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William Hill Sportsbook
Risk-Free BetRisk-Free BetUp to $1,001Up to $1,001

Disclaimer: William Hill Online sportsbook is not yet live in Pennsylvania. This review is speculative based on what is on offer in other states and what we expect here, and will be updated once the online book launches in-state.

William Hill, which opened a retail sportsbook at Harrah’s Philadelphia and will soon be launching its sports betting app in Pennsylvania, is one of the top sportsbooks in the country, taking one in every four sports bets placed in the US.

This William Hill Pennsylvania review covers everything to know before creating your account, including William Hill’s bonus offer of up to a $1,001 risk-free bet to new customers. If you’re unfamiliar with William Hill PA, you won’t be by the time you’re through with this review.

Reasons to Choose William Hill PA
  • New users get up to a $1,001 Risk free bet
  • Sports betting app for Android and Apple
  • One of the top sportsbooks in the US
  • Distinctive promotions available
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William Hill Sportsbook Pennsylvania welcome bonus

William Hill Sportsbook offers new users up to a $1,001 risk-free bet, just use promo code LEGALRF during sign-up to take advantage of the offer. After you use the PA promo code, your account will qualify for the risk-free bet.

It’s only your first bet with William Hill that earns you the free bet, so long as that wager loses. A very important aspect to be aware of is that the free bet expires seven days after being issued, so make sure you have something you plan to use it on.

William Hill Sportsbook promo code 2022

Online SportsbookWilliam Hill Sportsbook PA
Risk-Free BetRisk-free bet up to $1,001
Last updatedJune 2022

William Hill Sportsbook promotions for Pennsylvania

The William Hill Sportsbook app has some of the most distinctive promotions that you will find at any sportsbook in the state. Interestingly enough, you won’t actually find many promotions listed on the app or website. Instead, you’ll need to watch your email for when they’re announced.

William Hill tends to reveal promos the day of or the day before games. For example, during the college football season, the book ran a promotion that was announced on Saturday morning for three specific games. If you placed a pregame bet of $50 or more on any of the listed games, you received $7 toward a free bet for every offensive touchdown of 10 yards or more that your team scored.

Many William Hill promotions are similar — tied to how the team you be bet on performs in a game. You could receive money toward free bets based on how the team as a whole does or based on how players on that team do.

Also, William Hill PA promotions tend to be a little more expensive to be eligible for. A lot of them require $50 bets, while even some of the cheaper ones need at least $25 bets. The positive is that you can end up with much bigger rewards than those you’ll find at other sportsbooks in the Keystone State.

Another positive is that you rarely have to opt in to be eligible for them. You just need to meet the eligibility requirements, and you’re all set. Just remember to be on the lookout for new promos dropping all the time on the William Hill app.

Is William Hill legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes, William Hill Sportsbook is legal in Pennsylvania. You can bet either at the William Hill retail sportsbook at Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino & Racetrack or by using the sportsbook app for Apple or Android.

You need to be at least 21 years old to place any bets, and if you are using the app or website, you must have the geolocation software switched on, so your device can confirm that you’re placing your bets from somewhere in the Keystone State.

Here are a couple of other aspects of online sports betting in PA to know.

First, you can bet on college sports, including betting on Pennsylvania-based football and basketball teams as well as NCAA events that are held in the state.

Second, you can bet only on sports events. Not only does that mean you cannot place any wagers on events like the Academy Awards or the Grammys, but it also means you can’t bet on any amateur drafts, such as the NFL or NBA draft.

How to create a William Hill account in PA

You can create your William Hill account entirely from your computer or mobile device. If doing it on your phone or tablet, you will need to get the William Hill app, which works on Android and iOS devices.

  1. Open either the app or website and select the button to register at the top right of the page.
  2. Enter your first and last name, email address, birthday and phone number, and click to the next page.
  3. Now you need to create a password, choose two security questions and answer them, and enter your home address and the last four digits of your Social Security number. This also is the part of the registration process where you must enter the William Hill promo code LEGALRF if you want access to the free bet.
  4. Click the four boxes dealing with terms and conditions, stating that you are at least 21 years of age and all the information you have provided is accurate. Then submit your information and you’re done.

The whole process likely will take you only a few minutes to complete, and then all that’s left to do is make a deposit and you can start placing bets.

William Hill Sportsbook Screenshots


William Hill Sportsbook app

The William Hill app is available for Android and iOS, so whether you’re using an iPad, iPhone or any Android tablets and phones, you can get it and start making sports bets in Pennsylvania.

