Big Eats Little Game Instant Game Review

It’s time to dive headfirst into another fantastic feature from the Pennsylvania iLottery in Big Eats Little. An ocean-themed classic-style match game, Big Eats Little brings the best of all that can be found under the sea to your front door. Get your feet wet with a little demo play before committing to the plunge, you won’t regret it.

Don’t worry about dodging floating flotsam and jetsam, all the most attractive treasures are free for the taking with every ticket. You’ll find yourself wading through seaweed in pursuit of golden starfish, clamshells, diamonds, and anchors.

Big Eats Little by the numbers

The overall odds in Big Eats Little are calculated at 1 in 2.77 and offer you an incredible opportunity to win nearly 1 in 3 games played. Just in like the great wide ocean, the room to choose a stake is comfortable for players with every sized budget. The complete prize breakdown, based on a $1.00 wager, can be reviewed in the table below:

Ticket prices

Big Eats Little makes buying tickets easy by providing a lot of variety. Eight ticket prices are available to choose from. Although, keep in mind that each ticket price comes with a completely different set of payouts for each winning outcome.

That means the more you wager when buying a ticket, the higher your payouts will be. Prices range from a value of just $0.10 all the way up to $10.00 per ticket. That means you can win up to 10x more when comparing the prizes between the lowest and highest priced ticket.

Stake levels

  • $0.10
  • $0.20
  • $0.50
  • $1.00
  • $2.00
  • $3.00
  • $5.00
  • $10.00

Default ticket price: 1 ticket x $1.00 = $1.00

Top prize: $150,000

Special Features: 3

Big Eats Little gameplay

You may start out as a small fish in a big body of water, but you’ll find out quickly this patch of seaweed won’t be able to hold you for long. Get started by selecting a ticket price. Then, click the start button to begin exploring your surroundings. As you continue through the patch of seaweed, your fish will grow by eating smaller fish.

The results are incredible. Not only will your fish have grown, but so will the prizes received from winning combinations. However, be wary of any bigger fish you may come across. If they are revealed at any time during your search for matches, the game will end along with your life.

Love Match Bonus mini-game

When you find a fish of the same size in the seaweed patch, it’s love at first sight. This chance encounter will unlock the LOVE MATCH BONUS mini-game and four fish eggs will instantly appear on the screen. Select each egg to reveal their color. If three eggs of the same color are found, then you’ll win a generous prize.

Summing up Big Eats Little

Big Eats Little is one of the most unique games we’ve seen from the Pennsylvania iLottery and we couldn’t recommend it more highly. The pursuit of matching symbols and the engaging aspect of growing as you continue your journey are unprecedented. Add to this the fact that as you grow so do the prizes and it’s easy to see why this game ranks among the top games according to fans. Start your pursuit of the $150,000 top prize today, but watch out for bigger fish while you’re on the move.

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