2022 Lottery Statistics: How Americans Play Lotto & What They’d Do If They Won (Survey)

Written By Staff on May 23, 2022
Lottery survey shows player habits and statistics

Already in 2022, the US had a handful of record-setting lottery jackpots worth over $400 million. But have you ever wondered what you would do with all that cash if it landed in your bank account?

We surveyed more than 1,100 people to ask them about their lottery playing habits, and how much they would give (or keep) if they won the jackpot. Although some Americans said they would share the wealth, it appears they’re not always willing to go 50/50 with their significant others.

2022 Lottery Playing Habits

American lottery statistics

One out of four play the lottery once a month or more, but it’s the big jackpots that seem to lure more people. More than two out of five said they play the lottery when the prize gets astronomical. Almost one-third (31%) will buy just one ticket, but one out of four are willing to drop money on five or more tickets in their quest to win it all.

As for lottery numbers, most people leave that up to chance! Nearly seven out of ten people rely on random numbers when playing. But for those who choose their numbers, the majority go with their lucky number, birthday, family birthday, or anniversary. A small 4% put their faith in their favorite athlete on and off the field and use the athlete’s jersey number for their lottery number.

The majority (86%) of people who have played the lottery said they’ve won… at least something. Seven out of ten have won $99 or less. Only one respondent surveyed said they won $10,000+ (we’re jealous)! Either way, 49% say winning the lottery inspires them to play again.

But not everyone tries their luck with the lottery. One out of five people said they do not play. Of those, half said they would play if someone else bought them a ticket. One out of ten said they would play if they had some better online lottery options.

Lottery Ticket Trust

lottery ticket trust

People put a lot of trust in their loved ones or friends when it comes to the lottery. Half of respondents said they’ve bought tickets for a family member or friend, and nearly 80% have played the lottery with coworkers.

Almost half (47%) have agreed upfront to split the money with a family member, friend, or coworker if they won the lottery. About two of five just made the promise verbally, but three respondents actually put their promise in a signed legal document!

But what would happen if you bought a family member or coworker a $1 million ticket? People expect their coworkers to cough up the money more than family. Nearly 60% said they’d expect to get a portion of the winnings from coworkers, compared to 40% who expect it from family.

On average, people expect to get $20,000 less from their coworkers than family members. People also don’t think their coworkers would actually follow through with their promises. Nearly half (49%) think their coworkers would not pay out their share. Compare that to only 16% who think their family members would refuse to pay.

Lottery Jackpots & Your Job

lottery jackpots and co workers

Juggling the Jackpot

lottery jackpots and habits

Winning the jackpot comes with its own set of tough decisions. Most (four out of five) would keep it a secret if they won. Three out of five would tell their significant other first about it, but 2% actually admitted they would leave their significant other if they won it all. Ouch.

Nearly 90% of people would give away some of their winnings. Most of the money would go to family, but about three out of five would also give money to their significant others or donate it. Two out of five said they’d give part of the jackpot to their friends, and only 4% would be willing to give money to their coworkers.

If people won $1 million, they would only give their significant other one-quarter of the winnings. On average, people said they’d give $283,573 to their partner. But if the roles were reversed, respondents estimated their partners would be more willing to give money.

People guessed their partners would share an average of $291,689! As for family, people said they’d give them $158,233 and donate about $52,646. Friends and coworkers would get the least amount of money.

More than two out of five would be worried about misspending the money if they won the jackpot. Seven out of ten would take it all at once in a lump sum and put it into a bank account, 401k or the stock market. Two out of five said they would invest it in cryptocurrency. 

As for the top purchases: winners would go first for a new home, trip, or car. Sounds nice, right? May the odds be ever in your favor.


In April 2022, we surveyed 1,108 Americans about their lottery playing habits. Respondents ranged in ages from 18 to 77 with an average age of 41. 49% were male, 49% female, and 1% were nonbinary. 

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