It’s Hip To Play Squares: Join DraftKing’s Free Super Bowl Contest

Written By Grant Lucas on January 28, 2019 - Last Updated on April 25, 2022
DraftKings Super Bowl squares

Pennsylvania residents will not have to wait for DraftKings Sportsbook to come to town in order to enjoy its product.

This week, the New Jersey sports betting power introduced its Big Game Squares feature, one that might already ring close to home for many.

DraftKings Sportsbook offers a free-to-download app for Android and iOS users that is also available in a browser. The company rolled out the office-pool-style game ahead of Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, scheduled for Feb. 3. The game is also accessible via the DraftKings daily fantasy sports platform.

Not only is Big Game Squares available for all to play, across the US, it also does not cost a cent to participate and potentially win part of the more than $50,000 prize pool.

Game on.

How Squares works

Ever been toiling away in the office around Super Bowl time and have a coworker walking around with a bingo-like card with randomized numbers printed on it? That’s Squares.

DraftKings users are presented with a blank board composed of 100 squares. The left-hand column is labeled Los Angeles Rams, while the top row belongs to the New England Patriots. That column and row will consist of randomized numerals, 0 through 9, but will not be filled out until the Super Bowl kicks off, thereby showing users which numbers they selected.

For now, users select a square on the blank board. That one square will belong to the player for all four quarters. If the last digit of both teams’ score matches that square, a cash prize will head your way.

As an example, that square could be in line with 7 on the Rams column and 3 on the Patriots row. If the score at the half has Los Angeles leading New England 17-13, you are a winner.

Prize pool divided by quarter

DraftKings will award prizes at the end of the first quarter, at halftime, at the end of the third quarter, and, of course, at the end of regulation. Winnings will be divvied up among customers sharing winning boxes and distributed to their DraftKings accounts.

The prize pool breakdown goes as follows:

  • First quarter: $7,950
  • Halftime: $15,900
  • Third quarter: $7,950
  • End of regulation: $21,200

Some Squares fine print

Per the DraftKings game rules, customers will have access to only one square. In fact, those users who DraftKings identifies as have more than one entry will get disqualified.

Whichever square is chosen can be changed at any time prior to the game’s advertised start time of 6:30 p.m. ET.

Once the game kicks off, all selections are locked and no more will be accepted.

If the winning square has no owner at the end of a quarter, DraftKings will roll over the prize pool to the next quarter.

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