Best Tweets From People Who Really Miss Sports (And Betting On Them)

Written By Katie Kohler on March 25, 2020
Fans miss their sports

Last weekend should have been the first rounds of the NCAA Tournament when 64 teams get whittled to 16. The best four sports days of the year. A bacchanal for sports bettors.

With the NHL playoffs slated to begin on April 8 and the NBA playoffs on April 18, sports fans were supposed to be glued to screens watching teams jockey for playoff spots or earn a home ice/court advantage. The coronavirus pandemic put a halt to “normal” as we know it, which includes watching and betting on sports.

Instead, table tennis and Belarusian soccer are the featured offerings at online sportsbooks. (It feels just as weird for me to write it as it does for you to read that sentence.)

We miss sports. And judging by your tweets, so do you. Instead of love letters or soliloquies, here are some people who should earn self-distanced applause for their 280-character expression of feelings about a world without sports.

March Sadness

No brackets to fill out leaves plenty of time to express feelings.

Work from home woes

Working from home is a new concept for some. It’s OK to think about setting an over/under on the number of times the meeting host says, “Please make sure you are on mute.”

Alternative sources of entertainment

During the past 10 days, I’ve said some things I never thought I would. I’ll stick with the lighter side, such as: “Should I buy a bidet?” “Should I make a TikTok?” and “What channel is Belarusian soccer on?”  So, I really can’t blame these people for seeking some type of distraction.


Netflix and parlay?

Bettors have gotten creative with their new television programming.

NHL fans won’t be iced

Before the NHL season paused, the Philadelphia Flyers were 41-21-7 and second in the Metropolitan Division. They finally had a goalie in Carter Hart who looked like he could carry them in the playoffs.

“Kyle P” has a newfound appreciation for perhaps the most maddening form of Flyers hockey. He’s not alone.

Parents at home with kids are turning to live streams from zoos and aquariums for educational content. Sports fans are seeking out venues for other reasons.

Video games and ‘animal crossing’

Staying home means lots of time for video games …

And staring out the window …

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