Summer Stacks Festival Heating Up at PokerStars PA, $639K Won Through 55 Events

Written By Martin Harris on June 21, 2021 - Last Updated on June 29, 2021
PokerStars PA Summer Stacks Update

Today is the summer solstice, meaning we’re officially crossing from spring to summer. Meanwhile last night the PokerStars Summer Stacks Festival on PokerStars Pennsylvania crossed its halfway mark where the action continues to heat up along with the temperatures outside.

PokerStars PA players have won more than $639,000 through the first nine days of the 17-day series. So far the Summer Stacks Festival has attracted more than 18,900 total entries with more than a week’s worth of events still to go.

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First week highlights include Sunday Special win for ambassador ‘NaigoPA’

The 100-tournament festival features relatively lower buy-ins than most series on PokerStars PA. All tournaments cost $100 or less to play. Additionally, most feature speedy structures designed to enable events to complete quickly.

The lower buy-ins haven’t prevented some big prize pools, however, such as the more than $70,000 awarded in the first $100 buy-in Sunday Special event. That’s the largest prize pool so far through 55 events.

The second Sunday Special yesterday drew a big field as well although came up just shy of drawing enough to exceed its $65,000 guarantee. In fact, PokerStars PA Ambassador Mark “NaigoPA” Foresta broke through to win that event, topping a 676-entry field to capture a handsome first prize of just over $11,000.

That results will serve Foresta well in his good-natured rivalry with fellow site ambassador Keith “AccidentalGrenade” Becker who plays as “whoopsboom” on PokerStars PA. Becker has several deep runs as well so far, including multiple final tables and one third-place finish.

Yesterday’s Sunday Special was one of 16 events so far that have resulted in overlays. Most of the overlays have been on the small side, however, averaging just over $950 per instance.

PA outpacing MI and NJ in Summer Stacks Festival money awarded

PokerStars is running Summer Stacks Festivals on all three of its US sites during June, each featuring similar 100-event schedules.

At PokerStars Michigan the schedule is almost identical with its $1 million in guarantees coming in just under the $1,045,000 in guarantees at PokerStars PA. Meanwhile at PokerStars New Jersey they are also playing 100 tournaments during the same 17 days. At PokerStars NJ, the guarantees add up to $500,000.

All three series have staged 55 events so far. To this point, PokerStars PA is winning the competition with over $639,000 awarded.

PokerStars MI is next, with players having won a little more than $545,000 in Summer Stacks events to this point. PokerStars NJ players have won just over $301,000 in their series.

$100K guaranteed Main Event, Depositor Freeroll coming Sunday

Among the remaining highlights at PokerStars PA will be the $100 buy-in, two-day Main Event that starts Sunday, June 27 at 6 p.m. That tournament features a series-high $100,000 guarantee.

PokerStars PA players have plenty of freerolls available to them as well. The Second Chance Freerolls continue each day for players who bust out of events without cashing. Those are awarding a total of $10,000 in Summer Stacks Festival tournament tickets.

Also, the Main Event Depositor Freeroll happens Sunday, June 27 at 2 p.m. PokerStars PA players who deposit at least $30 using the bonus code “SUMMER21” by 1:59 p.m. on Sunday will receive a seat in the freeroll. The top 100 finishers in the Depositor Freeroll win entry into that evening’s Main Event, a total of $10,000 in value.

Check out the remaining PokerStars PA Summer Stacks Festival by clicking here. Below find all the turnouts and prize pools for events so far.

