PokerStars PA Summer Series Awards Over $1.1 Million Over 38 Events

Written By Martin Harris on June 29, 2020 - Last Updated on September 28, 2020
PokerStars PA Summer Series by the numbers

The PokerStars PA Summer Series concluded on Sunday. Like other tournament series hosted on what is still the only online poker site up and running in Pennsylvania, it was a success.

Prize pools for the 38 events ultimately totaled $1,175,463.85. That amount was well clear of the $757,000 in total guarantees.

Big turnouts throughout, Main Event prize pool $242K

All told, there were 19,492 total entries over the 11-day series, including 13,638 uniques.

Only one event during the entire series had an overlay. The $100 buy-in Sunday Special SE during the first weekend had over a thousand entries. But it needed about 50 more to hit its guarantee, and so had a $4,436.20 overlay.

Meanwhile, turnouts were consistently large for nearly all of the events. About a third of the tournaments on the schedule ended up with prize pools more than twice the size of the guarantees.

The $200 Main Event had a $150,000 guarantee, and with 1,303 total entries, the prize pool ballooned to $242,358.

The tournament ended with a three-way deal. “ComecomecomeTD” eventually won, taking a first-place prize of $30,146.23, while both runner-up “rancidpuil” and third-place finisher “Lachoy14” took away more than $27K.

PokerStars New Jersey Summer Series also ends on high note

The PokerStars NJ Summer Series also concluded on Sunday, a nearly identical series featuring 40 events and guarantees that added up to $500,000.

In the end, only four events on the schedule failed to reach their guarantees, each having small overlays. On the whole, prize pools for all events added up to more than $640,000.

The PokerStars NJ version of the Summer Series Main Event featured a bigger buy-in of $300. Ultimately, the tournament drew 348 total entries to create a $97,440 prize pool, comfortably besting the $75K guarantee.

Summer Series likely to deliver June revenue boost for PokerStars PA

The successful Summer Series should help PokerStars PA put up another healthy revenue number in June.

April saw the site top the $5.3 million mark, its biggest month since launching last November. May was also big, with a revenue total of about $4.6 million, the second-largest monthly total recorded by the site.

Online poker in Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) has seen a traffic boost since mid-March, when the coronavirus forced all of the state’s casinos to shutter their doors.

As of today, all but one of the 12 PA casinos have reopened. However, none of the casinos’ poker rooms are in operation as of yet. Casinos will follow recommendations from the CDC and the PA Department of Health before reintroducing live poker.

PokerStars PA Summer Series by the numbers

EventBuy-InGuaranteeEntriesRe-EntriesPrize Pool
Event 1: Summer Series Kick-Off [8-Max]$100$30,000 544255$73,348.20
Event 2: Summer Series Mini Kick-Off [8-Max]$20$7,500 624216$15,288.00
Event 3: Thursday Thrill SE [Progressive KO]$200$25,000 20883$54,126.00
Event 4: Mini Thrill [Progressive KO]$30$12,500 521243$20,857.20
Event 5: NLHE [8-Max]$75$10,000 20061$17,813.25
Event 6: Escalating Antes$50$10,000 435198$28,801.50
Event 7: NLHE [6-Max]$20$6,000 466162$11,429.60
Event 8: NLHE [6-Max]$100$20,000 233125$32,864.40
Event 9: PLO [6-Max]$50$5,000 21178$13,149.50
Event 10: Progressive KO [8-Max]$75$7,500 21053$18,541.50
Event 11: NLHE [6-Max]$75$20,000 241105$23,614.50
Event 12: Sunday Special SE$100$100,000 678363$100,000.00*
Event 13: Mini Special$25$15,000 583189$17,563.00
Event 14: Progressive KO [8-Max]$75$12,500 326112$29,893.50
Event 15: Sunday Supersonic SE$50$10,000 23751$13,536.00
Event 16: NLHE [4-Max]$20$7,500 504242$13,577.20
Event 17: Battle Royale SE [Progressive KO, 6-Max]$50$15,000 408195$27,436.50
Event 18: NLHE [8-Max]$75$7,500 17578$17,267.25
Event 19: Super Tuesday SE$200$35,000 252121$69,378.00
Event 20: Mini Super Tuesday$20$15,000 681289$17,654.00
Event 21: Progressive KO [8-Max]$50$7,500 266106$16,926.00
Event 22: NLHE 6-Max$50$10,000 26396$16,334.50
Event 23: High Roller [6-Max]$500$35,000 10739$68,620.00
Event 24: PLO 8-Max [Progressive KO]$20$5,000 25397$6,370.00
Event 25: Thursday Thrill SE [Progressive KO]$200$30,000 21078$53,568.00
Event 26: Mini Thrill [Progressive KO]$20$15,000 690383$19,528.60
Event 27: NLHE 6-Max$100$12,500 17963$22,215.60
Event 28: NL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max]$50$5,000 13441$7,962.50
Event 29: NLHE 6-Max [Progressive KO]$100$25,000 305122$39,198.60
Event 30: NLHE 8-Max$20$5,000 25868$6,128.80
Event 31: $30 NLHE$30$7,500 406190$16,270.80
Event 32: $100 NLHE 8-Max [Progressive KO]$100$20,000 26664$30,294.00
Event 33: $50 PLO 6-Max$50$3,500 11342$7,052.50
Event 34: $20 NLHE 6-Max [Progressive KO]$20$10,000 509268$14,141.40
Event 35: $200 Main Event$200$150,000 811492$242,358.00
Event 36: $50 Mini Main$50$25,000 729315$47,502.00
Event 37: $100 PLO 6-Max$100$10,000 15094$22,399.20
Event 38: $75 Series Wrap-Up [8-Max]$75$10,000 25277$22,454.25

*Event #12 had an overlay of $4,436.20

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