The Best Super Bowl Food, Philly Style: Cheesesteak Gurus Plan Your Super Bowl Party Menu

Written By Katie Kohler on January 14, 2022 - Last Updated on January 15, 2022
Super Bowl food

In the greater Philadelphia area, it’s clear people are passionate are two things, sports and food.

Food unites us. So does our love, but oftentimes our frustration, of Philadelphia teams. And we have very strong opinions on the topics.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Philadelphia is full of excellent choices when it comes to the best Super Bowl food. To help plan the menu, we asked the Cheesesteak Gurus to help.

The NFL playoffs are the main course and Pennsylvania sports betting apps have odds and props for all the games. So, fuel up with your favorite game day grub.

Cheesesteak Gurus

Instead of asking a local celebrity chef to plan a Super Bowl spread, we tapped the Cheesesteak Gurus Facebook group. Jeff Napierkowski, from Hatboro, PA explained that it was started by Bill Primwhere and their group of friends in May 2020 to get away from all the talk on social media of COVID, politics and negativity.

People looking for comfort found it in Philadelphia’s ultimate comfort food. The Facebook group now has over 67,000 members.

“It has people locally and out of towners find really good spots that maybe would not have gotten the recognition without the page,” said Napierkowski. “I think cheesesteaks are always a strong subject because everyone has a differing opinion on what a “true” cheesesteak is, and that’s the beauty of it! Cheesesteaks are 100% subjective when it comes down to what people like.”

The group is filled with pictures of cheesesteaks and other food that Philadelphia specializes in like hoagies and pizza (yes, pizza.) And the members give very honest feedback that would make Gordon Ramsay blush. In their “Best of Philly 2021” issue, Philadelphia Magazine named Cheesesteak Gurus the “Worst Facebook Group” which, for some can be a ringing endorsement.

Super Bowl food party menu, Philadelphia style

If you are planning your menu for the Super Bowl party or having people over to watch an NFL playoff game, Philadelphia is full of great choices for game day grub. Just be sure to order ahead of time and order enough. Also, most of the businesses are independently-owned and have been part of the community for a long time. (Please keep in mind most places are dealing with supply chain and staffing issues. Be patient.)


“Where can I get the best cheesesteak?” is obviously the most commonly asked question. It’s also something that stirs lots of debate.

Napierkowski says the Top 3 answers to that question on Cheesesteak Gurus are:

  • Curly’s in Levittown
  • Angelo’s in South Philadelphia
  • John’s Roast Pork in South Philadelphia

Honorable and frequent mentions go to Steve’s Prince of Steaks, Cafe Carmela, Oh Brother, and Dallasandros.


The “other” sandwich that Philadelphia is famous for. You’ll find it on the menu almost every place that sells cheesesteaks but what makes a hoagie an MVP? The bread and fresh meat and cheese.

Favorites for hoagies include :

  • Marinucci’s Deli
  • Datillos
  • Cosmi’s Deli

Also hitting the hoagie high notes – Pastaficio and Goomba’s Pizzeria.

Best pizza and wings for your Super Bowl party

During last year’s Super Bowl, Americans ate a record 12.5 million pizzas. The greater Philadelphia area no doubt contributed their share to the totals.


Angelo’s in South Philadelphia (pictured) scores high marks for cheesesteaks and pizzas. It’s definitely worth the accolades which include the highest marks for pizza in PA from Dave Portnoy’s “One Bite” pizza reviews.


Pizzaria Beddia was named the best pizza in America in 2015 and has since gone from a small one-man shop to a restaurant. That small storefront is now occupied by…

Pizza Shackamaxon is praised for their crispy crust and flavorful sauce.

Of course, the Philadelphia area is filled with many other local favorites for pizza.

Tomato pie

A regional appetizer seen everywhere from Super Bowl parties to First Holy Communions. The tomato pie is rectangular, spongy dough, topped with tomato sauce and no cheese. However, it may be sprinkled with oregano or a dusting of cheese. Some bakeries have made an art out of making team logos in grated cheese on the top of tomato pies.

Popular places for the best tomato pie are :

  • Corropolese Bakery
  • Collegeville Italian Bakery
  • Gaeta’s Tomato Pies


People also ate a record number of wings (1.42 billion), a staple for Super Bowl food, during the 2021 big game.

Some places picked for wings:

  • Jughandle Inn
  • Union Jack’s Olde Glory Pub
  • Tony G’s Pub and Eatery
  • Screwballs Bar and Grille

Lead image of Angelo’s South Philadelphia cheesesteak from Instagram. 

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