PA Casino Players Can Practice Using Flexible Live Dealer Games

Written By Corey Sharp on May 9, 2023
Live dealer games can be used as great practice for PA online casinos players.

Using live dealer games on PA online casinos can help you learn how to play actual table games.

In PlayPennsylvania’s three-part live dealer series, Part III explains the player experience side of online table games. Playing live dealer games can help players prepare for other experiences such as playing at land-based casinos or with friends in person.

The first two parts of the series touched on how to become a live dealer in Pennsylvania and what characteristics make a good live dealer.

Less pressure for PA casino players betting with live dealer games

It’s just a fact that people in general are much more comfortable with electronics than ever before. How many times have you sat in a waiting room and everyone in there is on their phones?

That’s just the era we live in today. People are content using electronic devices for just about everything. The same goes for playing live dealer games, especially for players who are just learning how to play.

It might be intimidating for a blackjack player to enter a land-based casino with little experience. Jacob Claesson, CEO of Evolution Gaming in North America, believes playing Pennsylvania live dealer games is a great way for players to get their feet wet.

“There’s less pressure and there’s no one sitting at your shoulder upset about your decisions,” Claesson told PlayPennsylvania.

Live dealer options give players the ability to navigate the games at their own pace. Players who play from the comfort of their own home, or any setting comfortable to them, can help learn without the stress or pressure of in-person games.

Live dealer titles provide flexibility for bettors

One of the best parts about live dealer games is the flexibility they give to players.

Bettors can enter the live dealer lobby at PA online casinos and actually observe a dealer dealing and speaking to the players as a game is in progress. It really helps players learn the feel of and pace of a game by just observing before playing.

Although some tables will have limited seats, most of them will allow betting behind. The bet behind feature allows a player to wager on a hand dealt to another player. That means players will always be able to join a live dealer casino game in some regard.

There are also “infinite” variants that uncap the number of players who can join a table, and you can play along (potentially) with dozens of other people. That’s what makes live dealer titles easy to learn.

“With our games, players can enter the play in the middle of a shoe,” Claesson said. “With games like our Infinite Blackjack players can even see how other players are choosing to act, which helps them to quickly learn what the best strategy might be when playing.”

Players also have the option to observe the chat before playing a game to see how players interact with each other and the dealer.

Players can become well-versed on live dealer game rules

Perhaps one of the best qualities of live dealer games is the ability to read over rules before playing a hand.

For any live dealer game a player is interested in, the lobby allows you to observe the game while waiting for a spot. However, while a player is waiting, there’s a button on the bottom right-hand side that explains the rules of each title.

After clicking the button, players must select the “help” tab for detailed instructions on how to play a game. Those tabs include:

  • Game objective
  • Game rules
  • Side bets
  • Bet behind
  • Deal now
  • Payouts

There are several more tabs that get into the specifics of games. Then, once playing, the instructions and help don’t stop for players.

“Players also receive plenty of help and information from the game user interface when playing,” Claesson said. “It helps to make decisions easier and build player confidence.”

Not only are live dealer games fun, they’re here to help players learn for other casino experiences. Claesson said there is no better place to start than playing live dealer games:

“If players then want to experience a table game, something which can be an intimidating experience if that’s where you first start, they have a solid foundation.”

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