Pat McAfee’s Field Goal Faceoff Game Kicks Off On FanDuel Faceoff App

Written By Katie Kohler on September 2, 2022 - Last Updated on September 20, 2023
Pat McAfee game

Pat McAfee is getting his kicks again. The former Indianapolis Colts punter turned sports media superstar is returning to the field with Pat McAfee’s Field Goal Faceoff through a collaboration with FanDuel.

Following originally signing a partnership in 2019, FanDuel locked in McAfee in 2021 in a four-year $40 million deal which was the first-of-its-kind official partnership between a legal sportsbook and a sports media personality.

The launch of the game was announced on the Pat McAfee show on Aug. 31. McAfee offered high praise for the game and said it is one of the best mobile apps you can play while on the toilet.

“After months of testing and building, we are here to announce it’s live and launched right the f— now. We are very proud of this. Everybody knows I didn’t grow up playing video games because I didn’t have the attention span for it. As I traveled more I started playing more. I think it’s one of the best takin’ a shit games ever because each round is short enough your feet won’t fall asleep.”

Pat McAfee’s Field Goal Faceoff game

The Pat McAfee’s Field Goal Faceoff game is available on the FanDuel Faceoff app. Currently, you can play the Pat McAfee game on iOS. It is not available yet on Android but is coming soon.

How to download Pat McAfee’s Field Goal Faceoff game

  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the App Store app
  • Type “FanDuel Faceoff app” in the search bar
  • Click “get” to download, then “install”
  • You can then login with your existing FanDuel account or join FanDuel and create a new account.

How to play Pat McAfee’s Field Goal Faceoff game

The object of the game is to try to score as many field goals as you can before time runs out.

McAfee is the bare-armed placeholder as you slide your finger down and pull back the football which brings up the kick power meter. The further back the football is pulled, the more power and further the ball will go. Keep in mind, using more power makes the timing needs move faster and makes aiming harder.

The timing needle moves left to right and the goal is to try to hit as close to the center of the aim meter. When you pull back to select the power of your kick, you can drag either left or right to “aim,” or rotate the entire aim meter in one direction. Streaks are awarded when you make more than one field goal in a row, and reset if you miss a kick.

Power-ups in Pat McAfee game

  • Snail
  • Double points
  • Golden ball
  • Wide posts
  • No wind
  • Clock
  • Additional kicks
  • Clear strikes

How much does it cost to play/entry fees Pat McAfee’s Field Goal Faceoff

In states where sports betting and daily fantasy sports are legal, you can play the game against other players for real money and compete for prizes. You can also play the game for free.

Entry fees (as of Sept. 1):

  • Free
  • $.60 entry/$1.05 prize
  • $3 entry/$5.25
  • $12 entry/$21 prize
  • $20 prize/$36

“At some point there will be random tournaments,” said McAfee.

FanDuel Faceoff app games

FanDuel Faceoff features various games and you can compete against players matched with your skill level. You can play for free or for money depending on your location.

Games on FanDuel Faceoff:

  • Pat McAfee’s Field Goal Faceoff
  • Puzzle Pyramid
  • Block the Trail
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Grand Slam
  • Scrabble cubes
  • Kings Crossing
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