Pennsylvania Online Poker Tournaments In August End Summer With Big Guarantees

Written By Anthony Cicali on August 12, 2022 - Last Updated on August 13, 2022
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Pennsylvania online poker players have a full plate of events to choose from in August. Between and BetMGM poker, players have over $800,000 in guaranteed prize pools.

Events such as BetMGM’s (Borgata) Knock Out Series and’s Online Circuit Tournaments promise to post big paydays for Pennsylvania virtual grinders.

BetMGM PKO Fest for PA online poker players

BetMGM PA poker players will be knocking each other out for money this August, on the felt that is. The BetMGM Summer PKO Fest tournament series runs Aug. 14-21 with 25 events and combined guaranteed prize pools of over $150,000.

BetMGM director of poker Luke Staudenmaier said in a news release:

“As we reach poker’s summer months, it becomes more important than ever to offer players what we know will be popular and, right now, progressive knockout events are more popular than ever. This is the sixth BetMGM Poker event to feature PKOs in 2022 and the second to be built completely around the variant.”

The festival features something for everyone one, with buy-ins ranging from $20 to $215. Each night players can jump in the ring and fight it out in three tournaments.

Pennsylvania players can check out BetMGM or Borgata PA online poker. Both sites share a player pool in the state. This series will also run in New Jersey and Michigan, but will have different guarantees and separate player pools.

The Pennsylvania Main Event in the series is the Summer PKO Finale tournament. The $215 buy-in event takes place on Aug. 21 and comes with a $20,000 prize pool.

Besides the PKO Finale, BetMGM/Borgata is offering other great events to pick from including:

  • $215 Summer PKO (Event 1, Aug. 14) – $15,000 guaranteed
  • $100 Slam PKO  (Event 7, Aug. 16) – $10,000 guaranteed
  • $100 Six-Max PKO (Event 16, Aug. 19) – $8,000 guaranteed
  • $50 Pot Limit Omaha PKO (Event 20, Aug. 20) – $3,000 guaranteed

BetMGM PA Summer PKO Fest schedule

Here’s a look at the complete schedule for Pennsylvania:

August 14#1 $15K GTD Summer PKO Opener$215$15,000$1005:00 PM
August 14#2 $4K GTD Summer Scrap PKO$50$4,000$256:00 PM
August 14#3 $2K GTD Summer Sprint PKO$20$2,000$107:00 PM
August 15#4 $8K GTD Summer Slam PKO$100$8,000$507:00 PM
August 15#5 $3K GTD Summer Scrap PKO$50$3,000$258:00 PM
August 15#6 $2K GTD Summer Sprint PKO$20$2,000$109:00 PM
August 16#7 $10K GTD Summer Slam PKO$100$10,000$507:00 PM
August 16#8 $5K GTD Summer Scrap PKO$50$5,000$258:00 PM
August 16#9 $2K GTD Summer Sprint PKO$20$2,000$109:00 PM
August 17#10 $8K GTD Summer Six-Max PKO$100$8,000$507:00 PM
August 17#11 $3K GTD Summer Scrap PKO$50$3,000$258:00 PM
August 17#12 $2K GTD Summer Sprint PKO$20$2,000$109:00 PM
August 18#13 $10K GTD Summer Slam PKO$100$10,000$507:00 PM
August 18#14 $5K GTD Summer Scrap PKO$50$5,000$258:00 PM
August 18#15 $2K GTD Summer Sprint PKO$20$2,000$109:00 PM
August 19#16 $8K GTD Summer Six-Max PKO$100$8,000$507:00 PM
August 19#17 $3K GTD Summer Scrap PKO$50$3,000$258:00 PM
August 19#18 $2K GTD Summer Sprint PKO$20$2,000$109:00 PM
August 20#19 $8K GTD Summer Slam PLO PKO$100$8,000$507:00 PM
August 20#20 $3K GTD Summer Scrap PLO PKO$50$3,000$258:00 PM
August 20#21 $2K GTD Summer Sprint PLOPKO$20$2,000$109:00 PM
August 21#22 $20K GTD Summer PKO Finale$215$20,000$1005:00 PM
August 21#23 $4K GTD Summer Scrap PKO$50$4,000$256:00 PM
August 21#24 $8K GTD Summer Slam PKO$100$8,000$507:00 PM
August 21#25 $2K GTD Summer Sprint PKO$20$2,000$108:00 PM August Circuit events includes $250,000 in prizes

Pennsylvania online poker players have their chance to play for 12 rings and a total guarantee of $250,000. The series launches Aug. 12-23 and will allow players to compete each night for a ring. For the time being, Pennsylvania remains a “ringed-in” market. That means players compete only against others in the state and must be located within the state’s borders. Players are hopeful in the future that the player pool will be shared among neighboring states.

