A Player Wins Big At Mohegan Sun Pocono…With A $150K Powerball Ticket

Written By Kim Yuhl on October 9, 2018 - Last Updated on October 17, 2022
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When you hear someone won $150,000 at a Pennsylvania casino, you don’t usually think it came from a lottery ticket. And yet, that is precisely what happened when a Mohegan Sun customer bought a Powerball ticket on Oct. 3.

The ticket matched four of the five white balls and the all-important red Powerball to earn a lucky casino-goer a six-figure check.

The winner has not come forward and has one year to claim the prize. Otherwise, the prize is forfeited. The Oct. 3 drawing date was the same date two PICK 5 lottery tickets worth $50,000 were set to expire for two unbeknownst ticket holders.

The lottery player isn’t the only beneficiary of a winning ticket, either. Ironically, Mohegan Sun earned $500 just for selling the ticket. It is ironic because the Mohegan Sun is in a legal tangle with the Lottery.

Mohegan Sun part of the casino coalition that is suing the PA Lottery

Mohegan Sun is part of a seven-casino coalition suing the PA Lottery to stop “providing illegal, simulated casino-style online games.”

The coalition filed the suit shortly after Xpress Sports launched under the PA Lottery umbrella. The casinos take issue with the online lottery games that are similar to standard casino games by allowing players to make bets and spin wheels. The coalition contends lottery games with the same characteristics as casino games are illegal.

PA casinos have historically been supportive of the Lottery and its mission to support older Pennsylvanians with programs and services funded by the Lottery. Out of every dollar spent on a lottery ticket, $0.26 goes to benefit older Pennsylvanians.

David La Torre, the spokesman for the coalition, spoke of the casino’s support in an op-ed in the Press and Journal.

“Pennsylvania’s casino industry is supportive of the lottery’s mission. Casinos are required by law to provide space for lottery ticket vending machines in their casinos — and are happy to do so. In fact, some casinos have become some of the best-selling outlets of lottery tickets in Pennsylvania.”

It’s not only the similarity to the casino games that the coalition is taking issue with, but it is also the minimum age requirements. The minimum age to gamble in PA is 21 years old. The minimum age to play the Lottery is 18.

“For a state that requires its casinos to spend millions each year to keep anyone younger than age 21 off their casino floors, such actions are inexcusable and can nurture gambling habits for children,” wrote La Torre.

Even with the lawsuit pending, the Lottery isn’t slowing down. It had another big month if you look at how much it paid out to winners.

PA Lottery makes three more millionaires

The PA Lottery paid out $159,887,309 in Sept. to scratch-offs players. Specifically, three lucky players found $1 million when they were done scratching.

Other six-figure scores include:

  • Four $300,000 prizes
  • One $250,000 prize
  • 13 $100,000 prizes

According to the PA Lottery website, $0.65 of every dollar ends up back in a lottery player’s hands. Overall, 72 players won $10,000 or more in Sept. from scratch-offs. Plus, nearly 7,000 players won $1,000 or more.

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