FanDuel Is Most Recognized Online Gambling Brand In Pennsylvania Study

Written By Corey Sharp on January 30, 2024 - Last Updated on January 31, 2024
Image showing a sports playing field in the background along with the PA state outline featuring the FanDuel logo for a story about bettors viewing FanDuel as the best app according to a new study in the Keystone State.

FanDuel is one of the most distinct gambling apps available in the market. Betting Hero, a customer research company, conducted a study in Pennsylvania, which found the following results about FanDuel:

  • Most popular brand
  • Most popular app
  • Highest levels of retention

FanDuel has dominated PA online sportsbooks in handle and revenue since launching in 2019. Betting Hero’s study dives into what people think and know about FanDuel.

FanDuel clearly the preferred Keystone State sports betting app

The study included 121 highly engaged individuals between the ages of 18 and 55. Of those respondents, 71% bet at least once a week, on average actively using 1.8 apps.

FanDuel Sportsbook PA easily tops competitors, such as DraftKings Sportsbook PA and BetMGM Sportsbook PA, when it comes to brand recognition. When asked what sportsbook came to mind when thinking of the industry, 82% of the respondents named FanDuel, with 56% naming it first. Here are the results for other operators:

  • 79% named DraftKings as a sportsbook app that came to mind; 31% named it first
  • 31% named BetMGM as a sportsbook app that came to mind; 5% named it first
  • 28% named Barstool (at the time) as a sportsbook app that came to mind; 3% named it first
  • 6% named Caesars Sportsbook PA as an app that came to mind; 0% named it first

According to Betting Hero, FanDuel is the preferred app of choice to bet on sports. Here are the percentages of the respondent’s favorite operators:

  • FanDuel: 55%
  • DraftKings: 27%
  • Barstool: 7%
  • BetMGM: 3%

Handle and revenue align with FanDuel’s popularity in the Keystone State

FanDuel is one of the oldest sportsbooks in Pennsylvania, entering the market in 2019. Part of that helps claim the top spot in lifetime handle and revenue.

FanDuel has accumulated nearly $10 billion in total bets since 2019 and has commanded 42% of the market share. It has also collected $959.1 million in revenue, thanks to a 9.6% hold percentage.

Not only has FanDuel dominated the market since entry, but it’s also helped the state achieve handle records in two of the last three months of 2023.

Pennsylvania sportsbooks produced new bests for overall handle in October and November with $829 million and $934.1 million, respectively. FanDuel led the state, as it does in most months, in both handle and revenue. The operator recorded the following results in those months:

  • October: $328.4 million handle / $29.1 million revenue
  • November: $384.1 million handle / $19.1 million revenue

Despite DraftKings being a solid competitor, even becoming the top online gambling operator nationally, FanDuel still reigns supreme in Pennsylvania.

FanDuel Casino making waves in Keystone State market

FanDuel is also gaining popularity among PA online casinos, too. About 60% of respondents named FanDuel Casino PA as an iGaming operator, with 44% naming it first. Here are the results for other operators:

  • 50% named DraftKings Casino PA as an online casino app that came to mind; 23% named it first
  • 21% named BetMGM Casino PA as an online casino app that came to mind; 8% named it first
  • 11% named Barstool Casino PA as an online casino app that came to mind; 2% named it first
  • 9% named Caesars Casino PA as an online casino app that came to mind; 3% named it first

ESPN Bet’s level of interest in the Keystone State

While FanDuel and DraftKings remain the market leaders, ESPN Bet PA is attempting to steal significant market share. The study showcased some encouraging news for PENN Entertainment, ESPN Bet’s partner.

The poll had been taken before ESPN Bet launched in Pennsylvania. PENN’s prior partner was Barstool Sports. Here are some results regarding the change:

  • 39% would have no immediate influence
  • 36% were not aware of the PENN/ESPN partnership
  • 21% were more likely to bet with ESPN Bet vs. Barstool

PENN and ESPN now have a segment of the market that doesn’t know about the partnership, which can hopefully give them new bettors to attract.

Having launched in mid-November, ESPN generated $82.6 million in December handle, which came in third behind FanDuel and DraftKings. However, the operator only made $531,311 in revenue.

To build a presence, ESPN has distributed $22.8 million in promotional credits since November, which is easily the most. Perhaps once ESPN gets its footing, the promotional credits will decrease while revenue increases.

Either way, it’s clear that ESPN has some work to do, and FanDuel remains the leader of Pennsylvania.

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