The $525 Main Event on Aug. 21 features a $40,000 guarantee for players in Pennsylvania. Most events feature No Limit Hold’em with one Omaha tournament as the exception. Other highlights include:

  • $525 NLH PKO (Event 3, Aug. 14) – $40,000 guaranteed
  • $215 PLO Big Six-Max (Event 6, Aug. 17) – $15,000 guaranteed
  • $215 Double Stack  (Event 8, Aug. 19) – $20,000 guaranteed
  • $1,000 High Roller Six-Max (Event 12, Aug. 23) – $25,000 guaranteed

WSOP rings are becoming very collectible because it allows for players to enter into the $1 million dollar Tournament of Champions freeroll at the end of the circuit season. In July a few Pennsylvania players won some rings including Christopher “IamSmirk” Perkins. A few other notable PA circuit ring winners from July included:

  • Ed Py – Event 1 ($5,194)
  • Jonas Wexler – Event 4 ($5,978)

Pennsylvania Online Circuit Series August schedule

Aug. 121Double Stack 2x re-entry$215$20,000
Aug. 132NLHE PKO 2x re-entry$320$20,000
Aug. 143NLHE PKO 2x re-entry$525$40,000
Aug. 154Double Stack Freezeout$215$20,000
Aug. 165Big $500 2x re-entry$500$25,000
Aug. 176PLO Deepstack 2x re-entry$215$25,000
Aug. 187NLHE PKO 2x re-entry$215$20,000
Aug. 198Double Stack 2x re-entry$215$20,000
Aug. 209NLHE PKO 2x re-entry$320$20,000
Aug. 2110Main Event 3x re-entry$525$40,000
Aug. 2211NLHE PKO 2x re-entry$109$20,000
Aug. 2312High Roller$1,000$25,000

WSOP Summer Online Championships coming in August in PA is adding even more events this August to the poker schedule. The site recently announced the Summer Online Championships running Aug. 16-30 with more than $400,000 in guarantees across 45 events.

Buy-ins range from $20 to $500, making it affordable for players of all different bankroll sizes.

The $109 Main Event is set for Aug. 28 and includes a $50,000 guarantee. The winner also earns an exclusive WSOP championship belt. will accommodate different players’ time schedules as well. The site will host at least three events daily at different times throughout the day. No Limit Hold’em is the main format, but Omaha tournaments are included as well.

Tournament types include bounty events, progressive knockouts, deepstacks, and freezeouts. Besides the Main Event, some other highlights include:

  • $109 NLHE Deepstack (Event 6, Aug. 17) – $10,000 guaranteed
  • $30 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max (Event 19, Aug. 22) – $3,000 guaranteed
  • $215 NLHE Eight-Max (Event 22, Aug. 23) – $20,000 guaranteed
  • $109 NLHE Deepstack (Event 45, Aug. 30) – $15,000 guaranteed

WSOP Summer Online Championships PA Schedule

August 167:00 p.m.1NLH$20$2,000
August 167:30 p.m.2NLH PKO$55$7,500
August 168:00 p.m.3NLH Eight-Max$109$15,000
August 177:00 p.m.4NLH$55$7,500
August 177:30 p.m.5NLH Freezeout$55$5,000
August 178:00 p.m.6NLH Deepstack$109$10,000
August 187:00 p.m.7NLH Six-Max$20$2,000
August 187:30 p.m.8NLH$55$7,500
August 188:00 p.m.9NLH PKO$109$10,000
August 197:00 p.m.10NLH Freezeout$25$2,000
August 197:30 p.m.11NLH Turbo Deepstack$75$10,000
August 198:00 p.m.12NLH$30$3,000
August 207:00 p.m.13NLH Deepstack$30$3,000
August 207:30 p.m.14NLH MonsterStack$109$15,000
August 208:00 p.m.15NLH$109$7,500
August 217:00 p.m.16NLH Turbo$30$3,000
August 217:30 p.m.17NLH$109$35,000
August 218:00 p.m.18NLH Six-Max$500$20,000
August 227:00 p.m.19PLO Six-Max$30$3,000
August 227:30 p.m.20NLH$109$10,000
August 228:00 p.m.21NLH Six-Max$55$7,500
August 237:00 p.m.22NLH Eight-Max$215$20,000
August 237:30 p.m.23NLH$55$7,500
August 238:00 p.m.24NLH Eight-Max$109$15,000
August 247:00 p.m.25NLH PKO30$3,000
August 247:30 p.m.26NLH Deepstack$109$10,000
August 248:00 p.m.27NLH Turbo$30$3,000
August 257:00 p.m.28NLH$20$2,000
August 257:30 p.m.29NLH Six-Max$55$7,500
August 258:00 p.m.30NLH Deepstack Six-Max$109$10,000
August 267:00 p.m.31NLH$30$3,000
August 267:30 p.m.32NLH Freezeout$55$5,000
August 268:00 p.m.33PLO Six-Max$109$5,000
August 277:00 p.m.34NLH$25$2,000
August 277:30 p.m.35NLH MonsterStack$109$15,000
August 278:00 p.m.36NLH$55$7,500
August 287:00 p.m.37NLH Main Event Eight-Max$109$50,000
August 287:30 p.m.38NLH Eight-Max$500$20,000
August 288:00 p.m.39NLH Turbo Deepstack$55$7,500
August 297:00 p.m.40NLH PKO$75$7,500
August 297:30 p.m.41PLO Six-Max$55$5,000
August 298:00 p.m.42NLH Turbo Freezeout$55$5,000
August 307:00 p.m.43NLH$20$2,000
August 307:30 p.m.44NLH PKO$55$7,500
August 308:00 p.m.45NLH Eight-Max$109$15,000

Pokerstars Championship of Online Poker series

Even though Pokerstars PA isn’t hosting an online standout series in August, they tweeted recently announced the return of their popular Championship of Online Poker (COOP) series this fall (Sept 9- Sept 26).

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