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Disclaimer: Betfred Sportsbook is not yet live in Pennsylvania. This review will be updated post-launch in PA.

Betfred Sportsbook nabbed one of the last sports betting licenses in Pennsylvania, and PA sports bettors are in for a treat.

Partnering with Wind Creek Casino, this British-based operator has made quite the name for itself across the pond. Setting up shop in 1967, Betfred entered the online sports betting space in 2002.

Now, with the help of Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem, it can offer retail and online betting in the Keystone State.

In this Betfred PA review, we’ll provide insight into what makes this sports betting operator tick.

Even though Betfred Sportsbook is yet to go live in PA, we’ll take what we know about this brand to give you a taste of what’s to come.

Betfred Sportsbook bonus offer — September 2020

Until Betfred goes live in PA, we can’t say what type of welcome bonus it will offer Pennsylvania bettors. However, its UK site can give us a clue regarding what might be on offer.

From our research, Betfred seems to keep novice players in mind when it comes to opening offers. Of course, seasoned bettors get some extra value when they make their first deposit.

However, judging by the dynamics of Betfred UK’s welcome offer, those new to sports betting will get the best deal.

In practice, first-time sign-ups in the UK can get £30 worth of free bets when they stake £10. UK players can use the free credits to wager on any sporting event. Then, they can withdraw the profits from a winning bet instantly. Assuming Betfred PA offers something similar, you can see why this offer favors casual customers.

Firstly, the size of the reward isn’t predicated on your deposit. In other words, you’re not relying on a deposit multiplier to determine your fate.

Secondly, because you’re staking money upfront (i.e., the £10), you don’t have to worry about post-win wagering conditions.

So, you know what you have to bet exactly and, in turn, you know exactly what you’ll get back. Finally, the bet-to-reward ratio is friendly. The minimum deposit is low enough not to intimidate novices, and the bonus credits are high enough to help make a decent return.

Overall, if Betfred Sports PA offers something similar, prospective players should be pleased.


Online SportsbookBetfred Online Sportsbook
Promo CodeTBD
No DepositTBD
Deposit BonusTBD
Last UpdatedSeptember 2020

Sports selection at Betfred Sportsbook

As an international brand, Betfred is well-versed in all sports.

Being from the UK, soccer and horse racing feature heavily on its daily roster of sports bets.

However, we’re confident Betfred PA will cover a variety of popular US sports options, such as:


As one of the biggest sports in the US, Betfred can’t ignore the gridiron.

Topping the list of pre-event and in-play bets will be the NFL. In addition to regular games, you can expect a plethora of betting lines when the Super Bowl rolls around. Beyond that, college football will also be in the mix.

You’ll be able to access thousands of football bets at Betfred Sports via your desktop computer, mobile phone and inside Wind Creek Casino.


In the same way that football will dominate the betting headlines at Betfred, basketball will feature heavily on the daily schedule.

NBA and NCAA will form the basis of Betfred’s basketball bets, but don’t be surprised if there are also odds for European events.


It would be unthinkable if baseball weren’t on the schedule.

Over in the UK, Betfred Sports has odds for MLB games, so the same will be true in Pennsylvania. From outright win bets to points totals, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to speculate on events such as the playoffs and the World Series.


Boxing and MMA are staples in the live and online sports betting world.

Although outright win bets will dominate, Betfred also specializes in round betting, how fights will end and more.

Ready, set, bet

Tennis, golf, Aussie rules football, cricket and esports are also firm fixtures in Betfred’s UK betting lobby.

If that’s not enough, Betfred Sports UK also features something known as “Pick Your Punt.”

This feature allows you to build your bet. Although you don’t always have free reign, Betfred will provide a selection of parameters for you to work within.

The Pick Your Punt feature is excellent, and it would be great to see this option in PA.

Bet selection at Betfred Sportsbook

Having the ability to create your bet is excellent; however, we understand that this may not suit everyone.

If you’re a novice, you may not know odds well enough to build a bet.

Fortunately, Betfred Sportsbook doesn’t expect you to do all the work. Inside Wind Creek Casino and online, you’ll get to speculate in a way that suits you. From the general to the specific, Betfred Sports has plenty of betting options for everyone.

Some of the main types of wagers you can expect to see are:

  • Outright Win Bets: The most popular type of bet outright requires you to predict which individual/team will win the contest.
  • Point Totals: In sports, such as football and basketball, you can speculate on how many points a team or player will score in a game. Additionally, you’ll be able to make bets that focus on certain ranges, e.g., between X and Y points.
  • Over/Under Bets: Building on the idea of points-based bets, you can make over/under wagers. Put simply, the oddsmakers will set a line, and you can say whether the outcome will end up under the line or over it.
  • Time-Based Bets: Great for sports such as soccer and basketball, time-based bets allow you to make predictions such as “X will happen during the Y time period.” These bets are fantastic and often carry long odds because it’s not easy to make correct picks at the right time.
  • Player Props: If you like focusing on individual players, props allow you to bet on the moves they’ll make. From the number of points that a player will score to the number of fouls he or she will commit, props are ideal if you’re a super fan.
  • Live Bets: For the biggest adrenaline rush, live bets are perfect. Otherwise known as in-play bets, these wagers allow you to speculate on the action as its developing. Because live betting is at the moment, the odds are always changing. This feature is excellent if you’re skilled in reading sporting contests because you can get ahead of the oddsmakers and get the best price.

