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Updated on August 19, 2019

Chumba CasinoChumba Casino Pennsylvania does things differently. Because it utilizes its own sweepstakes-based system, instead of real cash deposits, US gamers can play there legally – and for real-money prizes.

Chumba’s range of online slot games can be played for virtual Gold Coins, which are merely play money. Players can also play for Sweeps cash – which can be traded for real USD. Players can use both of these methods to play on Chumba’s dedicated website, or through their Facebook app.

Although it can be withdrawn in exchange for real money, Chumba’s Sweeps cannot be bought with USD. Instead, they are obtained for free. They are either bundled with purchases of Gold Coins or won in easy-to-enter competitions. Either way, US players can legally come away with real-money prizes when gambling at Chumba.

Chumba Casino promo code

By following any of our Chumba Casino links you will be given a free gift of 2 million Gold Coins and 2 in Sweeps cash with no promo code needed! The gift is equal to $2 USD. The Sweeps balance is displayed first in real USD. Then players can hover their mouse over it to see the value in virtual currency.

After players claim the welcome bonus, a second offer is proposed that is valid on any player’s first purchase. The first $5 spent on Gold Coins will double in value, giving 900,000 instead of the usual 450,000. Of course, these coins aren’t worth any real cash. What we’re actually interested in are the 1,000 Sweeps ($10 dollars’ worth) which Chumba throws in on top for free. With bets starting at $0.01 on some slots, there is definitely potential to turn these Sweeps into a nice, withdrawable win.

Chumba’s software & the sign-up process

The registration process at Chumba was quick and easy. We completed our sign-up, collected our welcome offer, and started playing within minutes of first entering the website. There is a second step to registration, however. It occurs when players attempt to withdraw. Here, players must submit identification documents to complete verification of your account and initiate any transfer of Sweeps into USD. This process is standard procedure at any legitimate online casino, and Chumba took us through it quickly.

Chumba’s desktop site is simple and clean, with everything easily accessible from the homepage or just one click away. The scrolling-tile setup they use to display their games worked nicely, without lag or frame rate issues, and player’s banking options and information are concisely but clearly displayed.

Chumba does not offer their own dedicated app for iOS or Android. However, their mobile website is perfectly usable on mobile browsers. Everything translates well to the smaller screen, and all the required options can be easily tapped on or selected without getting fiddly. Most of the games being playable only in landscape mode was a bit surprising but hardly too much of a problem. Chumba also lacked a search function for its game library, but with only a few pages to search through this isn’t a feature players will miss a great deal.

How does Chumba Casino work?

Here’s a rundown about what Chumba Casino is, and how it works:

Chumba Casino Sweeps

Chumba’s unique identity is based upon its Sweeps cash system. This virtual currency cannot be bought outright but is instead given away free or as a prize in one of the multiple competitions hosted by the casino. However, any winnings that result from gambling with Sweeps can be converted into real USD and withdrawn. The exchange rate on Sweeps cash is 1 Sweep to $0.01 USD.

This is how Chumba remains legal in the US, despite the potential for real money prizes. Since Sweeps can’t be purchased outright, the site functions under Sweepstakes law.

Now we have the concept out of the way, here are the three ways players can obtain Chumba’s Sweeps cash:

  • Mail
  • Free, with a purchase of Gold Coins
  • Through Chumba’s Facebook Competitions

More on the Sweeps methods

Firstly, let’s take a look at mail method. The most laborious option, this involves sending a hand-written letter to:

548 MARKET ST #73140

Players should add their full name and return address to the front of the envelope, as well as the words: ‘Sweepstakes Credits’, followed by the current month and year. In return, they will have $1 USD, or 100 Sweeps, credited to their account upon. Only one offer is redeemable per letter sent.

The second options is to buy Gold Coins, and get Sweeps thrown in for free. On a player’s first purchase, $5 gets 900,000 Gold Coins and $10 worth of, or 1000, Sweeps. After that $5 will obtain 450,000 coins and 500 Sweeps.

Lastly, Chumba runs daily competitions on their Facebook page. These popular giveaways offer people a chance to win 5,000 Sweeps, or $50, each. Players look at a simple question and post their answer in the Facebook comment box to enter. Around 100 to 200 people qualify for each draw, in our experience.

Entry is simple and free (for people who have a Facebook account at least) and the question is merely a formality as it’s usually very easy. Players who are unsure can always copy the answer from other entrants.

Can players from Pennsylvania play at Chumba Casino?

Of course. Chumba’s biggest selling point is that it legally allows players from anywhere in the US. This includes Pennsylvania.

For players who travel a lot, Chumba Casino might be the best option. Then players can make sure they are ‘fully compliant with all local laws’ whichever state they’re in.

Chumba Casino Casino Games

Chumba does not have the biggest selection of games you’ll find at an online casino. While many other sites have hundreds of slots titles alone, not to mention dozens of table games, live casino tables, and lottery titles to choose from – Chumba has 34 slots and two table games.

However, the games Chumba does offer are all proprietary titles developed in-house by their parent company VGW Holdings. This makes them completely exclusive and unique to the Chumba platform.

The main selling point for Chumba, however, is that US players can legally play there. They don’t need to offer the greatest game selection in online casino history.