Just remember you need to have geolocation enabled to make any bets, because you must be in the state to do so.

Downloading the William Hill app for Pennsylvania

Start by following our links to get either the Apple or Android version of the app. Next, when you click on the appropriate file, a question will appear on your mobile device asking if you trust where the file came from. Select yes.

After the file has downloaded, you’ll click on it and hit install. You again might be asked if you want to install the selected app, and once more you will say yes. Then, just wait a few seconds for the app to install and it will be ready to use.

Navigating the William Hill app

William Hill’s app is one of the more straightforward and easy-to-use sportsbook apps you’ll find in Pennsylvania.

How to place bets at William Hill

Start by logging in and then find the game you want to bet on. You can click on the sport you’re looking for by selecting it from the bar near the top of the screen.

Then, when you find your game, click on the “more bets” bar to see all the available bets at for that particular game. Once you find what you’re after, just click on it and that bet will be added to your betting slip.

If you want to add more bets or create a parlay, teaser or round robin, just continue to add your bets and they will be added to your bet slip. Then click on the bet slip icon at the bottom of the screen and you can choose to make individual bets or parlays.

To remove selections from your slip, just click the trash icon. And then once you’re happy with what you’ve got, add the amount you want to wager and click “place bet.”

Other important areas of the William Hill app

While being comfortable placing bets is the most important thing, you also should know your way around a few other areas of the app.

When you click on “my account,” you’ll see options to withdraw and deposit money. Under your account, you also can view your betting history, change your settings, contact William Hill and log out of your account.

You can get to the William Hill PA promotions page by clicking “promos” at the bottom of the screen. And you can see all the sports you can bet on by clicking on “all sports” at the bottom of the screen, too.

In summary, if you’re at all familiar with online sportsbooks, the William Hill app should be a breeze to get the hang of. And even if you’re new to sports betting, the layout and functionality of the app make it easy to use.

Best features of the William Hill Sportsbook app

William Hill has a lot of great features, but here are our three favorites:

  • Special promos: The variety of promotions at William Hill is among the best we’ve seen in the state. It’s often possible to win fairly large free bets if the teams you wager on play well. Likewise, you can end up with little in return if your picks struggle.
  • App searchability: At times finding what you want to bet on at an online sportsbook can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for smaller college basketball and football games. But the William Hill app makes it a breeze, from being able to search for your game or sport to being able to collapse sections you don’t care about.
  • Customer service: Having four ways (call, text, email, chat) to reach out to the William Hill help desk is impressive.

How could William Hill Sportsbook improve?

And now here’s a look at three ways we believe William Hill Pennsylvania could improve:

  • Decrease promo entry fees: We mentioned that we like the promotions at William Hill, but we don’t enjoy how much you have to enter for a lot of them. It’s not unusual to require $50 spread bets just to be eligible, and sometimes you still need your pick to win to receive anything in return.
  • Start a rewards club: It also would be awesome to see William Hill get a rewards or loyalty program going for its sportsbook. This would be as simple as creating levels for players to reach based on both how often and how much they wager, potentially rewarding customers with free bets.
  • More unique betting options: One way for sportsbooks to separate themselves from a crowded market is to have betting options that others don’t. PointsBet has PointsBetting, while others, like FanDuel, offer single-game parlays. It wouldn’t bother us if William Hill did something similar or came up with a sports bet completely their own, either way we’d love to see something at William Hill you can’t get elsewhere.

Types of bets available at William Hill

Now let’s dive into all the different types of sports bets you can make using the William Hill Sportsbook app.

