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FanDuel Racing
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Most of us know FanDuel through daily fantasy, sports betting or even a casino. But FanDuel also has a foot in the horse racing market. It entered the market via its ownership of the TVG Racing app, and then augmented that by launching FanDuel Racing.

Pennsylvania bettors can not only bet on horses with the FanDuel Racing app, they are also able to get some exciting deposit bonuses when they first begin using FanDuel Racing.

There is currently a $250 deposit bonus at 50% match available for any Pennsylvania resident signing up for a new FanDuel Racing account.

Reasons to Choose FanDuel Racing
  • Great welcome bonus for new players.
  • Highly competitive odds on horse racing.
  • Watch live races via your desktop or mobile.
  • Wide choice of funding options available.
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Bonuses and promotions at FanDuel Racing

As stated above, FanDuel Racing is trying to get new users to try it out with a deposit bonus for anyone signing up in Pennsylvania. All you have to do is sign up and make a deposit and they will match 50% of it.

The welcome bonus at TVG consists of an up to $250 deposit bonus (at 50% match) for anyone signing up and depositing at the site using the promo code LSRTVG.

It has definitely differentiated the product from TVG, as TVG looks to be more suited to the avid horse racing fans. You will be able to get the bonus even if you have received a bonus through the sports betting site in Pennsylvania, as they are separate entities.


Online RacebookFanDuel Racing
TVG Deposit Bonus$250 at 50% match
Last UpdatedNovember 2022

FanDuel Racebook navigation: Overall setup

The site is set up a lot like the daily fantasy and DraftKings sports betting module. We have used it via both mobile and online and definitely prefer the mobile app. We had all sorts of trouble getting the streaming to work on the website.

It is also hard to bet daily doubles, pick 3s, etc., on the website. It is extremely hard to move to the next race.

Using the mobile app, or even the website on the phone, was smooth. It was easy to swipe left and right and make your daily double and multi-race bets.

The streaming service worked well on the phone, as well. We haven’t been able to identify the problem with the website, but it wasn’t working well when we tried it out.

FanDuel has also teamed with numberFire to give you information on each race. The odds are displayed on the right-hand side along with NumberFire’s selections to finish first, second and third. It is excellent for a beginning horse bettor who doesn’t know a lot about horse racing.

It was straightforward to get information, track which race was upcoming, and follow your results. User-friendly is an understatement. The mobile app was nearly flawless.

Hopefully, FanDuel can work on the website so we can eventually say the same thing for bettors who aren’t using their phones.

Tutorials for navigating the site

FanDuel has also invested in tutorials to help you learn the app or site, and also how to bet on horse racing. The tutorials start with live streaming.

It covers how to watch every race. FanDuel racing has over 200-plus tracks around the world, and each one has a live stream. You can also watch a replay if you want to see what happened to your horse or do research for a future bet.

The next set of tutorials covers how to select a horse for a bet. You can choose a horse and get information on its latest races, and most horses also have a quick write-up from a professional about form. As you may know, “form” means how well the horse has performed over the last few races.

Opening odds and odds trends are also covered inside the tutorial. The site will show where the horse started and how the odds have changed over the day. It will help you follow where the money is going.

Useful stats

A stat that we found extremely helpful was the horse’s rating. NumberFire and FanDuel give you a power rating and high speed for each horse, which is great if a horse is running at a new length or if you are comparing horses for a bet.

Win percentage and top-three percentages are also covered. This lets you know how many wins each horse has had based on the number of races it has run and the number of times it has placed in the “show” or better position.

Coverage and markets

The top of the site has the races that are about to start, popular races and the top tracks to bet on. If you scroll to the bottom of the site, you will see tracks, bets and a few other options.

Once you click on the track and race you are interested in, you will get a list of horses in the race.

Each horse will have odds as well as win probability. If the numberFire system has picked a horse as the top three for the race, it will also list that as well. The minutes to post will also continue to count down.

You can also stream the race at the top of the screen while you are making your selections, and afterward to see if your bet is going to pay off.

For those who want to dive down, you can choose whether you want a track in the US or international. From there, you can select whether the track is thoroughbred, harness or quarter horse. It will then list all of the tracks that fit the criteria you chose.

You can also select your bets on the bottom page. That page will let you see all your past bets and what bets you have that are upcoming or still live. Furthermore, there is an FAQ section to handle all the common issues you might run into on the horse racing site.

FanDuel Racebook app

The FanDuel Racing app is available on Apple and Android devices.

It is designed exactly like the apps for sports betting and daily fantasy. Apple users can download the iOS from the Apple App Store. Android users have to go directly to the FanDuel site, as the Google Play Store does not allow gambling apps in its store.

