It’s Bounty Time! PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series Returns With $1.5M GTD

Written By Martin Harris on July 10, 2020 - Last Updated on September 21, 2020
PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series coming soon

Fresh off the successful PokerStars Pennsylvania Summer Series concluding last month, PokerStars PA is back with another big tournament series starting this weekend.

It’s a familiar one, a reprise of the Bounty Builder Series that ran once before earlier this year. Running July 12-26, this time the BBS will feature more than twice as many events and three times the total guarantees.

Bounty Builder Series schedule highlights

As the name implies, all of the events in the Bounty Builder Series are played as bounty tournaments. Using the progressive knockout format, half of every prize pool goes to bounties collected by knocking out opponents.

The earlier iteration of the PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series took place in February. That version featured 32 events with $500K in guaranteed prize pools and ultimately paid out just over $668K.

This time around, the Bounty Builder Series features more events and bigger guarantees. No fewer than 70 events will play out over 15 days, with buy-ins ranging from $10 to $500.

Guaranteed prize pools are bigger as well. For all of the events, the guarantees add up to just over $1.5 million — $1,502,500, to be exact.

The series kicks off this Sunday, July 12, with a packed schedule of nine events. It winds up two weeks later on Sunday, July 26, with another busy day, including the two-day, $200 buy-in, $150,000 guaranteed Main Event.

Series highlights include:

  • Sunday Special – Bounty Builder Edition on July 12 and again on July 19 (both $100 buy-in, $100,000 gtd.)
  • Sunday High Roller – Bounty Builder Edition, also on July 12 ($250 buy-in, $30,000 gtd.)
  • High Roller on July 15 ($500 buy-in, $60,000 gtd.)
  • Thursday Thrill Special Edition on July 16 and again on July 23 (both $200 buy-in, $50,000 gtd.)
  • Mini Main Event on July 26 ($50 buy-in, $40,000 gtd.)
  • Main Event also on July 26 ($200 buy-in, $150,000 guarantee), as noted, a two-day event

Additionally, PokerStars PA is running satellites to all of the events, some with buy-ins as low as $1.

Championship belts, KO leaderboard add more ways to compete

The increased guarantees and events will make this version of the PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series the second-biggest tournament series ever on the site. Only the PA Spring Championship of Online Poker staged in April, a 100-event series that paid out over $3.2 million, will top it.

To add even more incentive, PokerStars PA is awarding Championship Belts to winners of 18 selected events in the series.

Over on PokerStars New Jersey, a 53-event Bounty Builder Series will be taking place during the same 15-day period. That series will feature guarantees totaling $600,000. The PokerStars NJ Bounty Builder Series Main Event will have a $300 buy-in and $70,000 guarantee.

Like the Pennsylvania series, the PokerStars NJ BBS will award 18 Championship Belts.

Both tournament series will feature a Knockout Leaderboard where players who earn the most bounties during the series will win additional cash prizes. Those prizes will total $16,000 across the two markets, with $4,000 going to the player earning the most knockouts.

PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series schedule

DateTime (ET)EventBuy-InGuarantee
Sunday, Jul. 123 p.m.1: NLHE Series Kick-Off (8-Max)*$100$40,000
Sunday, Jul. 123:30 p.m.2: NLHE Mini Kick-Off (8-Max)$25$15,000
Sunday, Jul. 124:30 p.m.3: NLHE$75$15,000
Sunday, Jul. 126 p.m.4: NLHE Sunday Special - Bounty Builder Edition*$100$100,000
Sunday, Jul. 126:30 p.m.5: NLHE Mini Special (8-Max)$20$15,000
Sunday, Jul. 127 p.m.6: NLHE Sunday High Roller - Bounty Builder Edition (6-Max)$250$30,000
Sunday, Jul. 128 p.m.7: NLHE (8-Max)$50$10,000
Sunday, Jul. 129 p.m.8: NLHE Turbo (8-Max)$20$7,500
Sunday, Jul. 1210 p.m.9: NLHE SuperSonic - Bounty Builder Edition$50$12,500
Monday, Jul. 137 p.m.10: NLHE Battle Royale Special Edition (6-Max)*$50$25,000
Monday, Jul. 138 p.m.11: PL Omaha (8-Max)$100$10,000
Tuesday, Jul. 147 p.m.12: NLHE (8-Max)*$75$20,000
Tuesday, Jul. 148 p.m.13: NL Omaha Hi-Lo (6-Max)$100$7,500
Tuesday, Jul. 149 p.m.14: NLHE Turbo (8-Max)$50$12,500
Wednesday, Jul. 157 p.m.15: NLHE (6-Max)$50$15,000
Wednesday, Jul. 158 p.m.16: NLHE High Roller (8-Max)*$500$60,000
Wednesday, Jul. 159 p.m.17: NLHE Hyper-Turbo (8-Max)$20$5,000
Thursday, Jul. 166:30 p.m.18: PL Badugi$50$2,000
Thursday, Jul. 167 p.m.19: NLHE Thursday Thrill Special Edition*$200$50,000
Thursday, Jul. 167:30 p.m.20: NLHE Mini Thrill$25$17,500
Thursday, Jul. 168:30 p.m.21: NLHE BigStack Turbo (8-Max)$75$12,500
Thursday, Jul. 1610 p.m.22: NLHE Hyper-Turbo (6-Max)$50$10,000
Friday, Jul. 177 p.m.23: PL 5-Card Omaha (6-Max)$30$5,000
Friday, Jul. 178 p.m.24: NLHE Escalating Antes (8-Max)*$50$20,000
Friday, Jul. 1710 p.m.25: NLHE Turbo (6-Max)$20$7,500
Saturday, Jul. 183 p.m.26: NLHE DeepStack (8-Max)$100$30,000
Saturday, Jul. 185 p.m.27: NLHE Turbo (8-Max)$50$12,500
Saturday, Jul. 186 p.m.28: NLHE (8-Max)*$200$30,000
Saturday, Jul. 188 p.m.29: NLHE (4-Max)$20$10,000
Saturday, Jul. 1810 p.m.30: NLHE Hyper-Turbo (8-Max)$50$10,000
Sunday, Jul. 192 p.m.31: NLHE Marathon$100$20,000
Sunday, Jul. 193 p.m.32: H.O.R.S.E.$50$3,000
Sunday, Jul. 194 p.m.33: NLHE Warm-Up - Bounty Builder Edition$30$12,500
Sunday, Jul. 195 p.m.34: NLHE Storm - Bounty Builder Edition (6-Max)$10$5,000
Sunday, Jul. 196 p.m.35: NLHE Sunday Special - Bounty Builder Edition*$100$100,000
Sunday, Jul. 196:30 p.m.36: NLHE Mini Special*$25$25,000
Sunday, Jul. 197 p.m.37: Sunday High Roller - Bounty Builder Edition (6-Max)$250$30,000
Sunday, Jul. 198 p.m.38: PL Omaha (8-Max)$100$15,000
Sunday, Jul. 199 p.m.39: NLHE Turbo (8-Max)$75$20,000
Sunday, Jul. 1910 p.m.40: NLHE Hyper-Turbo SuperSonic - Bounty Builder Edition$50$10,000
Monday, Jul. 207 p.m.41: NLHE 4-Max$20$10,000
Monday, Jul. 208 p.m.42: NLHE Battle Royale Special Edition (6-Max)*$50$25,000
Monday, Jul. 209 p.m.43: NLHE BigStack Turbo (8-Max)$100$15,000
Tuesday, Jul. 216 p.m.44: NLHE (8-Max)$50$10,000
Tuesday, Jul. 217 p.m.45: NLHE Super Tuesday - Bounty Builder Edition*$200$50,000
Tuesday, Jul. 217:30 p.m.46: NLHE Mini Super Tuesday$20$15,000
Tuesday, Jul. 218 p.m.47: 8-Game$50$2,500
Tuesday, Jul. 219 p.m.48: NLHE Turbo (8-Max)$50$12,500
Tuesday, Jul. 2110 p.m.49: NLHE Hyper-Turbo (8-Max)$100$5,000
Wednesday, Jul. 227 p.m.50: NLHE (8-Max)$200$30,000
Wednesday, Jul. 227:30 p.m.51: NLHE (8-Max)*$50$15,000
Wednesday, Jul. 228 p.m.52: PL Omaha (6-Max)$200$10,000
Wednesday, Jul. 229 p.m.53: NLHE Turbo (6-Max)$100$17,500
Thursday, Jul. 237 p.m.54: NLHE Thursday Thrill Special Edition*$200$50,000
Thursday, Jul. 237:30 p.m.55: NLHE Mini Thrill$20$15,000
Thursday, Jul. 238:30 p.m.56: NLHE BigStack Turbo (6-Max)$50$10,000
Friday, Jul. 246:30 p.m.57: NLHE (8-Max)$20$6,000
Friday, Jul. 247:30 p.m.58: PL 5-Card Draw$30$1,500
Friday, Jul. 248 p.m.59: NLHE (6-Max)*$50$25,000
Friday, Jul. 249 p.m.60: NLHE Hyper-Turbo (8-Max)$100$10,000
Saturday, Jul. 256 p.m.61: NLHE 25% KO (8-Max)*$100$25,000
Saturday, Jul. 258 p.m.62: NLHE Turbo$50$12,500
Saturday, Jul. 259 p.m.63: NLHE Turbo (8-Max)$10$5,000
Sunday, Jul. 262:30 p.m.64: NLHE Marathon$50$15,000
Sunday, Jul. 264 p.m.65: NLHE Warm-Up - Bounty Builder Edition$30$12,500
Sunday, Jul. 265 p.m.66: NLHE Main Event (8-Max), 2-day event*$200$150,000
Sunday, Jul. 266 p.m.67: NLHE Mini Main Event (8-Max)*$50$40,000
Sunday, Jul. 268 p.m.68: NLHE (8-Max)$100$20,000
Sunday, Jul. 269 p.m.69: PL Omaha Turbo (6-Max)$50$10,000
Sunday, Jul. 2610 p.m.70: NLHE Hyper-Turbo, Series Wrap-Up (8-Max)$75$20,000

*Championship Belt event

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