Philadelphia Eagles Player Prop Betting Guide and Tracker

Written By Katie Kohler on September 6, 2022 - Last Updated on September 19, 2022
Philadelphia Eagles player prop betting

Philadelphia Eagles player props have become a popular way to bet on the NFL. The most popular player props at Pennsylvania sportsbooks are:

  • Passing yards
  • Receiving yards
  • Rushing yards
  • Touchdowns

Other markets offered include receptions, pass attempts, interceptions, defensive and special teams props, and more. If the game is on Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles props are usually available at PA sports betting apps starting on Tuesday.

Each week we will track Philadelphia Eagles player prop betting markets. Also, we are keeping an eye on Eagles season-long props.

What is NFL player prop betting?

Certain players are listed by a sportsbook and have an over/under line with corresponding odds to each player prop. Expect to see more vig/juice more for prop bets. For example, Jalen Hurst over/under rushing yards 50.5 (-115).

Keep in mind, player prop lines move fast, much faster than point spreads and totals. If you plan to bet on Philadelphia Eagles player props, keep an eye out for when they are released, study matchups, compare prices at sportsbooks and make your move quickly.

Season-long player props are based on the players performance throughout the season.

Philadelphia Eagles week-by-week player prop tracker

Philadelphia Eagles Week 1 player props recap

(Odds via DraftKings)

Pass yards

  • Jalen Hurts Over 225.5

Pass Touchdowns

  • Hurts Under 1.5

Rushing yards

  • Jalen Hurts Over 45.5
  • Sanders Over 49.5
  • Gainwell Over 19.5

Receiving yards

  • A.J. Brown Over 65.5
  • DeVonta Smith Under 49.5
  • Dallas Goedert Over 47.5
  • Quez Watkins Under 27.5

Eagles player prop betting insight and analysis

After A.J. Brown’s huge Eagles debut in Week 1, Andrew Palumbo, BetRivers Sportsbook Manager at Rivers Casino Philadelphia, commented:

“A.J. Brown’s big game is exactly what fans hoped for when the Eagles added a stud receiver for the first time since T.O. Brown’s season total is still right around 1,000 yards, and if he averages 53 yards a game for the rest of the season, he’ll hit the over. Brown’s total receiving yards is the seventh most wagered-on NFL player prop at Rivers Casino Philadelphia.”

On Jalen Hurts season-long player props, Palumbo added:

“The second most bet-on player prop at our sportsbook is Jalen Hurts over 22.5 total passing touchdowns for the season. We’re also seeing a lot of action on Hurts to win NFL MVP. He’s the most popular pick by money and tickets in Philadelphia, while Hurts is third across Pennsylvania behind Justin Herbert and Josh Allen.”

Tracking Philadelphia Eagles season-long props

Prior to the start of the season, PA sportsbooks released season-long player props for certain Philadelphia Eagles. Here is a look at the props and how some of the numbers compare at some of the best PA sportsbooks.

Jalen Hurts 2022 season props

Passing yards

  • BetMGM: Over 3599.5 (-120)/Under 3599.5 (-110)
  • DraftKings: Over 3560.5 (-115)/Under 3560.5 (-105)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 3450.5 (-110)/Under 3450.5  (-110)

Passing touchdowns

  • BetMGM: Over 22.5 (-110)/Under 22.5 (-120)
  • DraftKings: Over 22.5 (-110)/Under 22.5 (-105)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 22.5 (-110)/Under 22.5 (-110)

Rushing yards 

  • BetMGM: Over 699.5 (-115)/Under 699.5 (-115)
  • DraftKings: Over 725.5 (+100)/Under 725.5 (-130)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 700.5 (-110)/Under 700.5 (-110)

Rushing touchdowns

  • BetMGM: Over 8.5 (+100)/Under 8.5 (-130)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 7.5 (-110)/Under (-110)


  • BetMGM: Over 10.5 (-115)/Under 10.5 (-115)
  • DraftKings: Over 10.5 (-110)/Under 10.5 (-110)

