Triple Red Hot 777 Slots Online

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Triple Red Hot 777 Slots Online

Are you under the impression that all PA online slots have five reels and many paylines? Does it seem like simple three-reel slots have virtually disappeared? Well, think again. Retro slots still exist at PA online casinos, and Triple Red Hot 777 is one of them.

Or maybe you have been avoiding slots with only three reels and a few paylines because you assume they are boring. If that is the case, as soon as you start playing Triple Red Hot 777, you will change your mind. This online slot machine and “boring” don’t belong in the same sentence.

The full name of this slot is Triple Red Hot 777 Free Games, which is somewhat misleading. The number of symbols in this simple game is only six, not 777, and you won’t be offered 777 free spins either.

The phrase “Red Hot 777” refers to the top-paying regular symbol and the even more valuable Triple Red Hot wild symbol.

The “Free Games” refer to the seven free spins with multipliers that you can also be awarded, but for that to happen, three scatter symbols must land on the reels. If three scatter symbols show up simultaneously again anytime during the free spins, you receive seven more free spins. Theoretically, you could trigger the free games bonus with seven spins again and again, up to 100 times, which would give you 700 free spins (not 777), but that is highly unlikely.

Triple Red Hot 777 basics

At brick-and-mortar casinos, you will see players keep switching from one slot game to another, hoping to find one that is “hot.” Online slot players frequently do the same. But with a name like Triple Red Hot 777, if 7 is your lucky number, you won’t want to look anywhere else. When this online slot gets hot, it gets red hot.

Triple Red Hot 777 slot machine is by IGT, one of the biggest and best-known casino game manufacturers. IGT makes both slots and table games for land-based and online casinos all over the world. Some of the most popular slots, like Cleopatra, Siberian Storm and Wheel of Fortune, just to name a few, come from IGT.

But IGT also makes classic three-reel slots like Double Diamond, Triple Diamond and Triple Red Hot 777.

Triple Red Hot 777 contains three reels and five paylines. However, it’s up to you how many paylines you want to have in play. If you’re going to keep the cost of your bets to a minimum, you can adjust the number of paylines downward. You can play with any number of paylines from just one to all five.

Other than the wild and scatter symbols, the seven is the only symbol. However, the seven can be red, white or blue. In addition, some of the red 7s are labeled “red hot.” We will tell you all about the different winning combinations for each symbol and what they pay later.

What’s great about Triple Red Hot 777

If you have never played Triple Red Hot 777, while the attention-grabbing title makes it sound exciting, it’s hard to imagine you being sold based only on the description given so far. On the contrary, you might be wondering the following: How could a game played with only three reels, five (or fewer) paylines, and no other symbols besides 7, 77 or 777 (other than the two special symbols) be anything but dullsville?

What makes this slot a favorite with players is not a seemingly endless number of ways to win or multiple interactive bonus games within the game. It is the combination of exciting extras that make playing a lot of fun without making the game overly complicated.

Triple Red Hot 777 is packed with special features. Along with a wild symbol and scatter symbol, the game includes a Triple Red Hot 3x wild multiplier and a free games bonus with spitfire multipliers of up to 7x your winnings that can be retriggered many times!

It is also a very colorful slot. The large, brightly colored symbols and upbeat soundtrack accompanying your play will energize and entice you to keep playing, especially after a win.

What could be improved with Triple Red Hot 777

This slot game is not for everyone. For starters, I found the soundtrack too loud for my taste, at least initially. After playing a while, though, I got used to it.

More importantly, many players prefer slots with five reels, more paylines and several bonus features, so they have more ways to win. They also like slot games with specific themes and especially those with storylines where you can root for certain characters. Symbols that relate to those themes and become animated when you win and interactive features, like pick-and-click bonus games, add to the fun. In all of these aspects, Triple Red Hot 777 falls short.

Mediocre RTP and high volatility

If you’re a conservative player rather than a risk-taker and especially if your bankroll is limited, Triple Red Hot 777 may not be the right slot for you. This is a game that can turn red hot, but it can also run ice cold. So, keep that in mind and choose your bet size carefully.

This is a slot that some players probably can’t afford

The published return to player or RTP on this slot indicates a range from 92.01% to 96.13%, with an average RTP of 94.91%. These figures aren’t bad, but they are not great either. Many online slots have a higher RTP.

However, keep in mind that the RTP is a theoretical average based on the expected results for thousands of spins over an extended period of time. Your results for any given playing session can vary markedly from the theoretical RTP in either direction.

