Barstool Sports Advisors NFL Week 14 Picks: Feiner and Big Cat Big Winners

Written By Katie Kohler on December 10, 2021 - Last Updated on December 13, 2021
Barstool Advisors NFL Week 14 picks

The Barstool Sports Advisors”Mortal Locks” have all been winners for two weeks straight. Can Portnoy, Feiner and Big Cat keep their NFL betting picks “locked in” for Week 14?

Portnoy’s Washington (+4) pick spoiled what would have been a third-straight mortal lock sweep. “El Pres” was also the only Barstool Sports Advisor who didn’t finish above .500 in Week 14.

Here are highlights of Barstool Sports Advisors analysis and you can choose to follow or fade them when making your picks at PA sports betting apps.

Barstool Sports Advisors NFL Week 14 picks

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns prediction

Dave Portnoy

The pick: Browns -2.5

“I do like Lamar Jackson but he’s not a good quarterback. They should probably move him to wide receiver or running back. I don’t like the Browns either. I hate this game. These are two teams people thought were contenders but they are pretenders.”


The pick: Ravens +2.5

“I think the Ravens defense is being underrated here. Lamar Jackson can’t throw. He’s hot and cold. He throws duds and you can’t rely on him December. Browns are coming off a bye. Bet the Ravens, bet Lamar Jackson, he throws for 300.”

Big Cat

The pick: Browns -2.5

“Browns are off a bye.”

Final score:: Browns 24, Ravens 22

Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team prediction


The pick: Washington +4

“I like Washington. It makes me nervous what you guys said but I think you got too smart for yourselves.”


The pick: Cowboys -4

“I don’t like this line. It smells, it’s a sucker line. Washington is playing fabulous ball. Why are they are four point dog at home. They are going to get killed. I think the Cowboys come in here and it’s light-up city.”

Big Cat

The pick: Cowboys -4

“I was driving in thinking I love Washington. All they have been doing is winning and covering. But Stu’s right. Cowboys are going to kill them.”

Final score: Cowboys 27, Washington 20

San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals prediction


The pick: Bengals -5, Over 47.5

“Bengals, just because they are at home. But the Bengals suck. The 49ers aren’t very good either.  When in doubt, over and it’s fun to watch.”


The pick: 49ers +5

“Both offensive lines haven’t protected the quarterback. There is a reason Burrow has had fumbles and mistakes which is not what he usually does. His offensive line is failing him. I think 49ers win by a touchdown.”

Big Cat

The pick: Over 47.5

“I don’t think either defense is good.”

Final score: 49ers 26, Bengals 23

Buffalo Bills vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers prediction


The pick: Bucs -3.5

“Their season was sort of on the line last week when they played the Patriots who I think are going to win the Super Bowl. The Bills are still talking about Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Are they going to man up? I don’t think they are in a great spot. If they lose, the division is over. The Bills are in disarray. The Patriots murdered another franchise.”


The pick:Bills +3.5

“The Bills are better than they are showing. If you don’t win this game, I’m going to city hall demanding that Bills mafia is dead to the world. But, because the Bills mafia can rise up, they are going kill Tampa Bay in this game. I love this game. This is the Bills’ Super Bowl. It’s their season.”

Big Cat

The pick: Bucs -3.5, Bucs team total over 27.5

“I wish they flexed this. It’s a great game. Sometimes it’s just as easy as the Bucs are better than the Bills. I think the Bucs are going to be the No. 1 seed.”

Final score: Buccaneers 33, Bills 27

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers prediction


The pick: Packers -12.5

“Don’t think just throw. I love the Packers. They are going to win by 40. Aaron Rodgers likes to personally embarrass you (Big Cat) on a national stage.”


The pick: No pick

Big Cat

The pick: Bears +12.5

“This is a war crime to put on Sunday Night Football. It’s going to be disgusting and the Packers are going to win by a million. Give me the Bears moneyline…we don’t do moneylines in this…give me the Bears +12.5.”

Final score: Packers 45, Bears 30

Barstool Sports Advisors Week 14 “mortal locks”


The pick: Washington +4.5

“I really love Washington and I think they win the game. I know we don’t do doubles, but this and the Packers. I’m probably going to go $150k then double it on the Packers.”

Final score Cowboys 27, Washington 20


The pick: Chiefs -9.5

“It’s a big number but I think the Raiders are done. I think the Chiefs defense right now is the best in the NFL.”

Final score: Chiefs 48, Raiders 9

Big Cat

The pick: Broncos -7.5

“If you win your first game in Week 13, the next week you gotta fade them.”

Final score: Broncos 38, Lions 10

Barstool Sports Advisors NFL record

Barstool Advisors Week 14 records

  • Portnoy: 3-3
  • Stu Feiner: 4-1
  • Big Cat: 5-2

Barstool Advisors season record

(Sunday picks only included in overall record) 

  • Portnoy: 40-44-1 (Mortals 6-8)
  • Stu Feiner: 37-35-1 (Mortals 7-7)
  • Big Cat: 50-61-1 (Mortals 6-8)

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Advisors Mortal Lock Parlay: Washington +4.5; Broncos -7.5, Chiefs -8.5 boosted from +450 to +530. (lost)

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