In November of 2018, Pennsylvania’s sports betting industry took its first regulated bet at The Sportsbook at Hollywood Casino.

As of May 16, there are now eight operational sportsbooks in the state.

Each month, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) releases numbers related to sports betting at each of the locations.

Understanding the components of PA sports betting revenue

Included in those numbers are revenue for each of the books. However, that money should not be confused with what each sportbook’s handle is. A casino’s sports betting handle is the total number of dollars in wagers the sportsbook accepted. Some of those are winners and some of those are losers.

That is why revenue is a much smaller number than handle. In Nevada, the average handle of a sportsbook is just 5.5 percent. The handle in other states like New Jersey and Mississippi have been a little higher so far, but since the numbers are from football season, it stands to reason handle will level out once a full year is in the books.

These numbers will also jump tremendously once online sports betting fully launches. Even with just one online app operating in a limited market for four days managed to generate more than half a million dollars in May 2019.

Of that revenue, the state takes 34 percent in taxes. Additionally, there is a two percent tax that goes to the local governments where the sportsbooks are located.

Big picture PA sports betting revenue numbers

Dollars of sports wagers

Total sports betting handle in PA history

Dollars of sports betting revenue

Total sports betting revenue in PA history

Tax dollars for the state

Total sports betting taxes to date for PA

Month-by-month PA sports betting revenue breakdowns

May 2019

PropertyHandleGross RevenueTax
Rivers Sportsbook$7,924,510$641,029$230,771
SugarHouse Sportsbook$7,934,839$711,846$256,264
Parx Sportsbook$6,809,662$639,922$230,371
Hollywood Sportsbook$3,816,054$210,637$75,830
FanDuel at Valley Forge$2,739,475$240,766$86,675
Harrah's Philadelphia$2,589,147$138,094$49,714
South Philadelphia Race and Sportsbook$2,745,803$168,815$60,773
The Oaks Race and Sportsbook$1,385,725$110,744$39,868

April 2019

PropertyHandleGross RevenueTax
Rivers Sportsbook$8,159,827$871,753$313,831
SugarHouse Sportsbook$7,920,797$781,163$281,219
Parx Sportsbook$6,850,305$907,298$326,627
Hollywood Sportsbook$3,923,499$361,249$130,050
FanDuel at Valley Forge$3,050,424$379,731$136,703
Harrah's Philadelphia$2,718,595$282,740$101,786
South Philadelphia Turf Club$2,603,808$441,692$159,009
Valley Forge Race and Sportsbook$1,542,891$195,856$70,508

March 2019

PropertyHandleGross RevenueTax
Rivers Sportsbook$11,901,967$1,344,398$483,983
SugarHouse Sportsbook$9,223,827$1,237,301$445,428
Parx Sportsbook$7,965,932$984,339$354,362
Hollywood Sportsbook$5,337,483$521,864$187,871
Harrah's Philadelphia$3,794,014$326,752$117,631
South Philadelphia Turf Club$3,550,264$534,253$192,331
FanDuel at Valley Forge$2,047,998$449,597$161,855
Valley Forge Race and Sportsbook$706,089$120,836$43,501

February 2019

PropertyHandleGross RevenueTaxYTD Revenue
SugarHouse Sportsbook$7,091,933.11$522,308.00$188,030.88$1,266,998.00
Rivers Sportsbook$8,147,558.96$627,520.99$225,907.56$2,546,993.99
Parx Sportsbook$6,965,511.90$369,995.89$133,198.52$1,540,343.89
Hollywood Sportsbook$3,742,819.85$13,914.20$5,009.11$1,106,756.80
South Philadelphia Turf Club$2,601,650.62$275,876.90$99,315.69$367,711.90
Harrah's Philadelphia$2,951,267.50$137,200.52$49,392.19$240,769.52

January 2019

CasinoHandleRevenueTaxYTD total revenue
SugarHouse Sportsbook$10,795,121$103,523$37,268$744,690
Rivers Sportsbook$9,543,112$853,316$307,194$1,919,473
Parx Sportsbook$5,382,620$1,170,348$421,325$1,170,348
Hollywood Sportsbook$4,817,151$284,624$102,465$808,219
South Philadelphia Turf Club$858,130$91,835$33,061$91,835
Harrah's Philadelphia$615,704$103,569$37,285$103,569

December 2018

CasinoHandleRevenueTaxYTD total revenue
Rivers Casino$5,581,553$1,066,157$383,816$1,066,157
SugarHouse Casino$5,539,806$641,167$230,820$641,167
Hollywood Casino$5,051,730$299,222$107,720$1,449,386

November 2018

CasinoHandleRevenueTaxYTD total revenue
Hollywood Casino$1,414,586.55 $508,996.60$183,238.77$508,996.60
Total$1,414,586.55 $508,996.60$183,238.77$508,996.60