Citizens Bank Park Implements Nonstop Walkthrough Entry For Phillies Games

Written By Corey Sharp on April 4, 2023 - Last Updated on April 5, 2023
Citizens Bank Park now features a nonstop entry system for fans.

The Philadelphia Phillies’ play on the field isn’t up to par so far, but the work of the Phillies security team has added new improvements to stadium safety. When attending a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, fans no longer need to empty their pockets and walk through metal detectors.

The security improvements are designed to further enhance the experience of Phillies fans without jeopardizing safety.

The Phillies also added a ton of new food options and amenities for the 2023 season.

Walk right into Citizens Bank Park without stopping for Phillies games

Having fans walk through sensors without stopping should increase the speed of which fans enter the ballpark.

The Phillies partnered with Evolv Technology, a company with artificial technology that provides threat detection.

“We realize that security is paramount here at the ballpark, but we also want to ensure the fan experience is great too,” Sal DeAngelis, Vice President of Operations & Security at Citizens Bank Park, told PlayPennsylvania. “We do things like fan screening and bag inspections but we want to make sure it’s fan-friendly. One of the ways to do that is to get fans in as quickly as possible without sacrificing security. That’s why we’ve partnered with Evolv for this fan screening process.”

“You’re not going to divest anything from your pockets or bag.”

Fans still have to adhere to the bag policy on the Phillies website, but can still walk through the sensors – should it not go off – and head right to ticketing. There will be a secondary screening should the new system alert staff of any dense metals.

Security is extremely necessary, but can be a hassle for people. However, DeAngelis’ team always strives to improve an – at worst – neutral experience to a great experience.

“We train our staff on providing world class customer service to our fans,” DeAngelis said. “We can’t control what happens on the field but we can control the experience you have by interacting with our fans. Whether the Phillies won or lost, we want our fans to say, ‘We’re going to come back because of the experience we had at the ballpark.’”

The new screening system will be in place for other events at Citizens Bank Park aside from Phillies games, as well.

New food items and other enhancements at Citizens Bank Park in 2023

The Phillies introduced several new food options for fans at Citizens Bank Park for the 2023 season.

While there are a variety of new choices, popular vendors such as Manco and Manco, introduced to fans for the first time last season, have been added to three separate locations this year.

Burgers, fries and cheesesteaks have been added to the menu. The Phillies are also making it easier for fans to get home from the ballpark with an Uber RideSharing lot.

Also, get your eyes ready to look up to a massive new scoreboard the Phillies installed. It’s going to debut in Thursday’s home opener against the Cincinnati Reds at 3:05 p.m.

The Phillies also have a ton of plans on opening weekend to honor the National League champions.

PlayPennyslvania revealed of all the new features and food options with rankings.

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