The South Philadelphia Turf Club (SPTC) is an off-track betting location just northeast of Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Philadelphia Phillies. The venue will be one of the first locations in Pennsylvania to offer sports betting.

Greenwood Gaming, the parent company of both Parx Casino and SPTC, was the second company to apply to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) for a sports betting license in Pennsylvania. The company’s dual submission for both its main casino and one of its OTB locations came as a bit of a surprise. It did not come at an extra cost to Greenwood though. The single $10 million license covers the turf club location, though it does get its own, separate vetting process.

There are eight off-track betting parlors located in Pennsylvania. By virtue of these facilities and the five satellite casino locations, the number of possible sportsbooks in the state is effectively twice the number of casinos in-state.

As a result, SPTC will likely serve as a template for other companies to navigate both the regulatory and operational requirements. However, there is no firm timeframe for the sportsbook to open at SPTC.

Latest news on South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook

In fact, the debut of the SPTC’s sportsbook is dependent upon the performance of its big brother’s operation. The Pennsylvania Office of Enforcement Council recommended that the OTB location not launch until Parx gets its sportsbook up and running.

From a regulatory point of view, the PGCB conditionally approved Greenwood Gaming to commence sports betting operations at its two locations. However, the conditional approval requires SPTC to meet 21 conditions after the Parx sportsbook gets its license.

The Parx sportsbook should launch in December, which means the turf club will probably get going sometime in January.

South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook Details

Details about the new sportsbook’s amenities remain scarce. It’s clear that Greenwood’s focus is on its Parx Casino location right now. That’s rightfully so since work on other locations can’t proceed without its sportsbook operating.

What is known is that the SPTC is undergoing a $1 million renovation of its existing facility at the moment. Several sources indicate that part of the renovation will be the inclusion of up to 150 high-definition televisions for patrons to watch.

If it’s anything like other sportsbooks, customers can probably count on a wall of display screens and several teller windows, too. Such amenities are just speculation, of course, but a pretty good bet due to their ubiquity.

South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook mobile betting plans

The SPTC’s mobile betting options will certainly piggyback off its sister property’s offerings.

Customers at SPTC will see advertising and promotional materials for the Parx app. It is likely that the app will go live in January 2019.

South Philadelphia Turf Club Sportsbook partners

The app’s design will come courtesy of a partnership between Greenwood Gaming and European sportsbook provider GAN. The two companies announced a partnership back in July 2018.

Parx will receive its data from Sports Information Services Limited. Sports Information Services Limited is a subsidiary of software company Kambi.

Recent reports indicate that the relationship between Parx and Kambi is growing deeper as time goes on. Kambi designed several sites in New Jersey and brings years of experience and innovation to bear.

For its part, SPTC will not pursue any relationships independent of Parx’s influence. However, whatever partnerships Parx develops will translate to its affiliate sites.