Miles Sanders 2022 season long rushing props

Rushing yards

  • BetMGM: Over 849.5 (-115)/Under 849.5 (-115)
  • DraftKings: Over 860.5 (-115)/Under 860.5 (-115)


  • BetMGM Over 4.5 (-115)/Under 4.5 (-115)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 5.5 (+158)/Under (-190)

Dallas Goedert 2022 season long props

Receiving yards

  • BetMGM: Over 649.5 (-115)/Under 649.5 (-115)
  • DraftKings: Over 700.5 (-115)/Under 700.5 (-115)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 675.5 (-110)/ Under 675.5 (-110)


  • BetMGM: Over 60.5 (-115)/Under 60.5 (-115)
  • DraftKings: Over 615 (+120)/Under 61.5 (-150)


  • BetMGM: Over 4.5 (-130)/Under 4.5 (+100)
  • DraftKings: Over 4.5 (-130)/Under 4.5 (+100)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 4.5 (-110)/Under 4.5 (-110)

DeVonta Smith 2022 season-long props

Receiving yards

  • BetMGM: Over 874.5 (-115)/Under 875.5 (-115)
  • DraftKings: Over 875.5 (-115)/Under 875.5 (-115)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 825.5 (-110)/Under 825.5 (-110)


  • BetMGM Over 63.5 (-115)/Under 63.5 (-115)
  • DraftKings Over 62.5 (-120)/Under 62/5 (-110)


  • BetMGM: Over 5.5 (-115)/Under 5.5 (-115)
  • DraftKings: Over 5.5 (-115)/Under 5.5 (-125)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 5.5 (+100) Under 5.5 (-120)

A.J. Brown 2022 season-long props

Receiving yards

  • BetMGM: Over 1024.5 (-115)/Under 1024.5 (-115)
  • DraftKings: Over 1025.5 (-115)/Under 1025.5 (-115)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 1,000.5 (-110)/Under (-110)


  • BetMGM: Over 70.5 (-115)/Under 70.5 (-115)
  • DraftKings: Over 70.5 (+100)/Under 70.5 (-130)

Receiving Touchdowns

  • BetMGM: Over 6.5 (-125)/Under 6.5 (-105)
  • DraftKings: Over 6.5 (125)/Under 6.5 (-105)
  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 7.5 (+100)/Under 7.5 (-120)

Darius Slay 2022 season-long props


  • BetMGM:Over 2.5 (-115)/Under 2.5
  • DraftKings:Over 2.5 (-115)/Under 2.5 (-110)

James Bradberry 2022 season-long props


  • BetMGM: Over 2.5 (-115)/Under (115)
  • DraftKings: Over 2.5 (115)/Under (-115)

Hasson Reddick 2022 season long props


  • Caesars PA Sportsbook: Over 8.5 (-110)/Under 8.5 (-110)

Miles Sanders prop getting low mileage from bettors

Those with the best MVP odds and biggest names aren’t attracting the most action at Caesars Sportsbook for season-long player props.

The most-bet season-long player props currently are:

  • Trey Lance Over rushing yards
  • Miles Sanders Under 5.5 rushing TDs

Nearly all of the money (99.4% of the handle) at Caesars is on the Under for Sanders rushing TDs. At DraftKings, about all the money (99%) is on the Under (also 5.5). Sanders O/U rushing touchdown prop is at 4.5 at BetMGM and 90% of handle is on the Under..

In 2021, Miles Sanders failed to score a rushing touchdown. He did not even lead the Eagles in rushing. Quarterback Jalen Hurts was the Eagles leading rusher (784 yards), followed by Sanders (754).

The Eagles opened at +330 to win the NFC East and are now the favorites at +130. A big part of the reason is the talent the Eagles have added including wide receiver A.J. Brown and the continued development of DeVonta Smith. Sanders missed a big part of the preseason with a hamstring injury. He is expected to be the starter but also shares a backfield with Kenneth Gainwell and Boston Scott. The Birds also recently scooped up Trey Sermon off of waivers.

Sanders will have plenty of incentive to go Over 5.5 rushing touchdowns. He is in a contract year.

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