Butterfly Staxx 2 Online Slot

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Butterfly Staxx 2 Online Slot

Butterfly Staxx 2 is the 2019 sequel to Butterfly Staxx, which NetEnt released the previous year. It is very similar to the original but offers a wider betting range and extra bonus features. Big bettors might actually prefer Butterfly Staxx 2 since the action picks up a bit although, compared to many other online slots, Butterfly Stacks 2 is also quite laid back.

If a primary reason for playing is to add an extra dose of excitement to an otherwise routine day or evening that will get your adrenaline pumping, neither Butterfly Staxx nor Butterfly Staxx 2 is designed to do that. But if your goal is more to relax and unwind and at least temporarily not think at all about daily pressures and concerns, these two represent excellent slot choices.

Granted, the delightful sight of red, pink, and blue dancing flowers or stacks of butterflies flying across the reels is about as far removed from everyday life as you can get. But if they bring a smile to your face and help fill your PA online casino account with lots of extra cash, isn’t that all that matters?

Butterfly Staxx 2 basics

Like the original slot, Butterfly Staxx 2 is an online video slot with five reels, four rows (instead of the usual three), and 40 fixed paylines.

The huge game window bordered by an ornamental frame delights you on every spin with a beautiful array of brilliantly colored symbols. You would think that the variety of different hues–yellow, red, pink, blue, and green–would clash, but instead, creates an easy-on-the eyes harmonious picture that’s a pleasure to view.

The background setting is a castle with swaying rosebuds on both the left and right wall. It will take special prompting, like a stack of butterflies flying, to wake them up so they burst into bloom. But on those occasions, you’ll be far more interested in what is happening inside the reels.

A product of NetEnt

Butterfly Staxx 2 is a product of NetEnt, the same renowned online casino games manufacturer that brought you the original Butterfly Staxx. But even if these two games are new to you, the NetEnt brand probably isn’t. NetEnt is also the name behind many other online slots you might have played, including familiar favorites like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Guns N’Roses, Dead or Alive, and many others. NetEnt also manufacturers table games.

NetEnt slots embrace a wide range of themes. Some are of these games are loaded with bonus features and are super exciting to play while others, like Butterfly Staxx 2 are better described as calming and relaxing. But despite these differences, what all of these games have in common is close attention to detail, a game setting and symbols that reflect the theme, and superior graphics, animations, and sound quality.

But that’s not all. Besides being highly entertaining, every NetEnt slot also offers a return to player (RTP) of 96% or better.

High RTP combined with low-medium volatility

Keep in mind that the RTP describes the theoretical rate of return over many thousands of spins, so how you fare during any given playing session might be quite different. But the RTP is still very important, especially for those whose bankroll is limited. In case you encounter a bad run of luck early on, the high frequency of winning combinations helps you stay in the game longer and makes tapping out quickly before your luck has a chance to start turning around highly improbable.

Butterfly Staxx 2 has an RTP of 96.35%. This is not quite as high as the 96.80% figure posted for the original Butterfly Staxx slot game, but still very impressive.

In addition, the volatility level is described as “low medium” rather than “low,” as it is in the original. The slightly greater variance should contribute to some swings in your bankroll. But this is a feature many players don’t mind because it makes the gameplay less predictable. The potential for bigger wins is another important plus.

Butterfly Staxx bet range

The number of paylines is fixed at 40, with a default bet of 25 coins per spin. But don’t worry–you have lots of leeway for adjusting your bet up or down to suit your bankroll and playing preferences. You can also play Butterfly Staxx 2 in demo mode.

Coin values range from .01 to $5.00, from which you can select any of the following: .01, .02, .05, .10, .20, .50, $100, $2.00, or $5.00.

You also need to choose a bet level, which can be anywhere from 1 to 10.

The cost of each bet is your coin size x your bet level x 25. Therefore, the minimum bet per spin is .01 x 1 x 25 or 25 cents, and the maximum is $5 x 10 x 25 or a whopping $1,250.

