PokerStars PA Wraps Up Strong Bounty Builder Series, Pays Out $668K In Prize Pools

Written By Martin Harris on March 2, 2020 - Last Updated on April 9, 2020
Bounty Builder Series at PokerStars PA a success

Last night, the 11-day, 32-event PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series concluded on PokerStars PA. Much of the first half of the series saw guarantees routinely being smashed. The story was similar at the end, with large turnouts and prize pools in nearly every event comfortably exceeding the guarantees.

Only two of the 32 events had overlays, with several tournaments featuring prize pools that doubled and occasionally tripled the guarantees.

Over the last days of the series, both the Bounty Builder $75 and 6-Max Turbo events more than doubled their guarantees. The $50 buy-in 6-Max event more than tripled its $5,000 guarantee as 335 total entries created a $15,242.50 prize pool.

Bounty Builder Series finishes strong with Main Event

The action culminated on Sunday with the $300 buy-in Main Event that featured a $100,000 guarantee. With 405 total entries (including re-entries), the prize pool totaled $113,400. After close to nine hours, “Shantag67” scored the final knockout to earn the title and $18,406.58, including bounties.

In the end, only the $100 buy-in Sunday Special – Bounty Builder Edition (one of seven events last Sunday, the busiest day of the schedule) and the $750 buy-in High Roller (the largest buy-in of the series) had overlays, with the High Roller coming just nine entries away from reaching its $35,000 guarantee.

Average participation in the 32 events of the PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series was almost 345 entries per event (11,033 total entries). That’s more than the 310 total entries per event during the PokerStars PA Winter Series, where 23 of 30 events exceeded their guarantees

PokerStars continues to exceed tournament guarantees in PA & NJ

Guarantees for the 32 events in the PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series totaled $500,000, and in the end, prize pools for all the tournaments added up to $668,241.55.

While the tourney played out on PokerStars PA, PokerStars NJ ran an almost identical 32-event Bounty Builder Series as well in which the guarantees totaled $300,000.

Turnouts were similarly strong throughout the New Jersey version of the series, where only four of the 32 events had overlays. The Main Event — also a $300 buy-in— managed to hit its $65,000 guarantee with only one extra entry to spare, attracting 234 total entries to build a $65,520 prize pool.

Here’s a look at turnouts and prize pools for the completed PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series:

PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series, by the numbers

EventBuy-InGuaranteeEntriesRe-EntriesPrize Pool
Event 1: Bounty Builder Series Kick-Off$100$20,00026697$33,323.40
Event 2: Mini Kick-Off$20$5,000484206$12,558.00
Event 3: Bounty Builder $30$30$8,000437191$17,144.40
Event 4: Turbo$75$8,00015742$13,581.75
Event 5: DeepStack$100$20,00022594$29,284.20
Event 6: 4-Max$20$5,000407211$11,247.60
Event 7: Hyper-Turbo$50$5,00012032$7,144.00
Event 8: Marathon$100$20,00016783$22,950.00
Event 9: Warm-Up - Bounty Builder Edition$30$10,000332118$12,285.00
Event 10: Storm - Bounty Builder Edition$10$5,000420166$5,332.60
Event 11: Sunday Special - Bounty Builder Edition*$100$50,000311159$50,000.00
Event 12: Mini Special$25$10,000419200$14,082.25
Event 13: Sunday High Roller - Bounty Builder Edition$250$15,0006622$20,504.00
Event 14: SuperSonic - Bounty Builder Edition$50$5,00011941$7,520.00
Event 15: Battle Royale SE$50$15,000326146$21,476.00
Event 16: PL Omaha$100$8,0008539$11,383.20
Event 17: Bounty Builder $75$75$10,00021681$20,270.25
Event 18: High Roller*$750$35,0003110$35,000.00
Event 19: 6-Max$50$5,000230105$15,242.50
Event 20: NL Omaha Hi/Lo$100$8,0006526$8,353.80
Event 21: Thursday Thrill SE$200$25,00013559$36,084.00
Event 22: Mini Thrill$30$12,000408185$16,188.90
Event 23: 6-Max, Turbo$50$5,00022368$13,240.50
Event 24: Hyper-Turbo$100$8,00010225$12,065.00
Event 25: 25% KO$100$10,00014754$18,451.80
Event 26: Turbo$50$5,00014741$8,554.00
Event 27: 8-Max, Turbo$10$3,000365163$4,804.80
Event 28: Warm-Up$30$10,000369123$13,431.60
Event 29: Main Event$300$100,000271134$113,400.00
Event 30: Mini Main Event$50$25,000428212$29,120.00
Event 31: Bounty Builder $100$100$20,00016466$21,114.00
Event 32: Series Wrap-Up$75$10,00014250$13,104.00

*Event had an overlay: Event #11 ($6,854) and Event #18 ($5,890)

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