Barstool Advisors NFL Week 4 Picks: Big Cat Claws Back With Winning Record and Only Mortal Lock Winner

Written By Staff on October 1, 2021 - Last Updated on October 4, 2021
Barstool Advisors Week 4 picks

Dan “Big Cat” Katz tried to jump right into Friday’s show but the other Barstool AdvisorsDave Portnoy and Stu Feiner – couldn’t let his terrible betting record slip past

But by Sunday night, Big Cat had clawed back going 5-2 in Week 4. Feiner lost every game going 0-5.

All of the Barstool Advisors’ mortal locks lost in Week 2 and Week 3 but Big Cat picked the Giants (+8.5) and was the only one with a mortal lock winner.

Here’s how the rest of their Week 4 picks fared.

Carolina Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys

Dave Portnoy

The pick: Panthers +5, Over 50.5

“I’m still not sold on the Cowboys. The Eagles stink and Jalen Hurts is so bad. I think the Panthers keep this close and maybe win it. The Adderall has kicked in. Let’s go.”


The pick: Panthers +5

“Panthers are real. The Eagles basically gave the Cowboys the game. Without McCaffrey they don’t have the offense to just grind. But the running backs played well in his absence. Love the game outright.”

Big Cat

The pick: Cowboys -5,

“Dak Prescott right now is 13-1 to win the MVP. He has the Cowboys storyline and the comeback storyline.”

Final score: Cowboys 36, Panthers 28

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams


The pick: Cardinals +4.5

“There are two more potential MVPs in this game – Stafford and the Murray. Rams are coming off a huge win. I like the Cards and I think they can possibly win this game. I got the Cards at 13-1 to win the NFC.”


The pick: Rams -4.5

“The Rams arguably are the best team in the NFL. Rams are going to destroy the Cardinals. The Cardinals are a fraud and a joke. Their offensive line might get Kyler Murray killed. Rams by 20.”

Big Cat

The pick: Cardinals +4.5, Over 54.5

Final score: Cardinals 37, Rams 20

Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos


The pick: Broncos -1

“This is an important game of how you look at the AFC. I think the Broncos may be for real. Tough game.”


The pick: Broncos -1

“I think the Broncos are for real. I think they are capable of beating anyone. Denver Broncos all day. Let’s smoke blunts.”

Big Cat

The pick: Ravens +3

“You see a team that’s 3-0 and they have beat absolutely no one.”

Final score: Ravens 23, Broncos 7

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers


The pick: Steelers +7

“This is a classic hungry dog runs faster game. It’s the classic man in the suit game because the Packers have looked good and Steelers have looked bad. I like the Steelers..and I hate the Steelers.”


The pick: Steelers +7

“You gotta take the points in this game. Steelers are a live dog. They can’t look any worse and the Packers can’t look any better. You are going to have every sucker and their mother on Aaron Rodgers. I think Ben rebounds in this game to be competitive.”

Big Cat

The pick: Steelers +7

This is one of those games, that even if the Steelers get killed I can live with. I can’t be the Day One sucker gambler seeing Packers -7, Steelers stink, hammer the Packers.”

Final score: Packers 27, Steelers 17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New England Patriots


The pick: Patriots +6.5

“I love Tom Brady. The greatest to ever do it. I’m planning to be at the game. If you are a Patriots fan, you have to root for the Patriots here. Brady, while he is the greatest player of all time, we are still Patriots fans. Brady still wants to come in and kill them. I take the Patriots every week. I’m excited to be there, I may cry. If we could have a prop, i say 60% I get teary. It’s a monumental game. A lot of people say Barstool wouldn’t be where it is with Tom and Belichick, they coincided when we started the company.”


The pick: no pick

Big Cat

The pick: Buccaneers -6.5, Under 49

“Tom Brady will have beaten every team in the NFL after Sunday night.”

Final score: Buccaneers 19, Patriots 17

Barstool Week 4 “mortal locks”


The pick: Panthers +5

“The Carolina Panthers are playing well. Sam Darnold, if he came out in the draft today, would be the No. 1 pick. The Jets are so screwed up. Five points is way to much..”

Final score: Cowboys 36, Panthers 28


The pick: Minnesota Vikings +2

“Even without Dalvin Cook last week, they were a non-stop offense. I think they are very underrated.”

Final score: Browns 14, Vikings 7

Big Cat

The pick: Giants +8.5

“I’m terrible at mortal locks. The reverse mortal lock parlay will also be available because I’m so bad at it.”

Final score: Giants 27, Saints 21

Barstool Advisors 2021 NFL picks overall record

Barstool Advisors Week 4 record

  • Portnoy: 3-3
  • Stu Feiner: 0-5
  • Big Cat: 5-2

Barstool Advisors season record

(Sunday picks only included in overall record) 

  • Portnoy: 10-13
  • Stu Feiner: 10-10
  • Big Cat: 11-19

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Big Cat’s Can’t Lose Parlay: Chiefs to win; Cowboys to win; Bills -2.5; OVER 47.5 total points in Cardinals vs. Rams boosted from +190 to +275. (win)

Big Cat’s Can’t Lose Parlay Record NFL 2021: 2-2

Advisors Mortal Lock Parlay

  • Back Dave, Big Cat and Stu: Panthers +5.5; Giants +8.5; Vikings +2.5 boosted from +490 to +570
  • Fade Dave, Big Cat and Stu: Cowboys -5.5; Saints -8.5; Browns -2.5 boosted from +725 to +800

2021 NFL Week 4 lines

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