PokerStars PA Awarding $30K Platinum Passes; PACOOP Wraps With $225K Main Event Sunday

Written By Hill Kerby on September 22, 2022
PokerStars Platinum Pass giveaway begins at PACOOP

After a successful start to the 2022 PACOOP, Pennsylvania online poker players have even more to look forward to as the next few months ensue.

PACOOP is still running, with the $300 Main Event beginning on Sunday, September 25. The two-day event features a $225,000 guaranteed prize pool and will conclude the following day. 

Furthermore, PokerStars PA will award a pair of Platinum Passes each month from September through December, each valued at $30,000, including a buy-in to the annual $25,000 PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC), held at the Baha Mar Resort in Nassau, Bahamas.

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All PokerStars PA Platinum Passes awarded via freerolls

The Platinum Pass giveaways are not only a huge draw and attraction but are also designed to give a large number of qualifying players a chance to win.

Each month Sept.-Nov., a leaderboard will correspond with a given tournament series. In PA, all players in the top 500 earn a seat to a freeroll that awards a Platinum Pass to the top two finishers.

The PACOOP leaderboard began on August 30 and will finish later this month, offering two freerolls for its leaderboard qualifiers (with the same player pool in both tournaments).

October and November’s leaderboards will each award another freeroll to their top 500 finishers. The final leaderboard will be part of a Last Chance promotion, set to run from November 29 through December 9. As reported, it appears that PokerStarsPA will award 10 passes through December, but details on the remaining pass giveaways are yet to come. 

Qualifying for the PSPC represents a potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn a freeroll into life-changing money. With such a large buy-in, even making it into the money can earn players at least $25K to take back home to the Keystone State. 

Or better. In 2019, Spanish Platinum Pass winner Ramon Colillas topped the 1,039-entry field for $5.1 million.

PokerStars PACOOP 2022 crushing in every way

Through September 20, PACOOP had played 53 of its scheduled 77 events. Here are some details:

  • Total prize pool money: $1,727,347.80
  • Most number of entries: Event 02: $20 NLHE [Mini Turbo Warm Up], $10K Gtd – 1,141 entries
  • Largest prize pool: Event 41: $200 NLHE [Sunday Special Championship], $100K Gtd – $129,084
  • Largest first-place prize: NoamSayng in Event 43: $1,000 NLHE [High Roller PKO Championship], $80K Gtd – $24,404.19
  • Biggest guarantee exceeded: Event 05: $20 NLHE [Afternoon Warm Up, Progressive KO], $5K Gtd (641 players, $11,666.20 prize pool) – 233% over the guarantee
  • Number of tournaments with overlay: 0

Amazingly, not a single tournament has fallen short of its guarantee so far. Also impressive, five players have won two PACOOP events this series.

“Carvin62510” was the first two to win two titles, taking down Events #2 and #12 within the first three days of the series. “FuglyFunGuy” joined the club just a day later after coming out on top of Events #13 and 19 on back-to-back days.

“MatthewMara” (Events #23 and 38), “NoamSayng” (Events #17 and 43) and “MrManayunk” (Events #3 and 52) have also reigned supreme twice already.