PokerStars PA Summer Stacks Festival by the numbers (Events #1-55)

EventBuy-inGuaranteeEntriesPrize PoolOverlay
1: NLHE (Summer Stacks Warm Up - Stars-B-Que)$10$4,000 658$5,987.80 n/a
2: NLHE (Summer Stacks Kick Off)$100$30,000 347$31,854.60 n/a
3: NLHE (Summer Stacks Mini Kick Off)$30$10,000 555$15,151.50 n/a
4: NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$12,500 335$15,242.50 n/a
5: PLO (6-Max, Progressive KO)$5$1,000 292$1,328.60 n/a
6: NLHE$50$8,000 229$10,374.00n/a
7: Razz (6-Max)$10$1,000 138$1,255.80 n/a
8: Stud Hi/Lo (6-Max)$50$3,500 85$3,867.50 n/a
9: NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Storm - PKO Edition)$10$3,000 402$3,658.20 n/a
10: NLHE (Sunday Special)$100$60,000 764$70,135.20 n/a
11: NLHE (Mini Sunday Special)$25$10,000 744$16,926.00 n/a
12: NLHE (Micro Sunday Special)$5$3,500 722$3,500.00 $214.90
13: NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$12,500 366$16,653.00 n/a
14: NLHE (The Big Freeze)$100$15,000 181$16,615.80 n/a
15: PLO (6-Max)$30$4,000 140$4,000.00 $178.00
16: NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale Early Edition)$10$3,500 492$4,477.20 n/a
17: NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 426$19,383.00 n/a
18: NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale)$50$20,000 393$20,000.00 $2,118.50
19: NLHE$5$1,500 432$1,965.60 n/a
20: PLO8 (8-Max)$20$2,500 214$3,894.80 n/a
21: NLHE (Super Tuesday Early Edition)$10$3,500 554$5,041.40n/a
22: NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 423$19,246.50 n/a
23: NLHE (Mini Super Tuesday)$30$10,000 509$13,895.70 n/a
24: NLHE (6-Max, Summer Freeze)$50$5,000 137$6,233.50 n/a
25: NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO)$10$1,500 357$3,248.70 n/a
26: NLHE (6-Max)$20$5,000 255$5,000.00 $359.00
27: NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 356$16,198.00 n/a
28: NLHE (6-Max)$100$20,000 190$20,000.00 $2,558.00
29: NLHE$30$6,000 254$6,934.20 n/a
30: 8-Game$50$4,000 89$4,049.50 n/a
31: NLHE (Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill Early Edition)$10$4,000 527$4,795.70 n/a
32: NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$12,500 461$20,975.50 n/a
33: NLHE (Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill)$30$10,000 485$13,240.50 n/a
34: NLHE (Summer Freeze)$25$3,500 218$4,959.50 n/a
35: PLO (6-Max, Turbo)$5$1,000 210$1,000.00 $44.50
36: NLHE (4-Max, The Big $10 - 4-max Edition)$10$3,000 298$3,000.00 $288.20
37: NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$10,000 295$13,422.50 n/a
38: NLHE (8-Max, Mega-Stack Turbo)$100$20,000 278$25,520.40 n/a
39: NLHE$20$4,000 278$5,059.60 n/a
40: NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO)$5$1,000 255$1,198.50 n/a
41: NLHE$10$3,000 282$3,000.00 $433.80
42: NLHE (6-Max, Saturday Warm Up)$20$5,000 247$5,000.00 $504.60
43: NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$50$12,500 277$12,603.50 n/a
44: NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, Bigstack)$100$30,000 327$30,018.60 n/a
45: NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, Bigstack)$30$10,000 422$11,520.60 n/a
46: NLHE (6-Max, Summer Freeze)$30$4,000 108$4,000.00 $1,051.60
47: 5-Card PLO (6-Max)$10$1,500 138$1,500.00 $244.20
48: HORSE (6-Max)$50$5,000 63$5,000.00 $2,133.50
49: NLHE (6-Max, Sunday Storm)$10$3,000 259$3,000.00 $643.10
50: NLHE (Sunday Special)$100$65,000 676$65,000.00 $2,943.20
51: NLHE (Sunday Special - Mid)$30$15,000 559$15,260.70 n/a
52: NLHE (Sunday Special - Low)$5$3,500 635$3,500.00 $610.75
53: PLO (6-Max)$30$3,500 95$3,500.00 $906.50
54: NLHE (8-Max, Nightly Summer Stack)$20$3,000 217$3,949.40 n/a
55: NLHE (Summer Freeze)$50$10,000 286$13,013.00 n/a

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