Triple Red Hot 777 is also a high volatility slot. This attribute increases the likelihood that during the course of your play, you will experience big swings in your bankroll. These can be up or down or both.

A mediocre RTP plus high volatility is a tough combination. So unless you are adequately bankrolled, Triple Red Hot 777 may be too hot to handle and not in the way you want. You might never get a chance to get a big win in the base game or trigger the bonus game because after only a short time playing, you lose your entire stake, as I did in one of three playing sessions in demo mode.

Wide range of bet sizes

Triple Red Hot 777 offers a wide enough range of bet size to accommodate anyone from small bettors to high rollers. However, as mentioned above, this is a highly volatile game. So, if money is tight, it would probably be best not to play this game or to play for lower stakes than you usually do.

The minimum and maximum bet per spin depend on where you are playing and also whether you are playing in demo mode or for real money. If you are betting real money, to determine how much each bet will cost you, first select your coin size (which can range from as little as a penny to as much as $2, and at some casinos, even more). Then choose your line bet (5 coins minimum to 100 coins maximum) and multiply that amount by the number of paylines you want to have working for you—1 to 5.

Therefore, if the range of permissible coin sizes is 1 cent to $1, depending on the number of paylines you activate, the minimum bet per spin would range from 5 cents to 25 cents. And the maximum bet per spin would range from $100 to $500. If the maximum coin size is $2, the maximum bet per spin, with all 5 lines in play, would be $1,000.

Triple Red Hot 777 symbols

Hopefully, 7 is your lucky number or it will become your lucky number after playing this game because you will be seeing a lot of them.

The highest paying regular symbol is the Red Hot 7. Even if just one shows up on a working payline, you’re an immediate winner and get paid 40x your line bet. But if two land on a working payline, you win 80x your line bet, and if a Red Hot 7 lands on all three reels on a working payline, you win 150x your line bet.

The other regular symbols, in descending order of value, are blue 7s, white 7s, and mixed 7s. For a winning combination with these symbols, you need three in a row on a working payline. Three blue 7s pay 25x your line bet, three white 7s pay 20x your line bet, and three mixed 7s pay 5x your line bet.

Wild symbol

The wild symbol is not a 7. But whenever it appears, you will recognize it instantly by the words “Triple Red Hot 3x.”

This symbol can substitute for any of the four regular symbols to help form winning combinations, and in so doing, acts as a multiplier.

When one wild symbol contributes to a winning combination, it triples the amount of the payout. However, when a winning combination contains one regular symbol and two wild symbols, the payout gets multiplied by 9!

When the Triple Red Hot wild symbol does not combine with other symbols to form a winning combination, you still win. One Triple Red Hot symbol on a working payline returns 2x your line bet, while two of these symbols pay 10x your line bet. But what if you’re lucky enough to get three Triple Hot wild symbols on the same working payline–one on every reel? That’s when you’ll know that this slot has gotten more than red hot–it’s on fire! You’ll be looking at a mega size win. Three Triple Red Hot symbols pay 20,000x your line bet!

Scatter symbol

Another symbol to be on the lookout for in this game is the scatter symbol. However, you need three scatter symbols to show up simultaneously to trigger the potentially very lucrative free games bonus. Where they land on each reel doesn’t matter as long as all three reels have one. See the following section on how free games bonus works.

Triple Red Hot 777 slot machine payout table

The following paytable will show you at a glance all of the possible winning combinations of the above-mentioned symbols and their respective payouts.

SymbolNo. of Like SymbolsNo. of Like SymbolsNo. of Like Symbols
Triple Red Hot Wild21020,000
Red Hot 74080150
Blue 7s25
White 7s20
Mixed 7s 5

Free games bonus and spitfire multipliers

Anytime a scatter bonus symbol appears on all three reels in any position, you win 1x your total bet instantly. You will also trigger the free games bonus consisting of seven free spins.

All of the symbols found in the main game, including the Red Hot 777 and the wild and scatter symbols, remain in place during the free spins. The screen doesn’t change either, but there is one addition–a border of animated flames.

Free spins are played at the same line bet and number of paylines as the triggering spin.

However, you might wind up receiving more than seven spins, maybe even a lot more. On any given free spin, if a scatter symbol shows up on all three reels again, the free games bonus is retriggered. You can trigger the free games bonus again and again, up to 100x, which would give you 700 consecutive free spins!