PACOOP 2022 winners through Event #53

DateEventTotal EntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
9-SepEvent 01: $100 NLHE [Turbo Warm Up], $25K Gtd388$35,618.40plo_head$6,486.98
9-SepEvent 02: $20 NLHE [Mini Turbo Warm Up], $10K Gtd1141$20,766.20carvin62510$3,337.32
9-SepEvent 03: $50 8-Game [Mixed Game Warm Up], $5K Gtd210$9,555.00MrManayunk$1,875.07
9-SepEvent 04: $30 NLHE [Hyper Warm Up], $5K Gtd377$10,631.40LetMeWin3437$1,951.83
10-SepEvent 05: $20 NLHE [Afternoon Warm Up, Progressive KO], $5K Gtd641$11,666.20CutiePie7171$2,179.84
10-SepEvent 06: $100 NLHE [The Pennsylvania Open Championship], $40K Gtd522$47,919.60MasterOfOne$8,472.76
10-SepEvent 07: $30 NLHE [Mini PA Open], $15K Gtd762$20,802.60jtsports1973$3,530.62
10-SepEvent 08: $300 NLHE [Progressive Big KOs], $40K Gtd187$52,360.00KNIEM77$12,007.65
10-SepEvent 09: $50 Stud Hi-Lo, $5K Gtd141$6,415.50dabigquk1$1,235.62
10-SepEvent 10: $100 NLHE [Zoom, 6-Max], $20K Gtd251$23,041.80king erez the 1$4,452.43
11-SepEvent 11: $100 NLHE [Sunday Marathon - PKO Edition], $25K Gtd422$38,739.60soccerdad29$5,852.88
11-SepEvent 12: $100 NLHE [Sunday Championship], $100K Gtd1100$109,980.00carvin62510$16,225.81
11-SepEvent 13: $25 NLHE [Mini Sunday Special], $17.5K Gtd1081$24,592.75FuglyFunGuy$3,952.13
11-SepEvent 14: $500 NLHE [High Roller 6-Max Championship], $50K Gtd190$89,300.00superdonkeydave$17,811.40
11-SepEvent 15: $100 HORSE, $6K Gtd112$10,281.601Boomswitch$2,311.46
11-SepEvent 16: $50 NLHE [Sunday Second Chance], $15K Gtd456$20,748.00ecerille$3,725.84
11-SepEvent 17: $50 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Progressive Total KO], $10K Gtd374$17,578.00NoamSayng$4,171.17
12-SepEvent 18: $250 NLHE [Battle Royale Championship], $40K Gtd252$58,716.00BirdBrain64$13,023.55
12-SepEvent 19: $100 PLO8, $12.5K Gtd205$18,819.00FuglyFunGuy$3,692.90
12-SepEvent 20: $100 NLHE [Freezeout], $17.5K Gtd231$21,205.00BaumsDraw$4,085.25
12-SepEvent 21: $50 NLHE [Mini Battle Royale, Event Edition], $15K Gtd421$19,155.50winiarzk$2,885.02
13-SepEvent 22: $200 NLHE [Bigstack Championship], $50K Gtd358$66,588.00Dyksa21$11,395.61
13-SepEvent 23: $100 NLHE [4-Max, Progressive KO], $20K Gtd354$32,497.20MatthewMara$5,247.50
13-SepEvent 24: $50 NL 5-Card Draw, $5K Gtd149$6,779.50zadnyhazard$1,374.15
13-SepEvent 25: $75 NLHE [5-Max, Turbo], $15K Gtd279$19,041.75TrippyTribal$3,634.82
14-SepEvent 26: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Storm], $30K Gtd500$45,900.00Clementine101$8,162.77
14-SepEvent 27: $250 PLO [Pot Limit Omaha Championship], $20K Gtd172$40,076.00TheOneSelf_111$7,993.50
14-SepEvent 28: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Freezeout], $8.5K Gtd277$12,603.50mgt19135$2,508.10
15-SepEvent 29: $200 NLHE [Bigstack PKO Championship], $50K Gtd360$66,960.00fan_buzgon$12,069.48
15-SepEvent 30: $50 NLHE [Mini Thursday Thril, Event Edition], $15K Gtd587$26,708.50Dkoot74$4,510.26
15-SepEvent 31: $50 Razz, $5K Gtd144$6,552.00coach799$1,181.90
15-SepEvent 32: $20 PLO [Bounty Builder Adrenaline], $3.5K Gtd384$7,219.20burtdogg37$1,298.65
16-SepEvent 33: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Friday Night Fight], $25K Gtd449$41,218.20useyourjosehow$6,000.38
16-SepEvent 34: $200 NLHE [4-Max Championship], $30K Gtd223$41,478.00KnightsofNight$8,139.27
17-SepEvent 35: $30 NLHE [Saturday Iron Man], $5K Gtd267$7,289.10BrandoXD$1,391.04
17-SepEvent 36: $50 NLHE, $17.5K Gtd432$19,656.00TheDirtyLenny$3,529.65
17-SepEvent 37: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO], $17.5K Gtd473$21,521.50FullSender43$3,364.36
17-SepEvent 38: $200 NLHE [Deepstack], $30K Gtd234$43,524.00MatthewMara$8,493.91
17-SepEvent 39: $30 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo], $5K Gtd286$7,807.80adotkilla$1,485.93
18-SepEvent 40: $50 NLHE [Half Price Marathon], $12.5K Gtd443$20,156.50MoscowMueller$3,619.46
18-SepEvent 41: $200 NLHE [Sunday Special Championship], $100K Gtd694$129,084.00BullseyeMD$22,263.07
18-SepEvent 42: $30 NLHE [Mini Sunday Special], $20K Gtd968$26,426.40Schwibbs1$4,320.82
18-SepEvent 43: $1,000 NLHE [High Roller PKO Championship], $80K Gtd107$101,650.00NoamSayng$24,404.19
18-SepEvent 44: $100 PLO [5-Max], $12K Gtd197$18,064.60WHATWHYNO$2,658.58
18-SepEvent 45: $50 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline], $10K Gtd324$15,228.00Huggers23$2,964.73
19-SepEvent 46: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Battle Royale], $25K Gtd409$37,546.20baddad2007$6,316.25
19-SepEvent 47: $200 NLHE [Freezeout Championship], $20K Gtd154$28,644.00Bick$lick917$6,012.48
19-SepEvent 48: $30 NLHE [ Turbo Royale], $10K Gtd460$12,558.00thpinal$1,884.95
19-SepEvent 49: $20 NLHE 3-Max Arenaline], $3K Gtd335$6,298.00debo8451$1,175.39
20-SepEvent 50: $100 NLHE [Progressive Mini KOs], $25K Gtd419$38,464.20$1Mplease2535$6,978.02
20-SepEvent 51: $500 NLHE [High Roller Super Tuesday Championship], $50K Gtd187$87,890.00love2playpoker$15,220.36
20-SepEvent 52: $200 NLHE [Turbo], $25K Gtd218$40,458.00MrManayunk$7,907.74
20-SepEvent 53: $50 PLO [Progressive KO], $10K Gtd265$12,057.50totalnugs25$2,402.34
21-SepEvent 54: $50 NLHE [Freezeout], $8.5K Gtd230$10,465BSwo ($2,018.60)
21-SepEvent 55: $250 NLHE [Storm Championship], $40K Gtd250$58,250 CleggsOnGG($11,255.63)
21-SepEvent 56: $100 NLHE [9-Max, The Classic], $25K Gtd380$34,884dk6690 ($6,373.84)
21-SepEvent 57: $30 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $5K Gtd290$7,917frozenn523 ($1,426.12)

