Barstool Sports Advisors NFL Week 12 Picks: Rough Records For Portnoy and Co.

Written By Staff on November 26, 2021 - Last Updated on December 10, 2021
Barstool Sports Advisors NFL Week 12 picks

Through NFL Week 12, none of the Barstool Sports Advisors have a +.500 record picking Sunday games.

  • Dave Portnoy: 35-37-1 (Mortals 5-7)
  • Stu Feiner: 29-32-1 (Mortals 5-7)
  • Big Cat: 40-57-1 (Mortals 3-8)

“I’m terrible. I wish I could unplug the console and restart the NFL season,” said Dan “Big Cat” Katz.

The trio made picks for Thanksgiving games and a few Week 12 Sunday games. It definitely lived up to its billing as the “wildest and sloppiest Barstool Thanksgiving ever” as Feiner poured a Thanksgiving meal over his head. It was a particularly rough week for Feiner who went 1-5.

Here are highlights of Barstool Sports Advisors analysis and you can choose to follow or fade them when making your picks at PA sports betting apps.

Barstool Sports Advisors NFL Week 12 picks

Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions

Dave Portnoy

The pick: Lions +3.5

“I think the Bears are way better than the Lions. If they are going to fight, they are going to fight on Thanksgiving for Dan Campbell. I’m going to be at my parents’ house and I’m going to get quite high.”


The pick: Over 42.5

“Both teams are the dumps of the NFL. I ordered a bunch of blunts. I’ll be blitzed by 12:30. So, I’m going to go over, over, over.”

Big Cat

The pick: Over 42.5

“I want to apologize to America for this game. We are all hostages to this game. I cannot in good conscience tell anyone to bet the Bears should be -4.”

Final score: Bears 16, Lions 14

(Portnoy tweeted on Friday that Feiner gave him chocolate edibles and he thought the entire edible was 25 mb so he ate most of it…turns out he ate 150 mb by accident…”)

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys


The pick: Cowboys -7

“Mike McCarthy is maybe the least inspiring coach when things are going bad. He looks clueless and is also fat and helpless. At home on Thanksgiving, I think they play a little bit better.”


The pick: Under 50.5

“I think the Raiders and Cowboys’ offenses are struggling and they’ve lost their way. This game is a must-win for the Raiders or they are done. This is going to be a tight, intense game. I think points will be at a premium.”

Big Cat

The pick: Raiders +7

Final score: Raiders 36, Cowboys 33

Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints


The pick: Over 46.5, Saints +4.5

“I will not wear the jacket if the over doesn’t hit.”


The pick: Over 46.5

“I think the Saints and the Bills are going to be mad and nasty. The Bills aren’t sleeping. The Saints need to stop losing. Defense, under.” (Then Dave and Big Cat said they were doing the overs jacket promo and Stu switched to over.)

Big Cat

The pick: Over 46.5, Saints +4.5

“Bet $250 and the over hits you get an overs jacket at Barstool Sportsbook.”

Final score: Bills 31, Saints 6

Tennessee Titans vs. New England Patriots


The pick: Patriots -5.5


The pick: Titans +5.5

“Bill Belichick is doing a phenomenal job. He’s doing it all. I just think the Titans are better and I do think this game will be extremely close.”

Big Cat

The pick: Patriots -5.5

“I couldn’t disagree with Stu more.”

Final score: Patriots 36, Titans 13

Green Bay Packers vs. Los Angeles Rams

  • Dave: Packers -1.5
  • Stu: Rams +1.5
  • Big Cat: Rams +1.5

Final score: Packers 36, Rams 28

Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens

  • Dave: Browns +4.5
  • Stu: No pick
  • Big Cat: Browns +4.5

Final score: Ravens 16, Browns 10

Barstool Sports Advisors Week 12 “mortal locks”


The pick: Patriots -5.5

Final score: Patriots 36, Titans 13


The pick: Dolphins +1.5

Final score: Dolphins 33, Panthers 10

Big Cat

The pick: Washington -1.5

“F— the Seahawks and fuck Russel Wilson. Your f—— finger still hurts.”

Final score: Washington 17, Seattle 15

Barstool Sports Advisors NFL record

Barstool Advisors Week 12 records

  • Portnoy: 3-4
  • Stu Feiner: 1-5
  • Big Cat: 2-5

Barstool Advisors season record

(Sunday picks only included in overall record) 

  • Portnoy: 35-37-1 (Mortals 5-7)
  • Stu Feiner: 29-32-1 (Mortals 5-7)
  • Big Cat: 40-57-1 (Mortals 4-8)

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Big Cat’s Can’t Lose Parlay Record NFL 2021: 4-8

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