Big Money Slingo Instant Game Review

Bringing a taste of big top Bingo to players who frequent the Pennsylvania Lottery, Big Money Slingo is a great example of fun an entertainment combined with real-money payouts. This PA iLottery instant game requires players to match numbers across vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines in order to win the corresponding cash prizes. It’s simple in its approach to gaming and anyone can jump into the fun immediately. Each stake level comes with a different theme as well, providing plenty of variety based on a player’s budget.

Played on a 5×5 grid, just like a standard game of bingo, Big Money Slingo will take players through several rounds of number draws. Six draws in all take place during a single round of play and multiple wins can be achieved in a single round.

Big Money Slingo by the numbers

Overall odds in Big Money Slingo are calculated at 1 in 2.40. That means that players can catch a Slingo win in nearly half of all games played. With odds this favorable, players can’t afford to pass up a game of Big Money Slingo. The full breakdown of odds and prize amounts are in the table below:

$0.50  4.00
$1.00 12
$1.50 7.68
$2.00 24
$2.50 40
$3.00 50
$3.50 66
$5.00 85
$5.50 140
$7.50 166.5
$10.00 500
$25.00 666
$50.00 1,333
$100.00 5,000
$1,000.00 100,000
$10,000.00 2,000,000


Big Money Slingo ticket prices

Big Money Slingo offers stakes to suit most players’ budget. The minimum stake amount begins at $0.50 and can rise as high as $10.00 per play. The top prize is directly affected by the amount a player wagers during each round, meaning that wagering $10.00 is the only way to win the game’s grand prize of $100,000.

Stake levels

  • $0.50
  • $1.00
  • $2.00
  • $3.00
  • $5.00
  • $10.00

Default ticket price: 1 ticket x $0.50 = $0.50

Top prize: $100,000

Bonus features: 2

Big Money Slingo gameplay

The first thing players will notice when starting a game of Big Money Slingo is that each wagering level comes with a different theme. Pick the theme that best suits your budget and you’ll be taken directly to the standard game at the chosen stake level.

The 5×5 grid of numbers is already laid out. Once you click start, up to five joker symbols will appear on the board and act as a free space to help create easier wins. Several opportunities to win emerge with each round, so keep playing to ensure you rake in as much cash as possible. Six number draws are granted before the round is over and players can potentially earn multiple prizes in a single round of Big Money Slingo. Complete a line of five numbers in any straight line to win the corresponding prize.

Free go feature

The free go feature can be unlocked in any round. A free go is granted at random during the draw phase of the game. Meaning each of the six draws can potentially provide an additional draw, bringing the winning potential for players even higher.

Slingo Joker feature

In Big Money Slingo, as many as five JOKER symbols will be placed randomly throughout the 5×5 grid as soon as the game begins. These symbols act as a free space and will contribute to any line of Slingo that can result in a win.

Summing up Big Money Slingo

Bringing a new level of enjoyment to bingo, Big Money Slingo is a great way to enjoy a traditional game of bingo with additional features and incredibly high payout potential. The game is approachable, dynamic, and a pleasure to play. Big Money Slingo is a guaranteed crowd pleaser from start to finish.

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