still a relatively new addition to sports betting that wasn’t readily available about a decade ago. How it works is SugarHouse Sportsbook will update the lines after every pitch, down and shot, so that you can place your bet whenever you’re ready.

Live betting can be much easier than pre-game betting. That’s because you have some evidence to use. Sometimes in pre-game betting, you bet on a team, and the players don’t show up or perform very poorly. With live betting, you can wait until 20 minutes of playtime, see how everyone is playing, and then make a decision.

There are some other benefits to in-play betting, including a handy “Cash Out Betting” feature that SugarHouse Sportsbook offers in NJ. This option allows you to cash out your bet ahead of time, but your payout will depend on what’s happening in the game.

Sports available at Sugarhouse PA Sportsbook

One of the best aspects of SugarHouse Online Sportsbook is the cornucopia of betting lines available to you. Of course, they have the major sports covered but let’s run you through everything available so that you have a clear idea of what will be available to you when you open your account.

Major US sports coverage


Of course, NFL action is on the board.

What’s great is that SugarHouse posts the lines very early, including in the offseason where they’re one of the first to post futures.

They’re also one of the few sportsbooks anywhere that offer lookahead lines. Beyond the NFL, you’ll find plenty of college football action as well as CFL. They had lines for the AAF while it lasted and when the XFL is back next season, expect SugarHouse to have lines up on the board for their games, too.


There’s plenty on the board with baseball at SugarHouse Sportsbook.

They offer a wide array of futures throughout the year, which is nice. That includes updated World Series odds, odds to win divisions, and all sorts of player props. They do a great job with live betting, too, as every single game is on the board for live betting throughout the year.


There’s a lot of basketball to bet on at SugarHouse Sportsbook.

Of course, most people will only care about the NBA and college basketball, but they do go beyond that. There are lines on EuroLeague, too. Outside of the basic spreads, you’ll also find plenty of futures for divisions, conferences and the NBA Championship.

And come March Madness, there are tons of props where you can find value either on seeds advancing, winners of each region, or conference versus conference props.


Hockey fans will be satisfied with SugarHouse Sportsbook’s offering. Of course, the NHL is the center of attention, but there are plenty of other lines like AHL and World Championships.


If you’ve got that need for speed, you’ll find the main race car leagues in the motorsports section. That includes NASCAR lines each week – both for the weekly race and futures as well as Formula 1.


Every single golf event is on the board, which includes the PGA Tour, the LPGA Tour, and the European Tour.

Fighting sports

Of course, mixed martial arts action is a priority for many bettors these days, and SugarHouse is well in tune with that. It offers lines on both UFC and Bellator MMA. If you’re looking for action in the squared circle, SugarHouse has all of the major boxing matches on the board, too. If there’s any type of fight going down, you’ll get odds on it here.

Live betting

Speaking of live betting, SugarHouse Sportsbook does deserve high marks for their product. Not only is it well-maintained as the book updates the lines quickly, but it also offers a lot of betting options. You can bet much more than the basic moneylines, spreads, and totals for each game.

Major international sports coverage


Of course, soccer is the main focus of the international crowd. There’s plenty of it at SugarHouse as the sportsbook offers almost every type of professional soccer league.

Yes, they even have lines on Bulgarian action, too. Most bettors will care about:

    • English Premier League
    • Series A
    • La Liga
    • MLS
    • Champions League

All of that is there with a wide variety of ways to bet the games.


SugarHouse Online Sportsbook’s lines on tennis are robust as you’ll find odds on every single ATP and WTA event throughout the year. You’ll often be able to live bet the matches, too.

Other international sports

If you’re looking for more international action beyond that, SugarHouse has you covered with cricket, cycling, rugby, Aussie Rules Football, and much more.

Types of bets available at SugarHouse Online Sportsbook

If you’re wondering what types of bets are available to you at SugarHouse Sportsbook, we’ve compiled a list.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Early redemption bets
  • Futures
  • Live betting
  • Moneylines
  • Round robin bets
  • Parlay bets
  • Player props
  • Point spreads
  • Team props
  • Teasers
  • Totals (over/unders)

Of course, we can’t list them all, but this gives you an idea. You’ll find many more types of bets, especially in live betting. When you drill down to different sports, you’ll see other options like set betting in tennis or regular season win totals in the NFL.

SugarHouse Sportsbook banking options: Deposit And withdrawal methods

Gone are the days when getting money in and out of a sportsbook was a huge challenge. Since SugarHouse is a legal, regulated sportsbook, it’s pretty easy to deposit and withdraw your money whenever you like.

