Barstool Sports Advisors NFL Week 10 Picks: Another Winning Week For Portnoy Despite Using “Less Than 1% Of His Brain”

Written By Staff on November 13, 2021 - Last Updated on November 19, 2021
Barstool Advisors Picks Week 17

Dave Portnoy’s been on the warpath since Business Insider published a story last week about allegations of sexual misconduct. On Nov. 11, Portnoy held a one-hour emergency press conference where he aimed to expose what he calls a “hit piece.”

So, Portnoy has had a lot on his plate besides pizza. Barstool Sports Advisor Friday episode was titled “No excuses but Dave Portnoy was a little distracted.”

“I’m using less than 1% of my brain on this. 99% is on other stuff,” said Portnoy when making picks for NFL Week 10.

Despite using less than 1% of his brain, he had a 5-2 record and his mortal lock (Bills -13) won. Last week, Portnoy went 4-2.

Dan “Big Cat” Katz had a winning week (5-4) and Stu Feiner was a dreadful 1-4.

Here are highlights of Barstool Sports Advisors analysis and you can choose to follow or fade them when making your picks at PA sports betting apps.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Dallas Cowboys

Dave Portnoy

The pick: Cowboys -9, Over 54.5

“I made the Cowboys my mortal lock last week and they got obliterated. Falcons are playing pretty good. You can’t be a hungrier dog than the Cowboys after that. I’m going to take the Cowboys in a bounce back.”


The pick: Falcons +9

“Extreme value here with the Falcons. Matty Ice is back and he is shredding defenses. Mike McCarthy off a loss isn’t that f—— great. I love the Falcons here. They are going to win this game but I’m going to take the points.”

Big Cat

The pick: Falcons +9, Over 54.5

“If the Falcons can score 24, I can’t lose both.”

Final score: Cowboys 43, Falcons 3

New Orleans Saints vs. Tennessee Titans


The pick: Saints +3

“Saints road uniforms. The Titans aren’t getting a lot of respect. This game screams Saints coming off a loss. Hungry dog runs faster.”


The pick: Saints +3

“This is the best game in the NFL. People think the Saints are a fraud. I see their defense. Come December, Saints are gonna make some noise. I think their first step in the right direction is to blow out the Titans. They are going to shut down their run game.”

Big Cat

The pick: Titans -3, Titans team total over 23.5

“Titans are the most disrespected team in the NFL. I bet every Saints road game on the quality of grass.”

Final score: Titans 23, Saints 21

Cleveland Browns vs. New England Patriots


The pick: Patriots -2

“The Patriots have proved me right for two decades and they are proving me right again. I said to bet the Patriots win total over 7.5 two weeks ago now it’s 9.5. They are back playing great football doing it old-Belichick style, smothering conservative football. We got the best rookie quarterback in the league. I think the Patriots are the best team in the AFC.”


The pick: Browns +2

“I love the Cleveland Browns here. I think this is two teams going in two different directions. Patriots, puff, mirrors, smoke. Browns can end the season 13-4.”

Big Cat

The pick: Patriots -2, Over 45.5

“I’m just nervous if Chubb plays.”

Final score: Patriots 45, Browns 7

Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers


The pick: Packers -3.5

“Aaron Rogers misled me sending him pizzas and him not doing a review. The Packers are a thousand times better than this team. I assumed Jordan Love was playing with this line. There’s no way the line is 3.5 with Aaron Rogers playing.”


The pick: Seahawks +3.5

“The Seattle Seahawks are the best road team in the NFL and it’s why they are going to go into Green Bay and piss on Aaron Rodgers. I want to see someone tongue him and say, ‘let’s go.'”

Big Cat

The pick: Seahawks +3.5

“I’m with Stu on this one.”

Final score: Packers 17, Seahawks 0

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders


The pick: Chiefs +2.5

“I’m just going to keep going against the Chiefs. The Chiefs should have lost to the Packers. This is an anti-Chiefs bet.”


The pick: no pick

Big Cat

The pick: Raiders -2.5

“I agree the Chiefs suck but I think this might be the moment to hop back in. Raiders have dealt with a ton this year.”

Final score: Chiefs 41, Raiders 17

Barstool Sports Advisors Week 10 “mortal locks”


The pick: Bills -13

“Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. The Bills lost to the Jags last week and I thought the Bills were the best team in the NFL. I still think they are very good. The Jets are terrible.”

Final score: Bills 45, Jets 17


The pick: Jets +13

“Can anyone play better than the New York Jets right now?”

Final score: Bills 45, Jets 17

Big Cat

The pick: Raiders vs. Chiefs Over 51

“I’m so bad at mortal locks.”

Final score: Chiefs 41, Raiders 14

Barstool Sports Advisors NFL record

Barstool Advisors Week 10 records

  • Portnoy: 5-2
  • Stu Feiner: 1-4
  • Big Cat: 5-4

Barstool Advisors season record

(Sunday picks only included in overall record) 

  • Portnoy: 30-29-1 (Mortals 4-6)
  • Stu Feiner: 24-25-1 (Mortals 3-7)
  • Big Cat: 35-45-1 (Mortals 3-7)

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