Ante Up: PokerStars PACOOP 2020 Schedule Features $1.5 Million in Guarantees

Written By Martin Harris on September 10, 2020 - Last Updated on November 14, 2020
PACOOP returns to PokerStars PA September 19

As the World Championship of Online Poker currently plays out on PokerStars’ global site, PokerStars PA is readying for the second running of its own Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker.

The 2020 PACOOP starts in just over a week, lasting from Saturday, Sep. 19, through Monday, Oct. 5. Players new to online poker in PA can sign up using our PokerStars PA bonus code below to receive up to $30 in free play and a match deposit bonus of up to $600.

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PACOOP hopes to replicate earlier PokerStars PA series’ success

The schedule resembles the one used for the first PACOOP in November and December 2019, which took place just a few weeks after PokerStars PA first launched.

Some might recall that when that first PACOOP was announced, the series initially featured $1 million in guaranteed prize pools. Big turnouts early on encouraged PokerStars PA to increase several tournament guarantees, raising the total to $1.225 million. Ultimately, almost $1.56 million was awarded over the course of the series.

The 2020 version of PACOOP features guarantees totaling $1.5 million across 50 events. Since last year, PokerStars PA has hosted other successful tournament series, the largest being the Pennsylvania Spring Championship of Online Poker in March and April. Over $3.2 million was won in 100 tournaments during PASCOOP, well over the $2 million in guarantees.

2020 PACOOP schedule highlights

The 2020 PACOOP schedule again includes a variety of buy-in levels ranging from $20 to $500. Schedule highlights include:

  • Event #1 – $100 NLHE Nightly Stars – PACOOP Warm-Up, $50K gtd. (Sept. 19)
  • Event #6 and Event #26 – $100 NLHE Sunday Special, $100K gtd. (Sept. 20 and Sept. 27)
  • Event #14 – $500 NLHE 6-Max High Roller, $50K gtd. (Sept. 22)
  • Event #43 – $300 NLHE Main Event, $200K gtd. (Oct. 4)
  • Event #44 – $50 NLHE Mini Main Event, $40K gtd. (Oct. 4)
  • Event #49 – $50 NLHE 8-Max Phase 2, $50K gtd. (Oct. 5)

The $300 Main Event’s $200,000 guaranteed prize pool is the largest of the series.

There are a number of non-NLHE events on the schedule as well, including several Omaha events. The schedule also features events in five-card draw, seven-card stud hi-lo, fixed limit hold’em and the eight-game mix.

Satellites, freerolls provide inexpensive PACOOP event entries

As usual, PokerStars PA will be running numerous satellites into PACOOP events. The schedule announcement also comes with news of a couple of different freeroll offers.

One is a Main Event Depositor Freeroll taking place on Sunday, Oct. 4, at 2 p.m. Players who deposit at least $30 into their accounts between now and 1:59 p.m. on Oct. 4 while using the code “PACOOP” will receive tickets. The freeroll will award $7,500 in Main Event entries — 30 seats.

There will also be Second Chance Freerolls throughout PACOOP. Those who bust shy of the money in PACOOP events will receive tickets to play in these freerolls that will take place daily at 6:50 p.m. from Sept. 20-Oct. 3, then again at 4:50 p.m. on Oct. 4. Each Second Chance Freeroll will award $1,250 in satellite tickets and PACOOP event entries. In all, the Second Chance Freerolls will award $18,750 in ticket giveaways.

