Tiger 7s Slot Game

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Tiger 7s Slot Game

Is 7 your lucky number? If you think it might be, one way to find out is to play the online slot game by Everi called Tiger 7s.

If you play online slots frequently, you might have noticed that many new releases not only contain a staggering number of paylines, but are quite intricate in other respects. In their effort to ensure that their slots are highly entertaining, manufacturers apparently believe that the more bonus features and other bells and whistles the slot offers, the more people will enjoy playing them.

But maybe at times you get a little nostalgic for the simple slots that were popular in the good old days–the ones with 3 reels instead of 5, the simplest of symbols like bars and 7s, and only a few paylines.

If so, you’re in luck. At least one slot maker, Everi, specializes in making high quality, highly entertaining classic slots that fit this description. Tiger 7s is one of those games.

Tiger 7s basics

Tiger 7s is an online and mobile slot with a jungle theme by Everi Interactive consisting of 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines. The number of paylines is not fixed. You can play with any number of paylines you wish from 1 to all 5.

The slot gets its intriguing name because one of the symbols, the 7, appears in different colors in a striped pattern that looks like a tiger’s skin.

The setting for the action is a lush jungle. On each side of the reels, you see lots of green foliage. I would have preferred symbols that actually look like tigers and other animals though. No matter how much you embellish a 7, there’s nothing scary or ferocious looking about it.

Nor does the bar symbol or the bar with a 5 make sense in a jungle. But at least, the slot is colorful.

The Double Jackpot symbol does double duty!

The object of the game is to form winning combinations by getting three matching symbols to line up on a payline. You will often get help from another symbol, the Double Jackpot symbol, which serves as the game’s wild symbol.

Whenever one or two Double Jackpot symbols show up on the same payline and contribute to a winning combination, it multiplies your winnings by 2 or 4, respectively. Or better yet, get three Double Jackpot symbols across a payline. Though highly unlikely, it can happen, and if it does, you will have won the jackpot!

Otherwise, Tiger 7s is as simple as online slots get.

One of the big drawing points of this game is that even if you’re new to online slots, you will catch on in no time. What you see is exactly what you get.

There are no eye-catching graphics and animations, no sound effects to reinforce the idea that you are roaming through a jungle, and no scatter symbols to award you bonus spins or any other bonus features.

In fact, other than deciding at the outset how many paylines you wish to activate and what your coin size or line bet will be, there are no decisions to make in this game at all. You simply spin and hope you win.

Tiger 7s bet size

As mentioned, this game comes with five paylines. But it’s entirely up to you how many you wish to have in play.

You also get to choose your coin size or line bet. Here are the possibilities, so simply pick the denomination you want: .25, .50, $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, or $50.

To determine the cost of each spin, multiply your line bet by the number of paylines. Therefore, the minimum bet per spin is 25 cents ($1.25 if you play with all five paylines), and the maximum bet per spin is $250.

In other words, Tiger 7s offers a range of bets that is wide enough to accommodate virtually everyone from all but the smallest stakes bettors to high rollers. However, I doubt if a game that is this low key will receive much action from high stakes players.

If you wish, you can also play Tiger 7s in demo mode. The bet range is the same as when playing for real money.

RTP and volatility

Return to player (RTP) and volatility are important factors in deciding not only whether a particular slot game is likely to be worth your time but also whether it is a good fit for your style of play.

The RTP refers to the theoretical long-term expected rate of return. It is based on thousands of sessions over time, not necessarily how you can expect to fare in any given session. But even so, and especially if you are a small stakes player with a limited bankroll, your best bet is to play games with a high RTP. Games with an above average RTP as opposed to an average or below average RTP offer a better chance to win. They also minimize your risk and help you keep most of your bankroll intact when you’re not winning.

Tiger 7s has an RTP of 96%. This is the same or similar to the RTP on other Everi Interactive online slots. It is also well above average for PA online slots.

Tiger 7s is also described as having low volatility. The high RTP – low volatility combination means that payouts occur frequently, but in addition, you’re less likely than on many other slots to experience wild swings in your bankroll. This is very good for those who prefer to play conservatively. The downside is that many of the payouts will be small, and the game lacks suspense and excitement.

Tiger 7s slot symbols

All of the regular symbols in this game are either 7s or bars. The 7s appear striped so they look like animal skins but in different colors. They can be either predominantly yellow, white, or blue. The bar symbols can either be plain or have the number 5.

Winning combinations occur whenever three symbols line up either horizontally or diagonally on an active payline. They don’t necessarily have to be matched, but matched symbols pay more than unmatched symbols.

The following paytable shows all of the regular symbols you will encounter in this game and what the various winning combinations will pay.

Tiger 7s paytable

3 Winning Symbols on the Same PaylineNo. of Coins Paid Out
Yellow Tiger 7s200
White Tiger 7s100
Blue Tiger 7s40
Bars with a white no. 520
Any three 7s20
Bars with white lettering10
Any three bars5
Any three symbols2

The only other symbol is the Double Jackpot symbol. It’s instantly recognizable by the words DOUBLE JACKPOT with an image of a tiger on top. This symbol does double duty as both a wild symbol and a jackpot symbol.

Tiger 7s special features

Wild symbol

The Double Jackpot symbol can substitute for any other symbol that lands on an active payline to make a winning combination.

  • One Double Jackpot will double the amount of the payout.
  • Two Double Jackpot symbols will quadruple the amount of the payout.

Tiger 7s jackpots

If three Double Jackpot symbols show up simultaneously on line 5, you win 1,000x your bet!

If three Double Jackpot symbols show up simultaneously on line 1, 2, 3, or 4, you win 2,000x your bet!

So my advice is always play this game with all five paylines active. That will give a chance to win any of these fantastic jackpots.

The bottom line

Tiger 7 is not for everyone, and it is not the type of game you will be likely to reach for regularly or want to play for long sessions. It simply doesn’t offer enough excitement. But as a reliable old school game that’s fun to fall back on occasionally, it’s an excellent choice.

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