Chumba gaming titles

Just a few of the 36 titles Chumba players can browse through and play, include:

  • Lucky Charms
  • Golden Princess
  • Big Boss
  • Nefertiti’s Gold
  • Alaskan Fortune
  • Super Hot 7s

Almost all of these games are slots, except for one video poker title (Jacks or Better) and one real money blackjack tableBets are displayed in real USD amounts on each game, rather than Sweeps cash, which we found a little confusing at first.

Chumba also has two progressive jackpot slots titles, exclusive to its desktop site and not available through their Chumba Play Facebook app. These are:

  • The Big Goreela
  • Duskmoon Faire

These two titles build up big jackpots over time. We have seen the top prize run into the tens of thousands of real dollars. Whilst big name licenses and flashy video intros can be nice, the real attraction for any casino slot title is the big prizes on offer and Chumba’s flagship slots don’t disappoint on this level.

What didn’t disappoint us, either, was Chumba’s game selection on mobile. All their games, though they could be considered a little slow to load, otherwise worked perfectly on all the devices we tested them on. This included an older smartphone from 2009. The graphical fidelity of the games was great, with all controls optimized for a small-screen experience. The simplicity of the games, coupled with the lack of overblown special effects, allows them to run smoothly without compromising system memory.

Chumba Casino play

Chumba has a dedicated Facebook App, called Chumba Casino Play. It’s important to note a few differences between this app and the Chumba Online Casino, which is accessed through the official website.

On Chumba Play, players will only receive free Sweeps cash on the first $300 USD of gold coin purchases in a month. After that Gold Coins will no longer come bundled with Sweeps – until the month resets.

The minimum withdrawal limit is also higher when Chumba is accessed through the Facebook app, at $400 USD rather than the $100 limit on their website.

Chumba casino’s promotions & VIP rewards

Except for the welcome bonus, Chumba doesn’t offer any regular promotions on their site. The daily Facebook competitions are the closest players will get to regular play rewards – if they consistently enter every day. The questions asked are simple enough, and should never prove a barrier to entry.

However, players who do not have a Facebook account need to be aware that Chumba will link the Facebook post’s names to names registered on their site, in order to credit the winner’s account. This means a fake name, pseudonym or friend’s account cannot be used to enter the competition.

Lastly, Chumba Casino doesn’t have a VIP or reward program – at the time of this writing. Free entry to a competition does not really hold up to the incentives many other online casinos offer, such as free spins, cash rewards, prize draws, and more.

Depositing at Chumba

Deposit is probably not the right term to use for players at Chumba Casino. Instead, players purchase Gold Coins for $10, which come bundled with Sweeps cash.

To pay for these bundles, players can use:

  • Facebook’s payment services
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Chumba Casino Play players can use Facebook to pay for Gold Coins, directly through the app. More information about this can be found on Facebook’s payments page.

Either way, players choose to pay should be 100 percent secure, as Chumba has no access to customers card details at all and instead the transfer is routed through a third party.

No real cash is stored in your casino wallet at Chumba either – just Sweeps.

Other purchase options

Chumba now has another option for Gold Coin purchases and to redeem $weeps Cash. Chumba has teamed up with Skrill an online wallet specifically designed to work with mobile and in-game payments. Players can still use all current payment options, Skrill is just an alternative. Over the coming months, Chumba will continue to add more of the things you love including games, features, and fun.

Withdrawals at Chumba

The minimum withdrawal is 10,000 Sweeps, or $100 USD. Customers will be required to submit relevant identification documents before any withdrawal process starts.

Upon confirmation of an account, Chumba will email out a 10-digit pin. Players must memorize or note this down securely, as it will be needed to process any future withdrawals. While many casinos will do instant withdrawals to PayPal, at Chumba the whole process can take up to five days – even after confirming an account. This is unacceptably slow in our opinion, and something Chumba definitely needs to take a look at.

Customer service

There are three main ways of contacting customer support at Chumba:

  • Facebook
  • ZenDesk Customer Service Portal
  • Email

Chumba’s Facebook team is extremely active, regularly posting a few times a day. Their competition posts will often get hundreds of reactions and comments, as well as jokes, discussions, and general queries. Chumba Casinos’ social media operators do interact with customers on here, and can recommend help channels or answer questions as needed. Asking a question publicly on this forum might get a faster response or expedite any long process, so it is probably worth trying.

Secondly, Chumba’s customer support portal is run by ZenDesk – a well-known provider of customer service solutions. The FAQ section here is quite useful, covering a wide range of topics concisely while retaining all important information. Customers can also use this portal to submit ticket requests for further help, should the helpful guides not have the information or answers needed.

Lastly, the customer service e-mail at Chumba is [email protected]. In our experience, they replied quickly (within a few hours) to any queries we had although we have yet to go through a more complex problem with them.

A brief history of Chumba Casino

VGW is an Australian company, who started Chumba Casino in 2012 – after two years of development. At first, starting out with a small team of fewer than 10 developers, VGW now employs 200 people who work on Chumba and its exclusive game development.

Since its release, Chumba has grown by partnering with world-leading companies such as PayPal and Facebook. They are now one of the top operators of sweepstakes-based games for the legal US online gaming market.

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