$225K Guaranteed Main Event begins Sunday

All PACOOP events have been a success leading up to this Sunday’s Main Event, which features a $300 buy-in and a lofty $225K guarantee, raised from last year’s $200K total.

In last year’s version, 851 entries generated a prize pool of $238,230 in the same two-day format. In the end, “Hondoribbia” and “queenbee842” agreed to a heads-up deal for $32,401 apiece while leaving $4,000 and the title on the line, which “Hondoribbia” claimed.

Satellites are also running for $30 (as well as $15 + rebuys) in case you play at lower stakes or want to take a shot at getting into the event at a discount. 

Remaining PACOOP 2022 schedule

22-SepEvent 58: $250 NLHE [Thursday Thrill Championship], $50K Gtd
22-SepEvent 59: $100 NLHE [Thursday Thrill, Zoom Edition], $20K Gtd
23-SepEvent 60: $300 NLHE [Last Man Standing], $30K Gtd
23-SepEvent 61: $30 NLHE [Mini Last Man Standing], $7.5K Gtd
23-SepEvent 62: $100 NLHE [Heads Up Championship, Zoom, Progressive Total KO], $17.5K Gtd
24-SepEvent 63: $50 Fixed Limit O8, $3.5K Gtd
24-SepEvent 64: $20 NLHE [Rebuy + Add-On], $12.5K Gtd
24-SepEvent 65: $200 NLHE [Main Event Preview], $30K Gtd
24-SepEvent 66: $50 NLHE [Turbo Trainer], $20K Gtd
24-SepEvent 67: $20 NLHE [Heads-Up, Zoom, Progressive Total KO], $4.5K Gtd
25-SepEvent 68: $100 NLHE [Event Marathon], $25K Gtd
25-SepEvent 69: $300 NLHE [Main Event , 2-Day], $225K Gtd
25-SepEvent 70: $50 NLHE [Mini Main Event ], $35K Gtd
25-SepEvent 71: $1,000 NLHE [High Roller Championship], $100K Gtd
25-SepEvent 72: $100 NLHE [Sunday Second Chance], $17.5K Gtd
26-SepEvent 73: $100 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline], $15K Gtd
26-SepEvent 74: $100 NLHE [Event Send Off], $35K Gtd
26-SepEvent 75: $30 NLHE [Event Mini Send Off], $8K Gtd
26-SepEvent 76: $200 8-Game [Mixed Game Championship], $20K Gtd
26-SepEvent 77: $50 NLHE [Last Chance, Turbo Stacks], $12.5K Gtd
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