No.DateTime (ET)Event (Gtd.)Buy-in
1Sep. 19 (Sa)6:00 p.m.NLHE (Nightly Stars - PACOOP Warm-Up), $50K Gtd$100
2Sep. 19 (Sa)8:00 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, PACOOP - Warm-Up), $30K Gtd$50
3Sep. 20 (Su)1:00 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Deepstack), $35K Gtd$100
4Sep. 20 (Su)2:00 p.m.NLHE (6-Max), $20K Gtd$50
5Sep. 20 (Su)3:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO), $30K Gtd$150
6Sep. 20 (Su)5:00 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Special SE), $100K Gtd$100
7Sep. 20 (Su)7:00 p.m.PLO (6-Max), $15K Gtd$100
8Sep. 20 (Su)10:00 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Sunday SuperSonic SE), $10K Gtd$50
9Sep. 21 (M)7:00 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Battle Royale SE Progressive KO), $30K Gtd$50
10Sep. 21 (M)8:00 p.m.PLO8 (8-Max), $12K Gtd$75
11Sep. 22 (Tu)7:00 p.m.NLHE (Super Tuesday SE), $40K Gtd$200
12Sep. 22 (Tu)8:00 p.m.NLHE (Mini Super Tuesday SE), $15K Gtd$20
13Sep. 22 (Tu)8:00 p.m.NLHE (8-Max), $15K Gtd$150
14Sep. 23 (W)8:00 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, High Roller), $50K Gtd$500
15Sep. 23 (W)9:00 p.m.NLHE, $15K Gtd$150
16Sep. 24 (Th)7:00 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE), $40K Gtd$200
17Sep. 24 (Th)7:30 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, Mini Thrill), $20K Gtd$20
18Sep. 24 (Th)8:00 p.m.PL 5-Card Draw (8-Max, Turbo), $10K Gtd$100
19Sep. 25 (F)7:30 p.m.8-Game, $15K Gtd$200
20Sep. 25 (F)9:30 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Turbo), $20K Gtd$150
21Sep. 26 (Sa)5:00 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Deepstack), $35K Gtd$100
22Sep. 26 (Sa)8:00 p.m.NLHE (Saturday Speedway SE), $15K Gtd$50
23Sep. 27 (Su)1:00 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Marathon), $35K Gtd$100
24Sep. 27 (Su)2:00 p.m.PLO (8-Max, Turbo), $10K Gtd$100
25Sep. 27 (Su)3:30 p.m.NLHE (6-Max), $25K Gtd$150
26Sep. 27 (Su)5:00 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Special SE), $100K Gtd$100
27Sep. 27 (Su)7:00 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO), $35K Gtd$200
28Sep. 27 (Su)9:00 p.m.NLHE (Sunday SuperSonic SE), $12K Gtd$75
29Sep. 28 (M)7:00 p.m.NLHE (4-Max), $25K Gtd$200
30Sep. 28 (M)8:00 p.m.PLO (6-Max, High-Roller), $25K Gtd$500
31Sep. 29 (Tu)7:00 p.m.NLHE (Hyper-Turbo, Super Tuesday), $40K Gtd$250
32Sep. 29 (Tu)8:00 p.m.NLO8 (8-Max), $10K Gtd$100
33Sep. 30 (W)7:00 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Turbo), $20K Gtd$30
34Sep. 30 (W)8:00 p.m.NLHE, $30K Gtd$200
35Sep. 30 (W)9:00 p.m.Stud Hi/Lo, $10K Gtd$100
36Oct. 1 (Th)7:00 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill), $40K Gtd$250
37Oct. 1 (Th)9:00 p.m.NLHE, $20K Gtd$150
38Oct. 2 (F)7:00 p.m.FLHE (6-Max, Turbo), $10K Gtd$200
39Oct. 2 (F)9:00 p.m.NLHE (Hyper-Turbo), $15K Gtd$200
40Oct. 3 (Sa)6:00 p.m.NLHE (6-Max), $40K Gtd$300
41Oct. 3 (Sa)9:00 p.m.NLHE (6-Max), $20K Gtd$75
42Oct. 4 (Su)2:00 p.m.NLHE (Turbo, Progressive KO, Deepstack), $25K Gtd$100
43Oct. 4 (Su)5:00 p.m.NLHE (Main Event), $200K Gtd$300
44Oct. 4 (Su)6:00 p.m.NLHE (Mini Main Event), $40K Gtd$50
45Oct. 4 (Su)8:00 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO), $30K Gtd$100
46Oct. 4 (Su)9:00 p.m.PLO (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo), $10K Gtd$100
47Oct. 4 (Su)10:00 p.m.NLHE (Sunday SuperSonic SE), $10K Gtd$75
48Oct. 5 (M)7:00 p.m.NLHE (Nightly Stars SE - PACOOP Wrap-Up), $35K Gtd$100
49Oct. 5 (M)8:00 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Phase 2), $50K Gtd$50
50Oct. 5 (M)9:00 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Deep Hyper Turbo), $15K Gtd$100
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