As of right now, any track owned by Churchill Downs is excluded from FanDuel Racing. We are sure this is just a negotiating tactic, and those tracks will be available at some point.

Tracks want a lot of bets and as many eyes as possible on their product, so they won’t want to exclude a huge product like FanDuel.

Horse racing betting types at FanDuel Racing

We will cover the types of bet you can make on horse racing. Some are extremely straightforward, while others will require a little more explaining.

  • Win: This is about as simple as it gets. You are betting on which horse will win the race. If a horse is listed at 5/1 and you place a $2 bet to win, you will receive $10 if the horse wins the race. A win is the only way for this bet to pay; a second-place finish or worse will net you nothing.
  • Place: A place bet is a bet on a horse to finish second or better. The odds will obviously be reduced from the win odds, but the bet is a little safer as you only need your horse to finish in the top two.
  • Show: A show bet is a bet on your horse to finish in the top three. These odds will be reduced even further, but again, there is less risk. This a great time to use the information that tells you how often the horse finishes in the top three.
  • Exacta: An exacta bet is picking the horses that will finish first and second. The horses must finish in the order you placed them in. If you have horse No. 5 to win and No. 2 to place, they have to finish in that order. You can box the horses and bet on them to finish in any order, but you will have to double your bet.
  • Trifecta: A trifecta is a bet where you pick the horses to finish first, second and third. Obviously, these are hard to hit but can have huge payouts, especially if you have a long shot in one of the slots. Some tracks will even let you place trifecta bets for as little as 10 cents so that you can add multiple horses to your ticket.
  • Superfecta: This is basically the same as the trifecta, except you must now pick the horse that finishes fourth, as well. A lot of the smaller tracks and races will not offer an option to bet a superfecta.
  • Daily Double: You have to pick the winner of the next two races to win a daily double. If you are betting the daily double in the fourth race of the day, you have to pick the winner of race Nos. 4 and 5 to win.
  • Pick 3: Like the daily double, you have to pick winners of consecutive races. For a pick 3, you must pick three straight winners to cash. Like the other bets, you can add multiple horses to your ticket for each race.
  • Pick 4, 5 and 6: See pick 3 above, but now you have to pick the winner in either four, five or six straight races. The bigger your number, the higher the payout. Some tracks will have an ongoing pot for pick 6s and greater that grows each day someone doesn’t hit them.

Available tracks

There are over 200 tracks available from all around the globe. There are tracks located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and France. As we said earlier, currently none of the tracks owned by Churchill Downs are available, but that could change rather quickly.

We will list some of the more popular tracks in the United States that are available on FanDuel Racing.

  • Dover Downs
  • Monticello Racetrack
  • Turf Paradise
  • Northfield Park
  • Parx Racetrack
  • Pompano Park

FanDuel Racing rewards program

As of now, FanDuel Racing doesn’t have a rewards program as it does for daily fantasy.

Like with sports betting in Pennsylvania, we think FanDuel will eventually add some type of rewards program to keep bettors coming back.

TVG has a significant rewards program, so it would be easy enough for FanDuel just to follow that program’s blueprint.

We anticipate something like daily fantasy where FanDuel rewards you based on how much you bet on the site. You can also bet that it will have contests to win trips and experiences at some of the bigger horse races throughout the country.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Deposits and withdrawals will work exactly as they do for FanDuel’s other online products. Pennsylvania banking options include:

  • Debit or Credit Cards: FanDuel is accepting Visa and Mastercard for now.
  • E-Check: Just connect your bank account for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Wire transfer: This recommendation is expensive, but it works if you have no other option. Fees can go up to $15.
  • PayPal: You can use your PayPal account, which is super easy and quick.
  • ACH: This will be the best way to withdraw funds. If you set this up for your deposits, it will be a seamless transition when you want to take money out.
  • FanDuel Racing Prepaid Card: This is a quick and easy method, but it does come with a $5 fee.

FanDuel Racebook customer service

FanDuel is one of the leaders in customer service.

Offering three quality products and being available in multiple states, it makes sure there is always someone available to answer your questions. Not only in Pennsylvania but any location you might be playing.

The 24/7 customer service is available through chat, email or over the phone. The responses are super quick, and you can get answers through whichever method you prefer.

From a customer service standpoint, FanDuel is at the top of the list.

Some history about TVG

TVG is a TV station that exclusively covers horse racing. FanDuel got its horse racing start via this established brand, and can also appeal to more casual bettors by adding a horse racing tab to its existing app.

While it has a lot in common, the FanDuel Racing site is separate from TVG and looks more like the FanDuel sports betting and daily fantasy app and website.

Horse racing falls under different rules than sports betting, so a state doesn’t have to have legal sports betting for horse racing to be legal.

FanDuel Racing operates in the following states:

  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • North Dakota
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming
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