Spitfire Multipliers

During each free spin, you are awarded a ‘Spitfire Multiplier’. This can range from 2x to 7x your payout. All wins except a top paying line win of three Triple Red Hot wild symbols are multiplied by the awarded multiplier value. While three Triple Red Hot wild symbols on active payline won’t give you a spitfire multiplier, you’ll hardly notice because instead, you win 20,000x your line bet!

The free games are where you can win big money

Short of hitting the game’s top payout by landing three Triple Red Hot wild symbols in a row, the free games are where this online slot can live up to its title in a big way. I suspect that the free games bonus is hard to trigger even once and you may have to play a long time before it materializes. But if you have the bankroll to keep playing, it’s worth the wait. Between the combination of the spitfire multipliers and the potential to retrigger an additional seven free spins repeatedly, you can win big money here. And since all of the spins during the bonus round are completely free, there is no further risk to your bankroll whatsoever.

If you’re lucky enough to trigger the free games, whether it is once or two or more times in succession, as soon as your free spins are over, my advice is to take the money and run.

How I fared playing Triple Red Hot 777 in demo mode

When reviewing different online slot games, whenever possible, I play them a few times in demo mode to get a better feel for the game and pinpoint its great and not so great features. In this case, I was curious to see whether my luck playing Triple Red Hot 777 would or would not be red hot.

However, I discovered that my options were far more limited than if I were playing for real money. The casinos start you off with a hypothetical bankroll of $1,000, so that is all you have to work with during a single playing session. However, in most instances, the minimum line bet is not 5 cents but $25. You do have a choice of how many paylines you want to have in play–anywhere from 1-5. But playing with all five paylines would make the bet size for each spin a whopping $125, which would give you only eight chances to have a winning combination without having your bankroll drop to zero.

An alternative would be to play with just one working payline, which would reduce your odds of getting winning combinations. Moreover, given this game’s so-so RTP and high volatility, betting $25 on every spin with just a $1,000 bankroll is risky, too.

Session 1: +$160

The problem with playing with only one working payline is that you win less frequently. So it came as no surprise that my first seven spins all came up empty. Then the slot suddenly got hot. After a couple of $50 payouts and one “big win” of $150, I was ahead $160. Rather than continue to play in the hope of triggering the free games bonus, I decided that the smartest thing to do at that point was to end the session.

Session 2: +$1,820

This time I stayed with the $10 line bet, but instead of playing with just one payline, I played with all five. This made the bet for each spin $50 rather than just $10. If I were betting real money, there is no way I would play for those stakes with a bankroll of only $1,000. But since I was using play money, I decided to gamble.

This time the game’s high volatility clearly manifested itself. I got off to a very rocky start that had me losing more than half of my bankroll and down to my last $420. But then on a single spin, I won $2,400! By the way, the huge win didn’t happen in the free spins, which once again, I failed to trigger, but in the base game when two Red Hot 7s and a Triple Red Hot wild symbol all landed on the same payline.

Session 3: -$1,000

Encouraged by the great results in the last playing session, against my better judgment, for my final playing session, I changed casinos and played with a line bet of 25 but only one working payline. But despite only betting half as much per spin as in Session 2, this time my hypothetical bankroll of $1,000 couldn’t handle it. After losing the first six bets, I won $125 on a line of mixed 7s, but it was almost steadily downhill thereafter. As my bankroll kept dwindling, nothing short of winning combination with Red Hot 7s or Triple Red Hot wild symbols or triggering the free games bonus would have brought it back up again. It didn’t happen, and I tapped out.

The bottom line

As my brief experience playing Triple Red Hot slots for free demonstrated, this is a very volatile slot. You could get super lucky and win a fortune, but if you’re not careful, you could just as easily see virtually your entire bankroll disappear in a flash.

That said, many players enjoy this slot immensely. One reason is the way it seamlessly combines old school simplicity with the advanced technology you only see in modern slots.

Exciting special features that could work in your favor to bring you a very nice payday are another reason why many players are drawn to this slot. With the help of the wild multiplier and the free games with spitfire multipliers, if your luck runs red hot, you could win hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a single playing session.

Triple Red Hot 777 might not have all the bells and whistles as some online slots. However, it does offer a big advantage over slots with five reels. You only have to line up three like symbols in a row to win the top prize for that symbol, and for some symbols, two in a row (starting with the reel furthest to the left) will produce a payout as well.

If you’re looking for an online slot without a lot of complicated rules that’s still a ton of fun to play, you’ll find it in Triple Red Hot 777. But play smart. Strike while the slot is hot, but don’t expect it to remain on fire indefinitely. If you do, you’re likely to get burned.

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