NFL Wild Card Round Picks And Predictions From Industry Experts

Written By Corey Sharp on January 13, 2023 - Last Updated on May 25, 2023
The NFL Wild Card round begins this weekend with several great contests.

The NFL playoffs kick off this weekend with a full slate of Wild Card games starting on Saturday.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs earned byes in each conference and will face the lowest-remaining seed next week in their respective conference.

The local and national media have their NFL Wild Card betting picks available for the public.

Tail or fade the experts on Pennsylvania sports betting apps.

NFL Wild Card schedule 2023

Saturday games:

  • Seattle at San Francisco (-9.5), 4:35 p.m.
  • LA Chargers (-2.5) at Jacksonville, 8:15 p.m.

Sunday games:

  • Miami at Buffalo (-13.5), 1 p.m.
  • NY Giants at Minnesota (-3), 4:30 p.m.
  • Baltimore at Cincinnati (-9.5), 8:20 p.m.

Monday game:

  • Dallas (-2.5) at Tampa Bay, 8:15 p.m.

Pat McAfee NFL Wild Card picks

Pat McAfee has become a media giant over the last several months. He hosts his own show, the Pat McAfee Show, and is an analyst on College Gameday during football season.

McAfee went through all the games on his show Friday and provided the following picks:

  • Seahawks +9.5
  • Jaguars +2.5
  • Bills -13.5
  • Vikings -3
  • Bengals -8.5
  • Bucs +2.5

McAfee went 1-5 over the weekend.

Erin Dolan NFL Wild Card picks

Erin Dolan has been regular on ESPN as a betting analyst. Dolan appears on shows such as Daily Wager and Max Kellerman’s This Just In. She also appears on select SportsCenter episodes and has her own segment called Dolan Out Winners.

Dolan posts most of her picks on her Twitter account and Youtube channel.

In the various appearances, Dolan has given a few picks below. She went 4-4 on the weekend.

  • Seahawks-49ers under 42.5
  • George Kittle anytime TD
  • Geno Smith to throw INT
  • Justin Herbert over 279.5 passing yards
  • Josh Allen over 33.5 passing attempts
  • Giants +3
  • Saquon Barkley over 71.5 rushing yards
  • Tom Brady over 42.5 passing attempts

Dolan noted that the under in Wild Card games since 2017 have hit at a 67% rate.

Ross Tucker and Steve Fezzik NFL Wild Card picks

Ross Tucker played in the NFL for seven years as an offensive lineman and holds various broadcasting jobs in football. Tucker is a co-host of the Even Money Podcast with Steve Fezzik, a popular professional sports gambler.

Tailing Tucker and Fezzik is always a smart play. During the podcast, Tucker said that he finished up 39 units in the NFL regular season. Fezzik finished up five units.

The two gave their picks for this weekend’s games on Tuesday (lines may have changed):

Fezzik Wild Card picks (1-1)

  • Jaguars +1
  • Bucs +3

Tucker Wild Card picks (2-2)

  • Chargers -1
  • Dolphins +10.5
  • Giants +3
  • Bucs +3

Colin Cowherd NFL Wild Card picks

Colin Cowherd finished the NFL regular season with a winning record (41-35-3) for the first time since 2019. Cowherd is 164-161-10 over the last five years.

Cowherd finished 2-4 over Wild Card weekend:

Seahawks +9.5

“Lousy weather, a completion percentage machine in Geno Smith, Brock Purdy makes an early mistake, Shanahan gets tight and restrictive, it feels like 24-17 to me, ugly, wet, and sloppy. Seattle feels like the side.”

Chargers -2.5

“The Jaguars are very young and it feels like they’re ahead of where we thought they would be post-Urban Meyer disaster. With the Chargers, there’s a little more urgency. They get rolled and Brandon Staley and that staff are out of work very possibly. You’ve got to win this game if you’re the Chargers. If Mike Williams can give me some reps I’m going to take the Chargers, -2.5.”

Bills -13.5

“Bills are now like a 13.5 favorite. I would take Buffalo, I think it’s going to be awful. 40-14.”

Vikings -3

“I initially loved the Giants getting three. Unless you’ve watched Minnesota you don’t realize how bad Minnesota’s run defense is. It is atrocious, I think the Giants match up very well. But now everybody likes the Giants, and I am a contrarian. I don’t like betting what the public likes.”

Ravens +10

“I like the Ravens, it’s now at -10. They’ve given Joe Burrow issues and I do not like having to face a team back-to-back. Cincinnati’s better, there’s no question but this series and Baltimore culture made Brady earn every win, made Peyton earn every playoff win, they’re built for this stuff. The line is ten, I have to take the Ravens.”

Cowboys -2.5

“Dallas off losses has followed all of them this year with multiple wins. It was Dak’s worst performance. I have a rule and it’s one of my only betting rules. When a B to B+ quarterback has a stinker, they read the press, they hear the press, they’re pissed, then always bounce back with a solid performance. Dallas is the better team. I’m swallowing the points, I like the Cowboys.”

Barstool Sports Advisors NFL Wild Card picks

The Barstool Sports Advisors’ picks for Wild Card Weekend:

Big Cat (4-5-1)

  • 49ers -9.5
  • 49ers/Seahawks under 42.5
  • Chargers -1.5
  • Bills -9,5
  • Bills TT over 27.5
  • Dolphins TT under 17.5
  • Giants/Vikings over 48.5
  • Bengals -7
  • Ravens/Bengals under 41.5
  • Bucs +2.5 (mortal lock)

Jersey Jerry (4-5-1)

  • 49ers -9.5
  • 49ers/Seahawks under 42.5
  • Chargers -1.5
  • Chargers/Jaguars over 47.5
  • Dolphins +9.5
  • Dolphins TT over 17.5
  • Vikings -3 (mortal lock)
  • Bengals -7
  • Bucs +2.5
  • Cowboys/Bucs over 45.5

Stu Feiner (1-2)

  • 49ers/Seahawks under 42.5
  • Chargers/Jaguars under 47.5
  • Ravens/Bengals under 41.5

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