Manco And Manco Pizza Adds Fifth Location In Citizens Bank Park

Written By Corey Sharp on July 3, 2023
Manco & Manco Pizza just opened its fifth location inside the Phillies' Citizens Bank Park.

Manco & Manco Pizza has brought its Ocean City flair into Pennsylvania. Philadelphia Phillies fans have benefited the most from the company’s expansion into the Keystone Stone.

Manco & Manco is now one of the most successful vendors at Citizens Bank Park. After its rookie season in 2022, Manco & Manco has four new locations in the ballpark.

With even more success through the first three months of the 2023 season, Manco & Manco installed its newest stand last month.

Manco & Manco Pizza gains fifth location after 2022 success

Manco & Manco had one location last season in Ashburn Alley, with ballpark staples such as Chickie’s and Pete’s, Tony Luke’s and PJ Whelihan’s all in close vicinity. The vendor did so well in Ashburn Alley, the Phillies, Aramark and Manco & Manco decided to add four new locations to the ballpark. There are now five vendor stands in total at Citizens Bank:

  • Ashburn Alley
  • Pass and Stow
  • Miller Lite Liberty Landing
  • Section 137
  • Hall of Fame Club

Serving pizza in the Hall of Fame section is Manco & Manco’s first appearance as a vendor in the actual second deck of the ballpark. After initial nerves set in before last season for Chuck Bangle, Manco & Manco co-owner, he told PlayPennsylvania his team hit it out of the park.

“We were nervous that our most loyal customers thought we couldn’t duplicate the taste, the look or the feel of the traditional Manco & Manco pizza. We did exactly that, and the customer response both online and in person has been nothing short of amazing.”

As previously noted, Manco & Manco is sharing the spotlight with other notable brands that have been at Citizens Bank Park for several years.

The Phillies have tried many other vendors in Manco & Manco’s first location in Ashburn Alley. It’s clear not just any pizza or any brand works. The Phillies had been missing the right recipe.

“It gave them a true brand in the stadium, an instantly recognizable brand that both customers in New Jersey and PA recognize off the bat,” Bangle said. “Sales of the pizza took off from the first game and we haven’t looked back since.”

Popularity of Manco & Manco at Citizens Bank Park

Manco & Manco already had a presence in the suites of the second deck, serving pizza to fans in the select sections. Guests in suites get served Manco & Manco’s traditional 18-inch pizza, while the fans everywhere else are served a 12-inch box.

Bangle said the dough, sauce and cheese ingredients are exactly the same as in every New Jersey location. However, Manco & Manco Pizza had to make a smaller box for fans in the normal stands.

“It’s much easier to handle a 12-inch box as opposed to an 18-inch box.”

In addition to its plain pizzas, Manco & Manco now serves white, sausage, pepperoni and gluten-free options.

After sitting down with the Phillies prior to the 2022 season, Bangle wanted to bring the Jersey shore vibe of Manco & Manco to the ballpark, with no changes. Bangle said:

“We would never change something that’s been working since 1956. It’s the same vibe, the same look, the same everything.”

To make it more like home, employees working in the Manco & Manco vendors are wearing the same uniforms the New Jersey employees wear. Employees working at the ballpark are under the Aramark umbrella, but are handpicked and trained by Manco & Manco staff.

Potential expansion for Manco & Manco Pizza

Manco & Manco has always been a South Jersey company, but with the expansion into Citizens Bank Park, it could be more than that.

Bangle told PlayPennsylvania there are plans for Manco & Manco Pizza to expand, but he did not elaborate. However, Bangle did say Manco & Manco would offer franchises to business owners.

The success Manco & Manco is having in Citizens Bank Park gives it hope for the future. Bangle said:

“It gave us validation that we can expand beyond Ocean City.”

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