Jumanji Online Slot Game

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Jumanji Online Slot Game

Do some of your favorite online slot games involve taking a walk on the wild side? If so, the online slot with the intriguing title Jumanji, as in the 1995 movie and 2017 remake  and the 1995 board game with the same title, fits that description to a T.

We’re talking about T as in thrilling. It’s no surprise at all that many online slots have been created with a jungle theme. Even though the journey through the jungle is virtual rather than real, how could you not feel thrills and chills? Especially seeing all those wild animals close-up and hoping you will escape not only unscathed but with a big pile of cash.

But among the wide selection of wild animal-themed slots available to you, in terms of imagery and animations, originality, creativity, and sheer action-packed excitement and special features galore, Jumanji is in a class by itself.

Jumanji background and premise

Prior familiarity with Jumanji in its original appearance as a picture book in 1981 and/or the kids’ TV series, films, and board game that came later will invoke a touch of nostalgia. So you will probably be very eager to experience the slot version of Jumanji, too. But it is not a prerequisite.

If the Jumanji concept is as foreign to you as the word itself, have no fear. Contrary to the boy in the story, your virtual trek through the jungle won’t be fraught with danger. On the contrary, lots of good fortune could await you, but first, you must be bold enough to set forth on paths unknown and see where they take you.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, according to the star of the 1995 film, Robin Williams, “Jumanji” is a Zulu word which, when translated into English, means “many effects.”

First a picture book, then a TV show, three films and a board game–and finally, an online slot

The film’s action centers around a board game that exposes players to jungle-based dangers, and in particular one boy named Alan. He is playing the game with his friend Sarah, only to become trapped inside for 26 years. Finally, two new players, Judy and Peter, inadvertently release the trapped player, who is now an adult. All four players then finish the game, and the player who had been trapped inside all of those years becomes a happy kid again as if the ensuing time had never happened.

The film was a huge box office hit, spawning an animated TV series (1996-1999) two sequel films–Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) starring Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson and Jumanji: The Next Level (2019), and a board game. The original board game was released in 1995, followed by an updated version in 2017. The slot did not appear until 2018.

Jumanji slot basics 

Jumanji is a an online and mobile video slot from NetEnt consisting of five reels and 36 fixed paylines. The company released this slot, loosely based on the already long- existing film and board game, in June 2018.

Unlike most five-reel slots, which include three visible rows with one symbol in each reel position, Jumanji has an unusual hexagonal shape. The two outer reels (1 and 5) each display three symbols. Reels 2 and 4, on the other hand, each contain four symbols. And reel 3 in the middle contains five symbols.

In many slot games, the most enjoyable part by far is the bonus round. But it might take a long time to trigger if it happens at all, and meanwhile, not enough happens during the base game to sustain the player’s interest. But in Jumanji, even the base game is packed with special features. So, just like in the film and board game that inspired this slot, there’s never a dull moment.

In fact, if you trigger the bonus round, you even get to roll the dice and move your game piece on a special Jumanji board game created specifically for this slot. However, there are no other players, just you. Nor are there any danger cards with potentially disastrous consequences. On the contrary, great things can happen, like winning a ton of money. Of course, there’s no guarantee. But win or lose, it’s impossible to be bored playing this game. Why? Because you can always expect the unexpected!

A product of NetEnt

NetEnt, the slot’s manufacturer, specializes in developing casino games for your desktop or  mobile device that are both fun to play and friendly to the wallet. This is the same renowned company that’s behind some of the most most popular online slots of all time like Guns n’ Roses, Dead or Alive, and the frequently hitting progressive jackpot slot Divine Fortune. Now you have an opportunity to experience a completely different type of adventure you won’t soon forget in the jungle-themed slot game, Jumanji.

Jumanji bet size

Like most NetEnt slots, Jumanji can be played with a wide range of bet sizes. So it’s a game that virtually anyone from the smallest stakes players to high rollers can enjoy.

You can’t change the number of paylines, which remain fixed at 36. However, you can adjust the bet level up or down as you like anywhere from 1 to 10. You can also adjust the coin size or line bet to any of the following: .01, .02, .04, .10, .20, .50, or $1.00.

The total cost for each bet is then determined by multiplying the bet size x the coin size x 10. Therefore, the minimum amount you can bet on each spin is 10 cents (small enough even for penny players) while the maximum is a hefty $200.

Or, if you prefer, you can play Jumanji in demo mode first, adjusting the bet level and coin size in the same manner to suit your taste, but at no cost. Later, when you’re ready, you can switch to real money.

Jumanji RTP and volatility

Apart from the wide range of bet sizes, another reason why NetEnt slots attract the very broad customer base that they do is that they also vary greatly in other important aspects, like theme and complexity. But one constant that you can always count on with NetEnt is that, just like the name of the company implies, all of the games are highly entertaining. Another constant that NetEnt is well-known for is an exceptionally high return to player (RTP).

Every NetEnt slot, and Jumanji is no exception, has an RTP of 96% or higher. Jumanji has an RTP of 96.33%, which is well above average for PA online slots.

Since the RTP is a theoretical estimate based on calculations entailing thousands of sessions over an extended time, it is not an accurate predictor of your likely single session results. Sometimes you will fare better than the RTP suggests, and sometimes you will fare worse. But the RTP is a useful statistic to know nonetheless because it gives you a good idea of how much of your starting bankroll you should be able to hold onto over the long run.

Also, even when you are not winning, a high RTP gives you an extra measure of protection. During the base game, for example, most of the payouts you receive will probably be relatively small. But they occur at a high enough frequency to keep you in the game without depleting a big chunk of your bankroll.

