Detailing Beginning Steps For Successful Live Dealers At PA Casinos

Written By Corey Sharp on April 25, 2023 - Last Updated on April 10, 2024
Take a look at the first steps you must take to become a successful live dealer at PA casinos.

Pennsylvania live dealer games are instrumental in the success of PA online casinos.

In Part I, Jacob Claesson, CEO of Evolution Gaming in North America, details the training program dealers go through and what Evolution looks for in the hiring process.

Much of the attention falls on the players, and rightfully so, because online casinos broke another record in March, recording $181.5 million in revenue.

As live dealer titles play such a key role to Pennsylvania’s gaming market, Evolution trains its live dealers in ways that set them up for success.

No experience needed to be a Pennsylvania casino live dealer

Anyone looking to start a career, or change careers, can do so as a Pennsylvania live dealer. To work at Evolution as a live dealer, no prior experience is needed to create a successful work environment.

Since Evolution does not require prior dealing experience, what’s the first thing Claesson’s team looks for in a candidate?

“Enthusiasm! Enthusiasm is key,” Claesson told PlayPennsylvania. “You’ve got to start with the basics. Having someone who is eager to learn and take to heart the training is a big part of what will make them successful dealers in the future. Next on the list are charisma, communication skills, personality and so on. Being a dealer is a dynamic, exciting and challenging role. We look for those that are able to keep their energy high and the love for the game at the forefront of their shift.”

According to an Evolution job opening, live dealers make $17.25 an hour, which includes a base rate and guaranteed tip rate, and the customer tips are unlimited.

Evolution Gaming training academy

Whether a successful candidate has a dealer background or not, all are placed into Evolution’s training academy. Your experience level does not affect the training academy at all.

Though it doesn’t hurt if a dealer has prior knowledge from a retail job, there’s plenty to learn to be a successful live dealer.

“There are unique differences between dealers in a land-based environment and an online environment,” Claesson said. “There can be an adjustment period to using the technology, the procedures and the bedrock muscle memory needed to be an efficient dealer.”

The academy, which also includes a new hire orientation, lasts about two weeks long and covers a lot of ground. Some technical areas it focuses on include:

  • Shuffle and dealing techniques
  • Procedures
  • Responsible gambling and anti-money laundering compliance training

One of the most important aspects for dealers is learning how to properly present and appear on camera.

“Training is an essential part of making our live games successful and so we make sure that dealers are paid through this training period, so that their full focus can go into learning the skills that they need,” Claesson said. “It’s an intense two weeks and there’s lots to learn, but new employees come away feeling invigorated and ready for the real cameras.”

How long does it take to deal an actual hand at a PA online casino?

It could take approximately a month before a live dealer completes an actual hand to PA online casino players.

Claesson noted a series of tasks dealers must finish before hitting the tables:

  • Passing the training
  • Clearing background checks
  • Acquiring the relevant gaming license

Once those are completed, Evolution still guides live dealers through their first shifts on the gaming floor.

“We make sure every new dealer gets training directly on the floor,” Claesson said. “Being mentored so that their first experiences in the studio and their first time in front of the camera dealing live hands are thoroughly supported, so that they can leave that first day feeling confident.”

Live dealer games are growing at Pennsylvania casinos

Claesson said that Evolution is also continuing to innovate and develop new games to bring to the US market.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) mentioned in its FY 2021/2022 report that live dealer games accounted for approximately 50% of online table games revenue generated in Pennsylvania.

As Pennsylvania online casinos just recorded $181.5 million in revenue, that number certainly isn’t dropping.

Pennsylvania posted $40.5 million in online table games revenue in March. Assuming around 50% of online table games revenue generated is by live dealer games, those tallied north of $20 million in revenue alone.

Slots, by far, lead the Keystone State in revenue, generating $138.2 million in March. However, there’s still a large appetite for online tables and live dealer games.

More online casinos are expected to enter the Pennsylvania market. That means more opportunities will become available for players to indulge in additional live dealer games.

“We’re expecting to introduce more games over the coming years and create individualized experiences for a continually growing player base,” Claesson said.

Next week, PlayPennsylvania will release Part II of its three-part live dealer series: What makes a successful live dealer?

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