Pennsylvania Online Casinos Generate Over $5 Million Of Revenue Per Day

Written By Corey Sharp on September 19, 2023 - Last Updated on April 10, 2024
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Of the six states with legalized online casinos, Pennsylvania is the class of the country.

The Keystone State routinely generates more than $165 million of revenue per month, and has broken US records four times over the last 10 months.

We already know how much Pennsylvania online casinos make each month. But how much do they earn per week, day and hour? Could the market keep growing?

PA online casinos produce $5.5 million each day

With Pennsylvania online casinos generating huge numbers every month, it bears the question of how much operators earn on a smaller scale. Don’t forget, online casinos are up and running all hours of the day and are accessible after just a couple of clicks.

Pennsylvania reported $157.1 million in July revenue, its lowest total since October 2022, but rebounded in a big way in August. The state recorded $171.9 million in August revenue, the second-largest total of all time, putting the Keystone State well over $1 billion in total revenue through the first eight months of the year.

Here is the breakdown of online casino revenue averages through August:

  • Total revenue: $1,333,644,794
  • Per month: $166,705,599
  • Per week: $39,224,847
  • Per day: $5,510,929
  • Per hour: $229,622
  • Per minute: $3,827
  • Per second: $63.78

Pennsylvania online casinos bring in slightly more than $5.5 million a day. As you are reading this sentence, online casinos pocketed at least $63.78.

Average Pennsylvania online casino spend per person

Reporting the highest population of any state with online casinos, it makes sense that Pennsylvania leads all markets when it comes to revenue generated. New Jersey and Michigan are close behind in both revenue and population.

Here is a population breakdown of the three states:

  • Pennsylvania: 13 million
  • Michigan: 10.1 million
  • New Jersey: 9.3 million

Now, here is a revenue breakdown of the three states through August:

  • Pennsylvania: $1,333,644,794
  • New Jersey: $1,241,252,708
  • Michigan: $1,240,450,269

The average person in Pennsylvania has spent $102.59 on online casino gaming so far in 2023, which is actually last in comparison to the other two states. The average person in New Jersey is at $133.47, while Michigan’s figure is $122.82.

Pennsylvania may post the highest revenue totals, but New Jersey and Michigan players actually spend a little more individually.

Can Pennsylvania online casinos continue to grow?

Just when you think Pennsylvania has plateaued in online casino revenue, it seems to find another gear. August revenue of $171.9 million was the second-highest total ever in Pennsylvania, and in the US. The Keystone State also set the overall record in March after recording $181.5 million.

Hollywood Penn National, the license holder for heavy-hitters including BetMGM PA Casino and DraftKings PA Casino, reeled in $68.6 million in August revenue. Next-highest was Valley Forge (headlined by FanDuel PA Casino) at $39.4 million.

While it’s going to take a lot to surpass $180 million again, the start of football season could provide enough crossover promotions to get Pennsylvania over the top. After all, the record was set during March Madness, one of the premier sporting events in the country.

The Keystone State launched two more online casinos over the summer. Bally PA Casino went live in June as the state’s 20th platform. Golden Nugget Casino followed suit after launching late last month.

More casinos are expected to make their PA debut in the near future, with Fanatics and bet365 next up. PlayStar is another operator lurking in the background.

Just by default, with the addition of at least three more brand new PA online casinos in the next six months, Pennsylvania could be recording $180 million in monthly revenue on a regular basis. In the meantime, operators are always searching for innovative ways for continued growth, including new and fresh ideas for PA online casino bonuses.

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