Ways Live Dealers Can Make Great Experiences For PA Casino Players

Written By Corey Sharp on May 2, 2023 - Last Updated on May 18, 2023
Live dealers have the ability to create great experiences for players at PA online casinos.

It doesn’t take all that much to become a Pennsylvania live dealer. Jacob Claesson, CEO of Evolution Gaming in North America, told PlayPennsylvania it takes enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

Once a candidate becomes a live dealer, there are certain traits they must possess to make great experiences for players at online casinos in Pennsylvania.

Evolution welcomes all kinds of these characteristics from dealers to help drive Pennsylvania online casino growth. This story acts as Part II of PlayPennsylvania’s three-part series on live dealers in the state.

Variety of online casino dealers to combat a variety of players

Evolution prides itself on the quartet of traits live dealers must possess to ensure unforgettable experiences for Pennsylvania online casino players:

  • Care
  • Empathy
  • Efficiency
  • Respect

Evolution has a variety of live dealers with all kinds of personalities. That’s the only way to combat the high volume of players who play live dealer games. The personalities between the players and dealers need to mesh to provide the best experience possible for both sides.

Though Evolution employs live dealers with different personalities, they all demonstrate the quartet of traits listed above. When those traits are on display, the character of the dealers and players make for a quality encounter. Claesson told PlayPennsylvania:

“People are the core of what we do and who we are, and having a range of different dealers means that we can appeal to a varied and unique player audience.”

Pennsylvania live dealers must know the casino audience

An important aspect of being a Pennsylvania live dealer is learning how to present properly on camera. As noted in Part I, Claesson said that there are unique differences between dealing in a land-based environment vs. an online environment.

To create a great experience for players in either environment, dealers must also know the audience. In the live dealer world, the only way players can communicate is through a chat displayed on the screen.

“The key here is attentiveness and understanding what type of players you have at your table,” Claesson said. “Have you got quiet players, chatty players, new players, adept players? This will determine how a dealer will need to behave and which mannerism to employ to create the best possible experience.”

Certain mannerisms such as smiling, speed and posture are all important in being a successful live dealer. However, Claesson said there’s no one mannerism that’s above another.

“The main objective for us is to create a friendly, respectful atmosphere at our tables, and that means employing a culmination of different factors.”

Difference between VIP and regular live dealer tables

Dealing with higher echelon players with more money can be a bit intimidating. To be a live dealer at a VIP table, Claesson looks for the following qualities from his dealers:

  • High game metrics
  • Exceptional presentation
  • Positive performance evaluations
  • Assertiveness

The VIP tables are high-level environments that are designed to create a luxurious time for players.

“VIP players typically prefer quicker dealing, prefer a lack of regular chit-chat that we see on some of our other tables,” Claesson said. “The crucial thing they’re looking for is a lack of dealer mistakes. We’re looking for our crème de la crème dealers for these kinds of tables.”

Claesson noted that dealers who continue to improve on the above qualities can earn a place dealing at VIP tables.

There also appears to be more VIP live dealer games coming to Pennsylvania soon, as Claesson hinted to PlayPennsylvania.

“There’s always something up and coming in the VIP category. A new VIP European Roulette (Single Zero Roulette) will be launching in the coming weeks in Pennsylvania as well, which is hugely exciting. We’ll be looking for those dynamic dealers to work on these tables and make them successful.”

Stay tuned for next week’s Part III of PlayPennsylvania’s live dealer series: how live dealer games are used as practice for players.

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