From Gritty to Pretty? Queer Eye Mini-Ep Reveals What We Already Knew: Gritty Is Perfect

Written By Katie Kohler on June 30, 2020 - Last Updated on September 27, 2020
Gritty bringing glamour and pride to PA

Some things are perfect just the way they are.

It might take a minute to think of it during this miserable stretch of time, but when you see it, you’re reminded that perfection still exists.



The Philadelphia Flyers‘ mascot got a makeover from the Queer Eye team … but before you rain down boos on the Fab 5, just know that they did not change the beloved fan favorite. Instead, they celebrated him in all his Grit splendor.

Queer Eye in Philadelphia

The Netflix makeover show Queer Eye began filming in Philadelphia last summer. The show’s fifth season premiered on June 5 and featured 10 episodes.

Queer Eye‘s “Fab Five” team of Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness helped “heroes” from Delco to the Jersey Shore with making upgrades and improvements in their lives.

On June 30, a hint of some bonus content came via the Phillie Phanatic.

Gritty is perfect just the way he is! But the possibility of a Gritty Queer Eye makeover stopped me dead in my doomscrolling. Yes, we need this.

Queer Eye Gritty makeover

It’s a very Gritty makeover special.

Philly Flyers’ Gritty gets the Fab 5 treatment

*Note: Spoilers ahead*

The eight-minute Queer Eye Gritty mini-episode starts with Van Ness figure skating at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, New Jersey. Gritty meets the Fab 5, and they start the journey.

Jonathan Van Ness, grooming: Acknowledges Gritty’s perfection. Gritty schools him on how he gets his brows into great shape.

Tan France, fashion: Any QE binge-watcher (e.g., me!) knew that Tan would make Gritty do a French tuck.

Bobby Berk, design: I was surprised, because I’m usually impressed with Bobby’s work, and this was not one of his best efforts. Gritty’s locker space got decked out in lots of orange fur and a mirror. However, *minor possible plot hole,* Berk gave him the mirror so he can look at “his most favorite person in the whole world.” Um, isn’t that Claude Giroux?

Antoni Porowski, food: Cheesesteak carnage.

(Antoni, hi, big fan. You are gorgeous. If you are in Philly again, please email me at [email protected].)

Karamo Brown, culture/self-help: How I thought it would go (but it didn’t) …

Karamo: Gritty, why do you feel the need to go streaking? What else are you trying to strip away?


Karamo: Yeah, the pain of not winning a Stanley Cup since 1975 is a heavy burden to carry.

Gritty knows he is perfect

Of course, Gritty agrees that he is perfect.

Not the first Philly mascot to get a makeover

When Queer Eye announced they were coming to Philly, we wondered if they would choose a regular WIP caller who loves Buddy Ryan more than his father or an Ashburn Alley dweller with a numbers-peeling Jim Thome Forman Mills shirsey.

Despite the lack of a Philly fan makeover, the Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies were well represented, with family members of QE heroes wearing their gear.

In February, the Phillie Phanatic got a (non-Queer Eye-inspired) makeover. He shifted some weight from his stomach to his butt (I wish I could do that), which now has a bright blue tip. The most noticeable change is it looks like he got a steroid injection of light blue eyebrow implants. He also has a pair of fresh sneakers and socks, along with more feathers on his arms.

The Phanatic’s makeover is a result of a legal battle with his creators. Initial reaction to the changes in the beloved mascot were mixed. But we love the Phanatic and don’t ever want to lose him. So it’s OK, I guess.

But maybe the Phanatic shouldn’t have nominated Gritty and instead nominated himself and, in the spirit of Queer Eye, turned this “legal dispute into another level of cute.”

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