The game’s volatility level comes into play as well. Jumanji has low-medium volatility. So  even though you may experience some negative swings in your bankroll, they are unlikely to be as pronounced or as long-lasting as in a high volatility slot.

Jumanji symbols

Jumanji is a slot with a lot happening—maybe too much if your personal preferences run more towards simply designed slots. But at least the manufacturer did not go overboard with the number of symbols, keeping them to a reasonable total of 10. The game includes eight regular symbols plus a wild and scatter symbol.

Regular symbols

The eight regular symbols are as follows – four higher paying symbols (in descending order of value): lion, rhino, crocodile, and pelican; and four lower paying symbols: the playing cards J through A.

Wining combinations are formed in the usual manner. You need three or more matching symbols to land simultaneously on consecutive reels in adjacent positions starting with the reel farthest to the left. The following paytable shows you the payouts for 3, 4, or 5 of a kind of each of the eight regular symbols.

For each winning combination, the payout is the number of coins in the table x your bet level x your coin size or line bet.

No. of  Coins Paid Out for Different Winning Combinations


Wild symbol

The gold wild symbol with the word “Wild” on it doesn’t have any monetary value on its own. However, it is capable of substituting for any other symbol except the scatter symbol to form or add to winning combinations.

Scatter symbol 

The scatter symbol is a Jumanji box. If three or more of these symbols land simultaneously anywhere on the reels, that will trigger the thrilling Board Game bonus feature (described below).

Jumanji special features

If you’re craving an online slot that’s loaded with action and excitement from the get-go, Jumanji is your kind of game. It’s a rare treat that not just the bonus round but also the base game contains as many special features that can be randomly activated over and over again.

  • Main game special features: During the main game, there are four different features that can be randomly triggered, any of which can add to your winnings in a big way.
  • Sticky vines: After a winning spin, all of the symbols contributing to the win and all wild symbols appearing on the reels, even if they didn’t contribute to the win, stick to the reels and stay locked in place for a free re-spin. If the re-spin is a winner, too, the process is repeated.
  • Monsoon wilds: A crocodile crawls across one or two randomly selected reels and turns them completely wild for the next spin.
  • Monkey mayhem: After all potential wins from the spin are awarded, out of nowhere, a bunch of monkeys descend on the reels. But don’t worry, they are there for one purpose–to randomly shuffle the other symbols to create a guaranteed win.
  • Wild stampede: Charging rhinos stampede across the screen on the next spin, adding 4-9 wild symbols as the reels spin.

Board Game special bonus round

As mentioned, three, four, or five Jumanji scatter symbols must show up on the reels simultaneously to trigger this feature. It’s hard to do, so you might be playing a long time before it happens, if it does at all. But the Board Game, more than anything else, captures the essence of what Jumanji is all about, so if you get to play it, you’re in for a special treat.

By the way, the Board Game cannot be retriggered since no scatter symbols appear on the screen in this feature. But at least you get to savor every thrilling moment while it lasts.

Depending on whether 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols showed up on the triggering spin, you are awarded 6, 7, or 8 rolls of the dice, respectively.

The object of the game is to move your game token around the board as many times as possible while any or all of these great things happen:

  • You’re awarded coin wins
  • You’re awarded extra rolls of the dice
  • You land on one or more of the four corners and, depending where you land, trigger one of the four special free spins features described below.

Or if you happen to land on the Mystery Feature, that only adds to the excitement and suspense because you have no idea what you might win. It could be any of the above!

Vines Free Spins: 10 free spins

If you land on the top right-hand corner of the board, you trigger the Vines Free Spins bonus consisting of 10 free spins.

As in the Sticky Vines feature in the main game, if any of the free spins produces a win, you’re awarded a re-spin.

Also, the vines grab hold of any wild symbols that have appeared and hold them in place for the duration of the entire free spins feature, even if they were not part of the win.

Monsoon Free Spins: 7 free spins

If you land on the bottom right-hand corner of the board, you trigger the Monsoon Free Spins bonus consisting of 7 free spins. During the entire time, one or two reels will be completely wild!

The same rules apply as in Monsoon Wilds in the main game except  that the same reels that were completely wild in the last free spin cannot be wild again for two consecutive spins.

Monkey Free Spins: 6 free spins

If you land on the bottom left-hand corner of the board, you trigger the Monkey Free Spins bonus consisting of 6 free spins.

This feature employs the same shuffle mechanism for each free spin as the Monkey Mayhem feature. In other words, every spin is a winner!

Stampede Free Spins: 5 free spins

If you land on the top left-hand corner of the board, you trigger the Stampede Free Spins bonus consisting of 5 free spins.

Each free spin works like the Wild Stampede feature in the main game.

Coin wins

If your token lands on Coin Wins, you win the amount of your bet x the indicated multiplier.

Extra rolls

Landing at this location will award you extra rolls of the dice.

Mystery feature

Last, but certainly not least, if your token lands on the Mystery Feature, a carousel of features will appear inside the Jumanji circle. Depending on where the carousel stops, your prize can be any of the following:

  • Coin win of 2-10x your bet
  • 2 extra rolls of the dice
  • A free spins feature

The bottom line

For anyone who loves online slots but has grown tired of playing the same games over and over gain, it goes without saying that Jumanji will be a wildly different experience from anything you have played before. I prefer a more colorful slot. But otherwise, everything from the amazing visual effects, awesome animations, and pulsating drum beats to the nonstop potpourri of special features will keep you happily entertained for as long as you want to play.

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