What Are the Odds Wilson, Watson, Rodgers Land With the Eagles?

Written By Pete Amato on March 1, 2022
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NFL quarterback trades are already the biggest talking point so far in this NFL offseason. Last offseason we saw the likes of Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, and Sam Darnold all shipped off to new teams, so it’s nothing new. Right? Wrong.

Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson easily live in the top 10 of the NFL’s best QBs, and for some reason or another, are all looking to leave town. With this caliber of talent, the stakes are much higher and there are still teams who are desperate at quarterback. And once again, it looks like the Philadelphia Eagles might be one of those teams.

Trade or No Trade? That is the Question

The 2021 season was the year Jalen Hurts was supposed to prove his worth as Philly’s new franchise quarterback. Although he landed a wild card birth and even showed flashes of improvement this season, it’s obvious Philadelphia’s front office still isn’t buying in on Hurts being the starting QB of the future.

Drew Rhoades, the senior writer at Iggles.com, believes the decision all comes down to dollars and cents.

“I think the Eagles will ultimately end up rolling with Hurts for two reasons: His potential, and the low cost it’ll take to keep him, Drew explains. It’s important to remember Hurts is on a rookie deal. It’ll allow the team to not only use the extra cap space to build around him, but they can also keep the three first-round draft picks it would take to get one of the three superstar QB’s on the market.”

So, with three first-round picks in hand, and a big chunk of Eagles cap space, a decision needs to be made.

Who will it be?

  • 4x MVP: Aaron Rodgers
  • The one who got away: Russell Wilson
  • Good football player, bad person: Deshaun Watson
  • Build around Jalen Hurts

Quarterback Land Spot Betting Odds – NFL 2022

Between free agency, trade possibilities, and the 2022 NFL Draft, the quarterback market is on fire. Every NFL team wants to land an elite play-caller, but there just isn’t enough to go around. Only three teams will win the 2022 QB sweepstakes this offseason, and some teams have much better chances than others. Let’s take a look at the official betting odds from DraftKings:

Aaron Rodgers 2022 Team Trade Odds

According to the most recent DraftKings Sportsbook betting odds, this looks to be a two-man race with the Birds nowhere in sight.

Green Bay Packers -250
Denver Broncos +350
San Francisco 49ers +800
Indianapolis Colts +1000
Pittsburg Steelers +1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1400
Philadelphia Eagles +4000

Russell Wilson 2022 Team Trade Odds

Less than two weeks ago the Eagles had a 40-1 chance of landing Russell Wilson – behind 17 other NFL teams. Since then, some extreme adjustments have been made to the odds of the Eagles landing Wilson, and nobody seems to know why. Currently, DraftKings Sportsbook has the Eagles as the fourth likely team to land Wilson.

Seattle Seahawks -250
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200
Pittsburg Steelers +1200
Philadelphia Eagles +1400
Miami Dolphins +1500
Washington Commanders +1800

Deshaun Watson 2022 Team Trade Odds

Deshaun Watson has 22 civil suits filed against him, alleging sexual assault and misconduct, which could lead to a suspension. Because of this, Watson is not the most desirable QB on the market. Yes, he has proved himself to be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. But, in my opinion, I’d rather not have a guy like that become the starting QB for the team I root for. With that being said, DraftKings doesn’t have the Philadelphia Eagles betting odds anywhere close to being the favorite to land him.

Washington Commanders +300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +350
Pittsburgh Steelers +900
New Orleans Saints +900
Minnesota Vikings +1000
Philadelphia Eagles +2000

Can You Bet on the Eagles 2022 Quarterback in Pennsylvania?

Unfortunately, legal PA sports betting apps do not currently have these bets available. But, you can always just head over the bridge and sign in to one of the sports betting apps in New Jersey if you’re looking to bet on the landing spots of these NFL quarterbacks. With that being said, several of the top Pennsylvania sportsbooks do offer a variety of NFL futures bets at the moment, including the 2022 NFL MVP.

Let’s take a look at these odds and see how the PA sportsbooks have Jalen Hurts matching up against his possible replacements next season.

2022 NFL MVP Odds vs Jalen Hurts

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