Betfred Sportsbook app

The reasons Wind Creek Casino partnered with Betfred Sports are twofold.

Firstly, it wanted to take advantage of Betfred’s 50+ years in the sports betting industry.

Secondly, it wanted a partner with expertise in online and mobile sports betting.

Over in Europe, Betfred has been running mobile and desktop sites since 2002. So, it’s fair to say that it knows a thing or two about software.

In the mobile arena, you can expect iPhone and Android apps backed by ideas and features from Betfred’s new partners Scientific Games Corporation. While we won’t know exactly what shape the app will take until launch, we can get a sense for what might be coming by evaluating products Betfred has developed with other partners in the past.

Using the UK Betfred app as a base, the first unique feature you can expect on Betfred mobile is a customizable homepage. Instead of starting everyone on the same page, Betfred’s developers give you a choice. If you’re a fan of football, you can make the football betting lobby your homepage. If you would like to see the latest promotions first, this can be your homepage.

Once you customize your experience, the sports you can bet on will appear in a list at the top of the screen.

From there, you move down to the center of the page where tables of odds provide a breakdown of the latest action. What’s great about the odds tables is that they contain live updates as well as links to live streams. We can’t say for sure whether Betfred Sports PA will offer live streams; however, we know the operator is capable of providing this service.

Also, for live updates, you can use the star icon to “favorite” individual bets. It allows you to save them in your account to retrieve later.

Finally, once you’re ready to commit, the bet slip appears as a pop-up. By hiding the slip until you need it, the developers have made the mobile interface efficient and accessible.

Betfred Sportsbook software

All the features you’ll find inside the Betfred sports betting app are also on the desktop version. From the ability to store bets and watch live streams to mini icons representing each sport, everything is in place to ensure your experience is smooth. Furthermore, Betfred’s software is safe.

Regardless of your device, the software is backed by the latest security features. From SSL encryption to fingerprint logins via your iPhone, there are a lot of inbuilt systems working to keep Betfred Sports secure.

The Betfred loyalty program

In the UK, Betfred offers Comp Points. Like any loyalty scheme, you earn points each time you place a real-money bet. However, in this instance, Comp Points are only available to Betfred Casino players.

If Betfred and Wind Creek Casino agree to launch an online casino platform, then we may see some sort of loyalty scheme in the Keystone State. However, looking at what this operator offers in other regions, we don’t anticipate a comps system for sports bettors.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to drink from an ever-flowing stream of offers. While Betfred may be lacking in the loyalty scheme department, it makes up for it in promotions. During our Betfred Sports review, we found several deals based around major sporting events.

By this token, you should expect to see a variety of reload bonuses, cash-back offers and no-lose bets during the Super Bowl, March Madness, etc.

Another type of promo you can expect to see is multipliers. The main premise is that you can boost your earnings power by following specific instructions.

If multipliers don’t tickle your fancy, you may also take advantage of bet insurance. Typically applied to multiway wagers, insurance allows you to get a rebate (as a free bet) if one of your picks lets you down.

Between these promotions and the potential bonuses, there will undoubtedly be plenty of extra value when you start betting for real money.

Banking at Betfred PA Sportsbook

Betfred’s partnership with Wind Creek Casino means two things with regards to deposits and withdrawals.

Firstly, as part of its PA licensing conditions, Betfred must process and store all funds securely.

You’ll find a selection of reputable payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill and PayNearMe. All player funds will be kept in safe, segregated accounts. Therefore, your money will be safe, even if Betfred runs into financial trouble.

Secondly, as a partner of Wind Creek Casino, Betfred will be able to offer retail services. Naturally, this means you’ll be able to place sports bets inside the casino.

Also, you should have the option to make deposits and withdrawals via Wind Creek’s cashiers’ desks. Again, this is a highly secure option that allows you to collect your winnings within a matter of hours.

Support for Betfred customers

Just as it has to comply with various regulations with regards to payment processing, Betfred also has to offer a customer support system.

Over in the UK, Betfred provides support via phone, email and live chat.

Betfred is also on social media, which means you should always be able to reach someone.

As a responsible operator, Betfred PA will also provide links to problem gambling organizations.

A better bet with Betfred

Betfred didn’t become one of the biggest sports betting brands in Europe by accident. After building up its reputation, this operator used its experience to join the online revolution. Refining its product since 2002, Betfred Sports now offers a complete package that’s ideal for bettors of all levels.

As a fully licensed operator in Pennsylvania, Betfred will be bringing its brand of betting to the US. Working alongside Wind Creek Casino, it has all the attributes necessary to provide the best retail and online betting in the state.

Through a combination of generous promotions, unique features and comprehensive odds, this British import will be the one to watch when it goes live in Pennsylvania.

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