  • Moneyline bets: Wagers in which all you are doing is picking winners. The numbers next to the teams indicate how much money you will win.
    Example: Philadelphia Phillies -121 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates +106. Here the Phillies are slight favorites, and you need to bet $121 to win back $100. Because they’re the underdogs, if you bet $100 on the Pirates, you would stand to win $106.
  • Spread bets: Here you are betting on margin of victory. The numbers for spreads tell you how much a team must win by (favorites) or how much a team can lose by (underdogs).
    Example: Pittsburgh Steelers -7.5 vs. Philadelphia Eagles +7.5. If you wagered on the Steelers, they must win by eight or more points to cover the spread. As the underdogs, the Eagles only need to lose by seven points or fewer (or win outright) to cover.
  • Over/under bets: For these bets, William Hill will provide you with a number and you are betting whether the actual total score for both teams during the game will be over or under that number. Over/unders also are called totals.
    Example: Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics, over/under 210.5. Here is a bet on whether the total points from the 76ers and Celtics would be over or under 210.5. Thus, if the final score was 110-108, the over bettors would win.
  • Prop bets: Side bets that do not have to do with the outcome of the game overall. Props are extremely popular at William Hill, and you will find tons for big games.
    Examples: Which player will score the first touchdown during an NFL game, will a specific player homer during an MLB game or will a goalie finish with a certain number of saves during an NHL game.
  • Parlays: These are two or more bets that are grouped together as one. To win a parlay, you need to get all your selections, or legs, right.
    Example: You bet on the Eagles to cover the spread and Steelers to win their game outright. You’ll only win your parlay if both things happen.
  • Teasers: Teasers are groups of two or more spread bets, usually for basketball or football, in which you tease (i.e. change) the line for the games you are betting on.
    Example: You create a two-team teaser for the Penn State Nittany Lions (+4.5) and Pittsburgh Panthers (-9.5) in which you tease the lines by six points. The new lines for you are now Penn State (+10.5) and Pittsburgh (-3.5)
  • Round robins: Another type of bet where you are making multiple picks, in this case three or more. The William Hill app will automatically group your picks together in pairings.
    Example: For a three-team round robin of Penn State, Pittsburgh and the Temple Owls all winning, it would be grouped as such: Penn State-Pittsburgh, Penn State-Temple and Pittsburgh-Temple. This allows you to miss one pick and still win some of your money back.
  • Futures betting: Futures bets are those that are taking place farther down the road than just the next game.
    Examples: Selecting the Pittsburgh Penguins to win the Stanley Cup, or betting on the Philadelphia Flyers to win the NHL’s Eastern Conference. Futures betting also can be for individual players to win various end-of-season awards.
  • Live betting: Live betting, aka in game betting, isn’t as much a type of bet as a form of betting that is only possible because of online sportsbooks. Live betting happens after games have started, and you will see odds and lines change based on the score, how much time is remaining, who has the ball and other factors in the game.

You can make normal bets like moneyline and spread bets, but you also are able to bet on things like what will happen during the next possession or inning and even what will happen during the next play or at-bat.

Sports you can bet on at William Hill in Pennsylvania

William Hill Sportsbook has about a dozen sports you can wager on. This is less than some other Pennsylvania sportsbooks that can have more than 20, but unless you’re a big snooker or cricket fan, you likely won’t even notice that anything is missing.

To start with, you can bet on all the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, WNBA, UFC and college football and basketball action you like at William Hill. The book also has markets for NASCAR, the PGA Tour and both men’s and women’s tennis. There also is soccer action, with everything from MLS in the states to the Champions and English Premier leagues abroad.

Pennsylvania sports team betting guide

As Pennsylvanians we’re fortunate to have pro and college teams aplenty to bet on. Here’s a look at all those teams. Starting with professional teams, there are two each in Major League Baseball, the NFL and NHL and one in the NBA and MLS.

  • MLB: Both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies are in the National League, with the Phillies playing in the NL East and the Pirates in the NL Central.
  • NFL: We’ve got teams in both NFL conferences: the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC North and the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East.
  • NHL: When it comes to hockey, you can root on the Philadelphia Flyers or the Pittsburgh Penguins, or both (just don’t let anyone know you like both squads!). The Flyers and Penguins are grouped together in the NHL’s Metropolitan Division.
  • NBA: While Pittsburgh doesn’t have an NBA team, the Philadelphia 76ers give us a team to root for in the Eastern Conference.
  • MLS: And finishing things out we have the Philadelphia Union in MLS’s Eastern Conference.

And when it comes to Division I colleges, Pennsylvania has 11 schools with football teams and three more with basketball teams available to bet on at William Hill.

  • College football: The 11 Keystone State college football teams are the Penn State Nittany Lions, Pittsburgh Panthers, Temple Owls, Duquesne Dukes, Bucknell Bison, Lafayette Leopards, Penn Quakers, Lehigh Mountain Hawks, Robert Morris Colonials, Villanova Wildcats and St. Francis Red Flash.
  • College basketball: All of the schools mentioned above also have basketball programs you can bet on, and you can add the St. Joseph’s Hawks, La Salle Explorers and Drexel Dragons.