Let’s take a look at the methods available to SugarHouse PA customers:

Depositing and withdrawing at the casino cage

Of course, if you happen to be at the SugarHouse cage and have some cash on hand, this is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Cash deposits via 7-Eleven

This is a bit easier as there are plenty of 7-Eleven convenience stores around and you don’t have to go all the way to the casino. You can deposit at a 7-Eleven, but you’ll need a barcode that’s generated from your sportsbook account. Log in to find it.


Many people have PayPal accounts these days, and this works as a secure, fast method of getting your money in and out. Keep in mind, there are some small fees with PayPal, but it’s often worth it because of its convenience and familiarity.

E-checks/ACH deposits

This is an option you can use through your bank. You send an electronic check. Much like a paper check, it takes a few days to clear.

Prepaid cards

This is a reasonable option as it’s not hard to get your hands on a prepaid credit card. In New Jersey, SugarHouse has its own branded version. You can use these for deposits and withdrawals, and then also use the card for whatever other purchases you might have.

Online bill pay

This is one of the easiest methods as many people already pay bills online. Log into your bank account online through the SugarHouse cashier and then approve the “bill.” Keep in mind, this method doesn’t work with every bank (most are approved, but not all).

Those who are regular sports bettors will already be aware of this but if you’re new, note that document checks are a very standard part of the process.

Any regulated sportsbook will ask for specific information when you open an account and make a deposit. Firstly, a legal, regulated sportsbook will verify that you’re 21 years or older. The book will also want to confirm that you are who you say you are to prevent identity theft and fraud.

Some of the typical things SugarHouse Sportsbook may ask for would be a copy of your ID and a copy of credit card if you made a deposit with said card. SugarHouse will ask you to upload those documents via their site.

Sometimes the book won’t ask for these things until you request a withdrawal, but it’s still better to have everything in order ahead of time.

Options for contacting SugarHouse PA Sportsbook

There are several ways to get in touch with SugarHouse Sportsbook. Of course, there are three main methods most are familiar with, but social media is also an option these days. Let’s run through the options.

Live chat

If you don’t feel like calling in, you can chat with an agent. Head over to the SugarHouse home page, and you’ll see the option in the bottom-left corner to open up the dialogue box.


If it’s not urgent, feel free to drop them a line at [email protected]. Support responds fairly quickly.


This is probably the fastest way to get assistance. Dial 855-752-9101 to speak to an agent.


Feel free to hit up SugarHouse representatives at @PlaySugarHouse on Twitter. You can get some answers to general questions there.


It’s a bit of an informal method, but Facebook is also an option @PlaySugarHouse. They’ll likely guide you to call in, but if you have a basic question, they may answer you there.

If you need some more questions answered beyond that, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the “Help Center.” There are a lot of answers to common questions there, so you might be able to find what you’re looking for in that section.

Sugarhouse Casino and Sportsbook: The land-based casino

SugarHouse Sportsbook opened Pennsylvania on Dec. 15, 2018. For now, it is merely a temporary room while a bigger venue is in construction. This is just an interim spot across from the poker room, by the North entrance.

Just like in Las Vegas or anywhere else, SugarHouse at the land-based casino will accept bets on anything that tickles your fancy. For the most part, anything that you can bet online will be available at the sportsbook.

One notable omission is horse racing. Bets are not accepted there.

The betting limits are $5 on the low end, so if you’re planning to go lower than that, you’re best off using the online sportsbook where the minimum is even lower.

The sportsbook is a decent atmosphere right now, but when the proper one is built out, it’ll be much better. Right now, it’s still a good spot to visit with some friends, watch the games, and cheer with a crowd.

If you’re looking for other action outside sports betting, step out onto the casino floor where there’s plenty. There’s also a hotel, an events center, and multiple bars and restaurants.

The history of SugarHouse and Rush Street Interactive

If you’re wondering about the history of the brand, the SugarHouse name comes from the original use of the land. It was previously Jack Frost’s sugar refinery.

The new SugarHouse earned its casino license in 2006, but it took four years until the resort was built and completed. The extensive construction resulted in a resort with more than 3,000 slots and a wide array of table games.

The casino was a big hit early on, and as the popularity grew, SugarHouse decided to expand. They opened a second phase in 2016, which saw the addition of riverfront venues and restaurants.

The parent company for both SugarHouse Casino and Rivers Casino is Rush Street Entertainment. The company’s in-house interactive division, Rush Street Interactive (RSI), handles both online sports betting and online casino games.

RSI handles everything from creating accounts, payments, and sports betting. As for the odds, Kambi, a global provider, delivers them.