Butterfly Staxx 2 symbols

This visually stunning slot game is rendered even more so by the colorful symbols. Every spin, win or lose, becomes a new feast of colors for the eyes. But on winning spins, when the otherwise almost lull you to sleep music picks up tempo for a moment and the contributing symbols become animated, it’s magical.

Regular symbols

Winning combinations are formed in the same way as in most online slots. You need a sequence of three or more like symbols to line up on adjacent reels horizontally or diagonally starting with the reel 1, the reel farthest to the left.

The one exception in this game is the Butterfly. This symbol also pays out when just two of them line up on adjacent reels, as described above.

However, in another respect–the unique powers of this symbol when it appears stacked–the Butterfly qualifies as a special symbol. The Butterfly is also the game’s highest paying symbol.

The higher paying regular symbols otherwise are a red, pink, and blue flower. The lower paying regular symbols are the playing cards J, Q, K, and A. All of the playing card symbols are green and have the same value.

Special symbols

  • Butterfly: As in the original Butterfly Staxx game, sometimes the butterfly symbol will land in a stack that covers one or more entire reels (all four visible positions). This will activate the re-spins feature (see below).
  • Wild symbol: The wild symbol is a dark pink flower with the word “Wild.” It can appear on any reel in either the base game or the re-spins, where it can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol to help form or add to winning combinations.
  • Scatter symbol: The scatter symbol is a pale pink flower with the word “Scatter.” The scatter symbol can only appear in the base game and on reels 1, 3, and 5. Three of them (one on each reel) will trigger a special bonus round. But first, you have a tough choice to make. Will you play Butterfly Spins or Butterfly Frenzy? (See below.)

Butterfly Staxx 2 paytable

No. of Coins Paid Out for Different Winning Combinations

Symbol5 symbols4 symbols3 symbols2 symbols
Red flower402010
Pink flower402010
Blue flower402010

Butterfly Staxx special features

Re-spins feature

Anytime you get a stack of butterflies covering an entire reel (other than reel 1), all of the stacked butterflies will fly across the reels They will keep flying as far left as they can go on the same row to a space displaying a symbol other than another butterfly.

Each newly landed butterfly will then destroy the previous symbol and spread its wings to claim its new position, where it will remain for the ensuing free re-spin. And if any other butterflies have landed to the right of the full stack, they will do likewise.

In the best case scenario, more butterflies will show up on the re-spin, and you guessed it–they fly across the reels, too, and reposition themselves adjacent to the other butterflies. Consequently, your wins increase, and the re-spins continue. Also, during the re-spins, if both reels 1 and 2 become fully stacked with butterflies, a second 5X4 play area gets unlocked. If reel 3 of the first play area also becomes fully stacked with butterflies or reels 1 and 2 do so in the second play area, a third play area gets unlocked.

The re-spins feature ends when no new butterflies land.

Most of the time, you only get to play with one grid, but if you’re very lucky, you could play with three grids, for a massive win. Or you can be very unlucky and win nothing. At least one butterfly must land adjacently to a stacked butterfly to give you a payout.

Butterfly spins feature

Three grids are in play with only cocoon symbols on the reels. Some of them are dormant, but those that are active turn into butterflies.

All butterfly symbols fly to the leftmost position on the same row not already occupied by a butterfly symbol and remain in place for the duration of the feature.

Butterfly Frenzy feature

This is a Pick & Click game. It can include up to five stages, each with the potential for bigger prizes.

In each stage, you get to click on 10 flying butterfly symbols, which will either award you with a cash win or advance you to the next level.

The bottom line

Butterfly Staxx 2 is a great choice for players of any bet size looking for a very pleasant, visually appealing, and relaxing game that will lift their spirits.

While the re-spins can be hit or miss, either the Butterfly Spins or Butterfly Frenzy can reward you with huge wins. Even so, this game might be too laid back to appeal to most high rollers.

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