And remember that neighboring state New Jersey doesn’t allow betting on its in-state college teams, so you can expect some people will cross the border in order to place bets on teams like the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, Seton Hall Pirates and Princeton Tigers.

William Hill Pennsylvania futures market

We can break futures bets at William Hill down into three categories:

  • Championship futures: Championship futures are exactly what they sound like; you’re betting on teams to win titles. That means you’ll be able to bet on the Steelers or Eagles to win the Super Bowl; the Phillies are Pirates to win the World Series; the Penguins or Flyers to raise the Stanley Cup; the 76ers to lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy; or the Union to win the MLS Cup. You also can bet on our local colleges to win the national championship in football or basketball. You also can wager on teams to win their division or conference at William Hill.
  • Regular season futures: The regular season wins markets can be popular as well, especially if your favorite teams aren’t necessarily title contenders. So, instead of having to bet on a long shot to win the title, you can bet the over/under for regular season wins.
  • Player futures: Here’s a great futures market if you tend to follow players instead of teams. Or maybe you just see odds you think are too good to be true before the season on an MVP or rookie of the year candidate. For player futures you also can bet on who will lead the league in passing, receiving and rushing in the NFL.

Banking options

You have the following remote and in-person options to deposit and withdraw money at William Hill:

  • Online bank transfer
  • Credit/debit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)
  • E-check
  • PayNearMe
  • William Hill Play+ card
  • Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino & Racetrack

And if you win and want to cash out some of your money, here are your choices for doing so:

  • E-check
  • Online bank transfer
  • William Hill Play+ card
  • Harrah’s Philadelphia

When heading in person to Harrah’s Philadelphia, make sure you know all your William Hill account passwords and security questions and have proper forms of ID; otherwise you will not be able to deposit or withdraw money from your account.

How to contact William Hill customer support

William Hill has four ways to reach customer support, making it super convenient for users.

  • Call 855-754-1200.
  • Text 719-417-5179.
  • Email [email protected]
  • Have a live chat using the William Hill app or website.

Responsible gambling at William Hill

William Hill allows users to set their own limits if they so choose. Thus, you can place restrictions on how much time and/or money you are able to spend on the app.

William Hill also gives players the ability to self-exclude entirely from any of the company’s online products. The sportsbook even has links and phone numbers on its site and app for how to find out if you have a gambling addiction and where to turn to for help.

Where is the William Hill retail sportsbook?

William Hill has a retail sportsbook at Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino & Racetrack.

The sportsbook boasts six in-person ticketing windows and 16 self-service betting kiosks. The area has stadium lounge seats, high-top tables, bar seating and more than 45 big-screen TVs.

  • Address: 777 Harrah’s Blvd., Chester, PA
  • Phone: 800-480-8020
  • Website: www.caesars.com/harrahs-philly/casino/sportsbook
  • Amenities: 45 big-screen TVs, food and drink service, lounge seats, high-top tables and bar seating.
  • Betting: Six in-person windows, 16 self-service kiosks.
  • Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-midnight; Saturday, 9 a.m.-1 a.m.; Sunday, 9 a.m.-midnight
  • Opened: October 2020

Is William Hill the best sportsbook in Pennsylvania?

We have a hard time considering William Hill to be the very best sportsbook in Pennsylvania, but we do think it is among the second tier of books in the state.

It’s hard not to rank FanDuel and DraftKings as the frontrunners right now, with sportsbooks like William Hill, FOX Bet and BetRivers PA trying to nudge their way into the top.

Really it just comes down to the fact that FanDuel and DraftKings offer so many great promos that it’s hard to put William Hill on the same level. That’s not to say it isn’t a quality product because it is, and we would encourage anyone to give the William Hill app a try.

William Hill Sportsbook FAQ

No, you can place bets on the William Hill website. However, the William Hill app is available for iOS and Android and allows you to bet from anywhere in Pennsylvania with an internet connection.

The minimum age to place sports bets is 21 in Pennsylvania, and you must always have geolocation on to verify that you are placing your wagers from somewhere in the state.

Both apps are great for Android and Apple devices. William Hill’s app is a little simpler and easier to use, while the DraftKings app has a few more bells and whistles. We highly recommend either one.

Yes, and you can even wager on in-state college teams and events.

Yes, William Hill Sportsbook was licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and is safe to use in the state. If you have any problems or concerns, you can contact the PGCB by calling 717-346-8300 or emailing [email protected]

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