PASCOOP Returns With $2 Million In Guarantees, PokerStars Rewards Earning Potential

Written By Anthony Cicali on March 21, 2022
PASCOOP 2022 begins March 25

PokerStars is scooping the competition up this spring. Recently announced, the PokerStars’ Spring Championship of Online Poker is headed to Pennsylvania. The 2022 PASCOOP will run from March 25 to April 11, guaranteeing $2 million in prize pools.

The series schedule includes 115 events for online poker players in the Keystone State.

PASCOOP 2022 Main Events on April 10

Players will find events for everyone’s bankroll size. On April 10, PA players can jump in these highlighted tournaments:

  • Main Event: $300 ($200K guaranteed)
  • Mini Main Event: $50 ($40K guaranteed)
  • High Roller Main Event: $1,000 ($100K guaranteed)

The event will be hosted by Pennsylvania resident and PokerStars PA Ambassador Jennifer Shahade. The chess champion and poker pro is well known for her strategic play in the world of poker.

“It’s so exciting to see more SCOOP events than ever on the PokerStars calendar for this year’s Spring Championship,” said Shahade. “The community gets so excited and engaged when SCOOP comes around, and it’s always been perceived as being one of the most prestigious online tournaments around the world, so to have leaderboards and trophies, and all kinds of ranges of events in the US just makes it so much more fun, and competitive!”

Players can take a shot at winning trophies on all levels. Tournament buy-ins start at $10 and go up to $2,000. So there is something for everyone in the online community.

2022 PASCOOP full schedule

Event #DateFormatBuy-InsGuarantees
1Mar 25NLHE Turbo$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$7.5k/$15k
2Mar 25NLHE Hyper$10/$30/$100$1.5k/$3.5k/$10k
3Mar 25-27*NLHE Turbo Zoom$10/$30/$100$2k/$10k/$20k
4Mar 26HORSE$10/$30/$100$1k/$2.5k/$5.5k
5Mar 26NLHE Trophy Event$10/$30/$100$5k/$12.5k/$35k
6Mar 26NLHE 6-Max$10/$30/$100$3k/$6.5k/$15k
7Mar27NLHE Trophy Event$10/$100/$500$7.5k/$80k/$50k
8Mar 27NLHE 5-Max Turbo, Total PKO$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$6.5k/$12.5k
9Mar28NLHE 6-Max PKO$20/$50/$200$6.5k/$12.5k/$30k
10Mar 286-Max PLO8$10/$30/$100$2k/$4k/$8.5k
11Mar 29NLHE$20/$50/$200$8.5k/$20k/$35k
12Mar 29NLHE 4-Max Turbo PKO$10/$30/$100$3k/$6.5k/$12.5k
13Mar 30NLHE 6-Max Trophy Event$50/$200/$500$15k/$25k/$50k
14Mar 31NLHE PKO$20/$50/$200$8.5k/$20k/$35k
15Mar 316-Max Razz$10/$30/$100$1k/$2k/$5k
16Apr 1NLHE$10/$30/$100$4k/$8.5k/$20k
17Apr 1NLHE Mini PKO$10/$30/$100$3k/$7k/$15k
18Apr 1-3*Heads-Up Turbo, Total PKO, Zoom$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$7.5k/$17.5k
19Apr 2NLHE Deepstack$20/$50/$200$7.5k/$12.5k/$25k
20Apr 2PLO 6-Max PKO$10/$30/$100$2k/$3.5k/$8k
21Apr 3PKO Trophy Event$20/$200/$1000$15k/$100k/$70k
22Apr 3NLHE 3-Max Turbo$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$5k/$10k
23Apr 4NLHE$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$8k/$20k
24Apr 4NLHE 6-Max Turbo PKO$10/$30/$100$3k/$7k/$15k
25Apr 5NLHE Bigstack Trophy$100/$500/$2000$22.5k/$50k/$75k
26Apr 5NLHE 6-Max Hyper$20/$50/$200$3.5k/$7k/$15k
27Apr 6NLHE 6-Max$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$6k/$12.5k
28Apr 66-Max PLO Trophy$20/$50/$200$4k/$8k/$15k
29Apr 7NLHE PKO Trophy Event$30/$100/$300$8.5k/$25k/$50k
30Apr 7NLHE 6-Max Turbo$10/$30/$100$3k/$8k/$15k
31Apr 8NLHE Deepstack$10/$30/$100$5k/$10k/$20k
32Apr 8NLHE 4-Max$20/$50/$200$6k/$10k/$25k
33Apr 9NLHE Marathon$10/$30/$100$3k/$6.5k/$12.5k
34Apr 9NLHE$20/$50/$200$7k/$15k/$25k
35Apr 9NLHE 7-Max Turbo Big PKO$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$8.5k/$15k
36Apr 10NLHE Main Event (Trophy)$50/$300/$1000$40k/$200k/$100k
37Apr 10NLHE Turbo$20/$50/$200$2k/$5k/$12.5k
38Apr 10NLHE 6-Max Hyper PKO$10/$30/$100$2k/$5k/$12.5k
39Apr 11NLHE$10/$30/$100$4k/$10k/$30k
40Apr 118-Game Trophy$20/$50/$200$3.5k/$7.5k/$20k

*Event is spread across three days with Low version on the first day, Medium version on the second day and the High version on the third day.

Scoop your tournament seat with PokerStars satellites

PokerStars PASCOOP tweet

Pennsylvania players can log on now and try to win seats into their favorite events each day. The site is offering depositor freerolls and satellites launching for as little as $1.

PokerStars PA is offering up $16,000 worth of Main Event seats through depositor freerolls. There are also $3 Spin & Go tournaments in which players can win a seat into the $300 Main Event.

For players who don’t cash in an event they play, PokerStars is also offering second chance tickets to play in remaining SCOOP tournaments.

Other freerolls include:

  • $500 daily: Mar. 28 – Apr. 3
  • $1,000 daily: Apr. 4 – 11

New PokerStars Rewards system goes live in US markets

PokerStars launched their highly anticipated new player rewards system last week. Pennsylvania players can now take advantage of better rewards for playing their favorite poker games.

“We’re excited to bring our new PokerStars Rewards program to our community in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan and give players more than ever before for playing with us,” said Rebecca McAdam of PokerStars public relations. “We’ve been working hard to give our players the best program and from listening to community feedback, we know that value and transparency are key, so we’re very happy to launch a program that has truly been built with this at its heart.”

The new reward system is easier to understand and allows for players to gain more value. This includes:

  • Progress bars to show upgrades to next levels
  • Chest levels with fixed rewards
  • Rewards starting at 15% up to 33% bonus back
  • Bonuses earned through cash, tournament and spin & go buy-ins

The SCOOP series along with the new rewards system will be available in New Jersey and Michigan as well, though tournament details and guarantees vary by state.

Lead image c/o PokerStars USA.

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