Less Dollar Dog Nights Don’t Pass the Mustard With Phillies Fans

Written By Corey Sharp on May 6, 2022 - Last Updated on November 3, 2022
Phillies Dollar Dog Night

Philadelphia Phillies fans can eat – especially hot dogs. The Phillies always offer great promotions for their fans. Everybody loves a free bobblehead and t-shirt, but the best promotion might be Dollar Dog Nights.

The first Dollar Dog Night of the 2022 season was on April 26. Over 23,000 fans were in attendance to watch the Phillies play the Colorado Rockies. While doing so, they scarfed down 36,431 hot dogs.

At the next Dollar Dog Night on May 3, Phillies fans topped their performance from the previous week. According to AP’s Dan Gelston, 43,752 hot dogs were devoured.

It was also the last Dollar Dog Night scheduled for the 2022 season. There have been more in years prior. PlayPennsylvania reached out to the Philadelphia Phillies for comment but have not heard back yet.

Phillies draw big hot dog numbers

I’m no math wiz, but 27,788 Phillies fans consumed 43,752 hot dogs on Tuesday when the Phillies hosted the Texas Rangers…That’s 1.57 hot dogs per person. Every person in the stands had between one and two hot dogs (on average).

Each Hatfield Beef frank is 170 calories. On hot dogs alone, Phillies fans consumed 7.4 million calories. If you want to include hot dog buns, let’s just say they are 145 calories per bun. In hot dog buns alone, Phillies fans consumed 6.3 million calories. Add them together, and ballpark-goers ate 13.7 million calories on Tuesday.

Phillies fans love Dollar Dog Nights

Philadelphia is the best sports town in the country. But make no mistake about it, we do like to complain, argue and also be sarcastic.

After all, we got Phillies third basemen Alec Bohm to say “I f—ing hate this place” in the middle of a game, after he actually made a play in the field.

There’s a lot to be upset about right now. The Phillies high-priced lineup hasn’t exactly delivered stellar results. The Sixers are down 0-2 to the Miami Heat in the second round of the NBA playoffs without Joel Embiid as the series shifts back to Philadelphia. And the Flyers have not won a Stanley Cup in 47 years and just finished one of their worst seasons.

One thing we all can agree on: Dollar Dog Nights are “lit.” Phillies fans love Dollar Dog Nights. I’ll let the tweets do the talking.

Only two Dollar Dog nights scheduled in 2022 season

The Phillies had three Dollar Dog Nights last season, even though Philadelphia did not allow full capacity crowds at Citizens Bank Park until June 4.

In 2019, the last season with no fan restrictions, the Phillies had four Dollar Dog Nights. In 2018, the Phillies had three Dollar Dog Nights.

This season, the Phillies only had two Dollar Dog Nights scheduled. Fans are not happy about it.

Love is in the dollar dogs

It was not dollar beer night on Tuesday. I’m starting to wonder if dollar hot dogs can get you drunk.

This Barstool Philly tweet made the rounds on social media during the week. Please go through the comments. I promise you’ll get a laugh.

Fans want more

Relish the two Dollar Dog Nights we had, but let me be frank, two is just unacceptable.

The fans have made their feelings known they want more. Everybody has a good time and it even makes it a competition between friends.

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Lead image Chris Szagola/AP

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